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Lisa Murkowski wins Senate race with write-in votes

(excerpt from) BBC News
Lisa Murkowski defeats Tea Party to win Senate race

Ms Murkowski was defeated in August for the [Republican] party nomination by Joe Miller, who had been endorsed by ex-Governor Sarah Palin.

Ms Murkowski told supporters to write her name on the ballot [for US Senator from Alaska], and is the first candidate to win a so-called write-in bid for Senate since 1954.

Officials said she was ahead by 10,000 votes with only 700 left to count…

Background story at IPR: here.


  1. Darryl W. Perry Darryl W. Perry November 17, 2010

    I was pulling for the Libertarian Haase or a remarkable win by NOTA.

  2. Vaughn Vaughn November 17, 2010

    Will she sit as a Republican?

  3. Ross Ross November 17, 2010

    Probably. I don’t think she ever left the Republican party…she just ran, as a Republican incumbent, against the state party’s nominee.

  4. Best We Can Do? [Lake] Best We Can Do? [Lake] November 17, 2010

    A write in winner [and another future Jepardy! question]! Gee, like ‘Independent’ Joseph ‘Isreal First’ Lieberman, I should be happy ——– but I’m not!

  5. Northern Exposure Northern Exposure November 17, 2010

    I voted for Haase. The corrupt dynasties endure. Vox Patricia

  6. Trent Hill Trent Hill November 17, 2010

    She will caucus with the Republicans–but she does not have to enroll in the Senate’s records as such. She’ll likely choose some label like “Independent Republican”

  7. Best We Can Do? [Lake] Best We Can Do? [Lake] November 18, 2010

    Joe Lieberman II?

    BECKY BOHRER, Associated Press – 44 minutes ago

    JUNEAU, Alaska – [With] History, the GOP, the tea party, Sarah Palin and her own mouthful of a name worked against her. Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski conquered them all Wednesday, becoming the first Senate candidate in more than 50 years to win a write-in campaign.

    The victory is a remarkable comeback for Murkowski, who lost to political newcomer Joe Miller in the GOP primary, and a humbling moment for Palin, the former Alaska governor, 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate and Murkowski nemesis whose support was not enough to get Miller through an election in her own backyard.

    The outcome became clear after a tedious week of counting handwritten ballots.

  8. Best We Can Do? [Lake] Best We Can Do? [Lake] December 13, 2010

    BECKY BOHRER, Associated Press – Sat Dec 11, 5:09 am ET

    JUNEAU, Alaska – A judge has all but ended tea party-backed Republican Joe Miller’s hopes of getting legal relief in state court in his long-shot challenge of how the state counted write-in votes for incumbent Lisa Murkowski in their Senate race.

    Miller has until Tuesday to appeal to the Alaska Supreme Court Friday’s decision by Judge William Carey to throw out Miller’s lawsuit. Carey cited past decisions by the high court in his ruling, which takes effect Tuesday.

    “Nowhere does Miller provide facts showing a genuine issue of fraud or election official malfeasance,” the judge wrote.

    “Instead, the majority of the problematic statements included in the affidavits are inadmissible hearsay, speculation and occasional complaints of sarcasm expressed by DOE (Division of Elections) workers.”

    Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto said Miller was mulling an appeal and there were still outstanding issues “in terms of wanting to get a true and accurate count, and we don’t feel like we’re there yet.”

    Murkowski called on Miller to concede ……….

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