Statement of Ralph Nader on the Government’s sale of its GM stock

Ralph Nader at

By suddenly selling much more of the taxpayer owned stock in GM then Washington let on before Tuesday the Obama Administration has made it far less likely that it will fully recover the bailout money when the Treasury Department sells the remaining shares next year.

Once again the taxpayers are kept in the dark to their disadvantage.

9 thoughts on “Statement of Ralph Nader on the Government’s sale of its GM stock

  1. Be Rational

    more ……… than (not then)

    More Naderite nonsense.

    Ralph Nader knows zero about economics. He’s spent his whole life as a clueless stooge.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    Fuck you MP Ralph Nader, you fascist/stalinist pig pig criminal fraud mastermind. You masterminded the war crimes regime of George W. Bush by deliberately stealing the election from the Democrats. YOUR PROGRESSIVE TALK IS ONLY A REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY SOCIAL MANEUVER TO DISGUISE THIS FACT. BUT GOD HAS MISSIONED ME TO TELL THE WORLD ABOUT YOUR DEVILTRY.

    God bless the pope, God bless Barack Obama, and God bless PLAS, USA Parliament and Catholic Trotskyism, amen.At 5, wrong, wrong, wrong

  3. Hmmm ...

    Perhaps Ralph should drink a bit of his magic urine … it might help cure his inability to think logically about the world.

    All of the little EarthNazi Party members should drink some as well … it might undo the brainwashing that keeps them in their little, fascist-green earth-nazi cult.

    “Ralph, and the Magic Green Tea Pee.”

    Another primer in the movement for a fascist-socialist takeover of America.

    from Upstartgreen Publishers

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