WALB News 10: Libertarian Gov. candidate Monds casts vote

LeiLani Golden, WALB.com:

In 2008, (John Monds) ran for Public Service Commission and became the first Libertarian candidate ever to receive 1 million votes in a United States election at any level. Some polls predict he’ll get enough votes to force a runoff between Barnes and Deal in the Governor’s race.


One thought on “WALB News 10: Libertarian Gov. candidate Monds casts vote

  1. Gene Berkman

    Good luck to John Monds today. He is a proven vote getter, and Georgia offers a real opportunity for Libertarians this year.

    In 2008, when John Monds received over a million votes for PSC, another Libertarian canddidate also received more than a million votes.

    In Texas, William Bryan Strange, III received 1,043,642 for Judge, Court of Criminal Appeal.
    Mr Strange’s vote came to 18%, compared to 33% for Mr Monds.

    Let’s hope Mr Monds leads the Georgia Libertarian ticket to record vote totals!

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