Libertarian Locked In Ten-Way State Representative Race

When State Representative Edmund Kuempel (R) died before the election, there was no time to change his name on the ballot. Now, with a special election upcoming, a flood of candidates for the seat has emerged.

The Seguin Gazette reports that when Monday’s deadline came and went to file for the Dist. 44 State Representative Special Election, a total of 10 candidates had officially filed with the Secretary of State’s Office. That seat came open following the death of longtime State Representative Edmund Kuempel, and Gov. Rick Perry called for a special election to fill that seat. So who’s running? We’ve already told you about Kuempel’s son, Republican John Kuempel, plus Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD school board member Gary Inmon, Kuempel’s primary challenger Robin Walker and Democrat Cheryl Dees Patterson. But six other candidates got their application in before the deadline, including Republicans Ron Avery, Chris Burchell, Jim Fish, and Myrna McLeroy, along with Democrat Daniel Rodriguez Andrade, and Libertarian Tony Gergely.

The reason I bother to report this is the special nature of the race. The short time-frame of the election (early voting begins November 29th and election day is December 14th) means there is no time for a primary. Instead, we see a race with 2 Democrats, 7 Republicans, and 1 Libertarian. The race then moves to a runoff when no candidate reaches 50%.

A Libertarian running a real campaign in this situation has a real shot at reaching the runoff. Kuempel’s son and a local school board member are running as Republicans, but most of the names are not those with a political background. If no clear frontrunners emerge, a Libertarian could claim the divided vote to the runoff. However, Texas Libertarians are sometimes infamous for running placeholder candidates.

EDIT: It just came to my attention that Ron Avery, a Seguin architect, was actually a Constitution Party candidate in a special election in a US House race. It appears he finished fairly strongly in that bid. H/T to Joey Dauben in comments at the Texas Tribune.

2 thoughts on “Libertarian Locked In Ten-Way State Representative Race

  1. Joey G. Dauben

    I think the Tea Party groups could propel Ron Avery over that entire field if enough time and effort is given. He finished with 14 percent I think, or in the low 20s, the time period Badnarik raised his $400,000-for-4% showing.

  2. Lane Gergely

    As the wife of the Libertarian candidate, I can tell you that Tony has pledged to uphold both the US
    and Texas Constitution. He has refused to accept
    ANY PAC money from special interests. The only PAC money that will be accepted is from the Texas Libertarian Party. I would urge voters to carefully read published statements made by all the candidates including Mr. Avery. All candidates have been asked a series of questions by the press, it will be interesting to read the responses once they are published!

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