Ohio Libertarian Travis Irvine for Congress: ‘Thank You’

Video from Ohio Libertarian Travis Irvine for Congress thanking supporters. H/T Kevin Knedler.

Irvine’s campaign was notable for his use of videos. There’s a collection of them on his youtube channel.

3 thoughts on “Ohio Libertarian Travis Irvine for Congress: ‘Thank You’

  1. Single Winner Districts = Neanderthal Attractor

    The Great Lakes Super-state Parliament Circuit #7
    Indiana, Michigan and Ohio

    Dave Thayer [United Society of All], Ashley Buck [Independent], Eric Smith [Republican], Joel Harris [Independent], Jeff Herman [Third], Mable Kovach [Democratic], Marie Phillips [Democratic], Dennis Davidsmeyer [Democratic], Michael A. Cluley [America First], Austin Post [Independent], Mark Steele [Discordian], Gigglebear [Pot], Dan Calson [American Pot], Aleah Smith [Pot], Nick Watson [Pot], Paula Leikari [Democratic], Patricia Grimmett [Independent], Paul Marcel-Rene’ [LDS], Ed Blythsly [Pot], James Tipton [Pot], Cody Allen Jenkins [Pot], Katherine Nivens [Republican], Cody Priest [Pot], Pamela Brett Albers [Republican], Nate Wien [Pot], Luke Pfister [Pot], Joyousone [Democratic], Shawn Brown [Pot], Arthur Miller [No Illegal Alien], Roberta Gottlebe [No Illegal Alien], Anonymous [Republican], Michal McKay [Pot], Erica Wells [Pot], Jeremiah Freedom [Michigan Top Rep.], Casper Leitch [Independent], Michael Davis [Communist]

  2. kevin knedler

    THAT is our future my friends. That Gen Y group. They get it. Fiscally responsible and socially tolerant.

  3. paulie Post author


    Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to locate my original sources on this again, but I’ve read studies that 90% of Americans don’t change political parties after age 30.

    I’ve done over 100 OPH/Nolan quiz surveys on college campuses with an average of over 100 responders each time – tens of thousands of data points – and the largest cluster among ALL students was around the left-center-libertarian borderline, that is about 80 personal/50 economic.

    And, most of the people I talked to cared more and knew more about personal freedom issues – which they already agreed with us on – than economic issues, which they were ambivalent and/or uninformed about.

    Ron Paul was able to connect with this demographic despite, not because, he is more conservative than the LP on several key social issues. A big part of that was his strong emphasis on peace, as well.

    The LP should very much learn from that and devote a significant amount of its time and energy learning to and effectively putting into practice communicating with the under 30 age group.

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