Murkowski Could Win Write-in Campaign for U.S. Senate

Lisa Murkowski is an incumbent Senator who, earlier this year, lost her primary election to the now-Republican nominee Joe Miller. However, Murkowski chose to press on towards re-election–briefly flirting with the Libertarian Party before deciding to run a write-in campaign. Write-ins have yet to be counted in the race, but they number around 40% of the total votes cast, which means Murkowski could conceivably defeat Republican Joe Miller, the nearest competitor.

If Murkowski manages to be re-elected to the Senate through a write-in campaign, she will be the first to do so since Strom Thurmund of South Carolina did it in 1948.

It is not known what party label Murkowski will choose if she wins and enters the Senate.

18 thoughts on “Murkowski Could Win Write-in Campaign for U.S. Senate

  1. NewFederalist

    If anything less than 95% of the total write-ins are for Murkowski this could turn really ugly. The way I figure it 95% of 40% is 38% against 34% for Miller. Going after a diaqualification rate of 15% should not be that tough. Disqualify 15% of the 38% and …bingo… Miller wins.

  2. Steve

    I believe Murkowski has already said that she would caucus with the Republicans and I would expect they welcome her back as well. The only question is, what counts as a Murkowski vote? Its not the easiest name to spell correctly.

  3. Robert Capozzi

    I continue to support the AKLP’s decision to not have Murkowski on the L line, but my that might have been interesting if she had, and won, as it appears she will, despite the obstacles. Impressive that she’s that compelling to AK voters that they’d go through the bother of writing her it.

  4. Catholic Trotskyist

    Go Miller! Murkowski is pro-choice, so since McAdams is out, I will pray for Joe Miller to win

  5. Trent Hill Post author

    “I believe Murkowski has already said that she would caucus with the Republicans and I would expect they welcome her back as well.”

    I have no doubt she’ll caucus with Republicans, but I’m curious as to what party label she will enroll in the Congressional record. For example, even though Lieberman caucuses with the Democrats, he is enrolled as an “Independent Democrat”

  6. ricard

    Sometime ago, about 15 years more or less, a famous European pianist said to me, “I don’t like to visit America because there are too many (I see too many…) criminal faces. I do not think Joe Miller has such a face. I would have voted for HIM were Alaska my home.

  7. paulie

    Speaking of famous Europeans, Joe Miller’s outspoken admiration for the Berlin wall (seriosuly) and use of Stasi tactics against journalists remind me of some other famous Europeans, but I’ll try not to invoke Godwin’s law enforcement to come down on me.

  8. Peter Gemma

    3 -NewFederalist – geez, I like your math. Of all the old bulls slated to return to Capitol Hill, Murkowski is the worst. I don’t think a 15% disqualification rate is realistic however (unless there is a history of that number for write-in campaigns.) I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed.

  9. Nate

    @4: “Murkowski” is easy compared to “Thurmond”. Re-read the article above if you don’t believe me. đŸ™‚

    I, for one, could have managed “Miranda Veracruz de la Hoya Cardinal” if it meant keeping Joe Miller out of the senate.

  10. paulie

    Well, at least until East Germany gets its own Senate again under the leadership of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany in the Volkshammer.

  11. Alaska Constitution Party

    Alaska Voter Registration Numbers 10/09/10

    Total AK Registered Voters: 494,876

    Undeclared: 180,685

    Republican: 129,543

    Nonaffiliated: 79,845

    Democrat: 74,720

    AIP: 14,308

    Libertarian: 9,035

    Moderate Republican: 2,719

    Green: 2,343

    Veteran: 1,678

  12. NewFederalist

    #12 Peter Gemma- If the “authorities” checking the write-in votes are even half as tough as they are on checking ballot access petition signatures I think a 15% disqualification rate is not unreasonable.

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