Florida Tea Party Wins Federal Lawsuit Over Tea Party Name

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Tea Party (TEA) wins Federal Lawsuit over Tea Party Name.
Plaintiffs Drop lawsuit in face of upcoming court trial.
Tea Party to seek $200,000 in damages and court costs.
Tea Party will determine who will be able to use Tea Party name in the future.

The Federal lawsuit that was filed against the Tea Party (TEA) political party eleven months ago has been dismissed in the Southern District Federal court where it was filed in January of this year.

The lawsuit was filed to remove the Tea Party (TEA) name and candidates from the ballot by self-proclaimed “tea party activists” Everett Wilkinson, Tim McClellan, Patricia Sullivan, Michael Caputo and two dozen other plaintiffs.

The lawsuit was used in hundreds of media reports throughout the United States as a legitimate legal challenge to the use of the name, often resulting in headlines stating that “tea party activists were suing the fake or false tea party political party.”

“Today, everyone now knows that the lawsuit was bogus and without legal foundation. It was a deliberate attempt to smear the tea party name and to cast doubt among tea party activists. Currently the plaintiffs face five motions of contempt for openly defying the Judge’s direct orders; $200,000 in legal fees and costs; and Rule 11 motions to hold their attorney’s in contempt of court,” stated Doug Guetzloe, Senior consultant for the Tea Party and one of the defendants named in the lawsuit.

The attorney’s representing the Wilkinson, Sullivan, McClellan plaintiffs have been fired from their own law firm for submitting fake documents to the court thereby perpetuating a fraud on the court. Motions to hold the attorney’s and plaintiffs in criminal contempt are pending.

“This is just the beginning. We will pursue these individuals through the court system until they pay for the damage they’ve done. We will be filing additional lawsuits against all plaintiffs individually and collectively. Now that the law is clear that the TEA Party alone owns the Tea Party name in Florida, we will carefully review the usage of the Tea Party name by other entities using our name in the State of Florida. It is a criminal violation of the Florida law to use the Tea Party name without express written permission.”

“It’s a great day when the system works,” Guetzloe concluded.

10 thoughts on “Florida Tea Party Wins Federal Lawsuit Over Tea Party Name

  1. Cody Quirk

    In the meantime, there will be no “Nevada Tea Party” here because Ashjian didn’t get 1% of the vote.

    Word of advice to any slimeballs that want to start their own conservative third party in Nevada when we already have the IAP-


  2. James Elliott

    As usual Guetzloe is lying to the very Public that saw right through him and his phony candidates, as well as his failed attempt to get Alan Grayson elected.

    I have learned something new today, that convicted criminal and scum bag that is serving time in jail as I write this can spew garbage onto the Internet to still try to fool people.

    You see Doug Guetzloe is serving his jail term for illegal campaign activities. I suspect there will be much more time in the slammer for him, since the can of worms has been opened on his corruption.

    In Doug’s lies it should be cleared up that there are no lawsuits against anyone, He is just putting out more BS in a feeble attempt to make his narcissistic personality feel good.

    The suit was dropped because the Florida political Tea Party was proven to not be anything to be concerned about. The people spoke and not one of the political TEA Party candidates took anything thing significant. They were a threat to no one. A monkey could have received as many votes.

    Doug should heed the warning that because you are so pitiful and not a legitimate party, and if you start your old ways of the corruption, extortion and massive amount of lies, the public will not put up with it and you in again will place yourself in the sights of the REAL Grassroots Tea Party Movement.

    Next time the public will come after you if you continue your corruption of the political system. Walk lightly fat man, pun intended.

    Enjoy your jailbird status, it fits you well.

  3. Frank

    James should check his facts before opening his trap. #1 Doug’s case was overturned by the Florida Supreme Court because the law was unconstitutional. #2 The lawsuit was dropped because the idiots who filed it know they will not win, the lawyers for the case, paid for by the republican party, removed themselves from the case because it’s a loser. #3 For a brand new party we got over 300,000 votes, the Libertarians, for example, got less than 100,000 statewide. #4 what exactly is a legit party to you? The Florida Tea Party is authorized by the state to run and endorse candidates, and defeated attempts by the republicans to take us off the ballot. So, we’ll see you in 2012 James, we’re not going anywhere. The Florida Tea Party is here to stay.

  4. Allied Central Command

    #1 wrote;
    “That’s sounds like a bit of an overreach.”

    #2 wrote;
    “That appears to be what the court actually ruled.”

    Story read;
    “… lawsuit that was filed against the Tea Party (TEA) political party eleven months ago has been dismissed …”

    What appears to be what the court ruled, was that the lawsuit was dropped. The court didn’t appear to have ruled anything else that I can see…

  5. Sonny

    Allied Central Command is right the court didn’t rule on this case be it was dropped because the losers who brought it knew they wouldn’t win. When the case was heard by the judge in Palm Beach County it was obvious that these guys were on the losing side. I just hope they have the funds to pay for the judgment against them.

  6. Time for some action

    You know there was another movement that became a political party, it was called the republican party. They were the anti-slavery movement, and turned into a party to effect political change. The Florida Tea Party is the same thing. They are an anti-big government movement that is trying to become a party to effect change in the political arena. BTW when the republicans started Abraham Lincoln said not to vote for the republicans because it would split the Whig party vote, sound familiar?

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