MA-Gov: Republican Credits Independent for Loss

From the Boston Herald via TPID:

Republican Charlie Baker, in his first public comments since Election Day, blamed Treasurer Tim Cahill and fizzling GOP enthusiasm for his defeat in an e-mail to supporters in which he also expressed sadness for failing to deliver a victory. . . . Baker finished 8 points behind Democratic Gov. Deval Patrick — the exact share of the vote the independent Cahill garnered. “A third-party candidate pulling 8 percent made our already narrow window that much narrower,” Baker wrote.

6 thoughts on “MA-Gov: Republican Credits Independent for Loss

  1. Dean

    That’s an entirely reasonable assessment of what happened. There was a GOP and an incumbent Democratic state treasurer, running as Independent, both trying to unseat an incumbent Democratic governor in a very blue state. They split the anti-incumbent vote and the Governor was not able to reach 50%. Had it been a one-on-one race it would have been a much bigger window for any challenger.

  2. Dave Schwab

    Sounds like a pretty big assumption on Baker’s part. Does he have polls showing that 80% of Cahill voters preferred him to Patrick?

  3. George Phillies

    Cahill got large numbers of old-line Democratic votes from people taught from infancy that Republicans eat babies for breakfast,and that culinary tradition is among their better points.

    These people were not Republican voters.

    There was also an ethnic vote issue for Cahill.

  4. Michael H. Wilson

    George you apparently know my Boston Irish relatives too well. 😉

    Great Grand-daddy was quite the man.

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