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Libertarian Party of Georgia Breaks Own Records With 2010 Election Results

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ATLANTA – The 2010 election did not result in any newly-elected Libertarians, however the Libertarian Party of Georgia is happy with the results. With nearly 1 million votes earned cumulatively by the first full slate of statewide candidates in the party’s history, the most important aspect of Tuesday’s results are the growth in support the Libertarian Party has seen in Georgia. Experiencing a 30% increase in membership since the beginning of 2010, many in the leadership of the Libertarian Party of Georgia expected big things on Election Day. On Tuesday evening, the Party’s candidates reached and set many milestones and records.

The most important milestone achieved Tuesday was the retention of ballot access for all statewide offices for the next election cycle. State School Superintendent candidate Kira Willis was the first of all ten candidates to cross the threshold of receiving votes from enough voters to equal one percent of registered voters statewide. She was quickly followed by Secretary of State candidate David Chastain and gubernatorial candidate John Monds.

“Retention of ballot access for the Libertarian Party of Georgia is a milestone many take for granted,” said Operations Director Brett Bittner. “However, operating under the most draconian ballot access laws in the nation here in Georgia, we understand the importance of providing Georgians with a choice at the ballot box, and we will continue to work to offer that choice to an ever-increasing number of Georgians. With a little help from the General Assembly, we should be able to field many candidates to oppose the one hundred or so candidates that ran unopposed this cycle.”

John Monds, a candidate accustomed to making history, became the first gubernatorial candidate in Party history to eclipse the 100,000 vote mark while also setting the record for highest percentage of the vote as well with 4.0%, besting Garrett Michael Hayes’ vote total in 2006 by 26%. Joining Mr. Monds in setting the office record and percent of vote were Secretary of State candidate David Chastain, Agriculture Commissioner candidate Kevin Cherry, and Insurance Commissioner candidate Shane Bruce. Election night’s highest vote-getter came from political newcomer and State School Superintendent candidate, Kira Willis, as she earned a total just shy of 125,000 votes in her bid for office. Other notable campaigns include Lieutenant Governor candidate Dan Barber, Attorney General candidate Don Smart, and Labor Commissioner candidate Will Costa, all of whom set the records highest vote totals for their respective races. Public Service Commissioner – District 2 candidate Jim Sendelbach set the record for highest vote percentage for that post.

“The most important thing we can take away from these election results is the growth we have seen over prior cycles,” offered Daniel N. Adams, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Georgia. “To see growth across the board in terms of the number of new Libertarian voters is encouraging, and it gives us a base with which to move forward.”

The Libertarian Party is Georgia’s third largest political party and the only party in Georgia promoting fewer taxes, less government and personal liberty for all Georgians. To learn more, please visit

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  1. Kevin Knedler Kevin Knedler November 9, 2010

    Congrats Georgia.

    Get ballot access and retain
    Run candidates frequently
    Be persistent
    develop a brand in minds of general population
    network with media and liberty minded groups
    develop county affiliates to support candidates
    develop infrasture of the state party also
    win local elections
    then win state assembly elections
    and fundraise while doing all of above

    Could be a 5 to 15 year process and obstacles are great.

  2. Keith R Deschler Keith R Deschler November 8, 2010

    Eric, you don’t realize that the only way to get to the “winning” of elections is to run lots of candidates, for lots of offices, and fill up as many ballot positions as possible. Then you can start building a base of support among people who share your values. They will be drawn to vote for a party that has a lot of people to vote for, not just for a smattering of candidates in a few parts of a state. Georgia, along with a few other state LP chapters (especially Texas and Indiana), get this. I agree that winning is the goal that we need to pursue as a party. But you can’t get a winning team without a lot of players, and working with them to get better as candidates, and get more votes. Let’s start “showing”, then we’ll “place”, then we’ll WIN!

  3. Eric Dondero Eric Dondero November 7, 2010

    This nice and all. But did the GA LP actually elect anyone to office on Nov. 4?

    They elecfed a local town councilwoman back in August in a town of a few hundred. That is 1,000 times more important than any “raise in percentages for LP candidates.”

    Get real Libertarian Party. It’s actually winning that matters, not good showings.

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