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Peace and Freedom Party Wins Renewed Ballot Status Through 2014

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With at least two nominees for statewide office receiving more than the required 2% of the vote, the Peace and Freedom Party has secured its official status in California at least through November 2014. Early results show Dina Padilla at 3% for Insurance Commissioner, and Karen Martinez at 2.2% for Controller. These percentages are expected to rise as vote-counting continues, as is the case after every election. Those who vote for Peace and Freedom Party candidates are more likely than the average voter to turn in a last-minute mail ballot, or cast a provisional ballot.

Retaining ballot status means, among other things, that the Peace and Freedom Party will be able to nominate candidates for President and Vice President in 2012.

As partisan primaries and party nominations for state office and congress are not taking place after 2010 under the provisions of Proposition 14, it will be necessary for the Peace and Freedom Party to roughly double its voter registration before the end of 2014 in order to hang onto ballot status then. Unless Prop. 14 and legislation to implement it are changed, repealed or invalidated by the courts, it will no longer be possible to qualify by percentage of the vote in the general election.

IPR note: Ballot Access News says “California: all the qualified parties retained their qualified status. These include American Independent, Green, Libertarian, and Peace & Freedom.”

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  1. tiradefaction tiradefaction November 3, 2010

    Yay! Glad to hear it.

    Now hopefully Prop 14 is invalidated by the courts…

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