Mary Starrett Loses Election

Mary Starrett, the former Communications Director of the Constitution Party and the 2006 Constitution Party candidate for Governor of Oregon, lost her race for County Commissioner in Yamhill County. She and incumbent Mary Stern were completing a runoff–in the original elections, back in May, Starrett won a plurality by eight votes.

May and November don’t typically have much in common.

One is marked by spring flowers, the other by turkeys, pumpkins and turning leaves. They come six months apart, so they’re polar opposites on the calendar.

But in Oregon, they are both marked by statewide elections. And this year, one of those elections had to be re-run.

The balloting followed similar lines, but this time incumbent Mary Stern came out on top over challenger Mary Starrett to claim her third and final four-year term as Yamhill County commissioner.

Time time around, Starrett lost by around 1,400 votes, scoring 47.9%.

3 thoughts on “Mary Starrett Loses Election

  1. NewFederalist

    This result is really a shame. What a perfect office for a minor party person to win and serve the public without all the baggage of issues like abortion and immigration. Oh well, like Cody said you win some and you lose some (or even most!).

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