IPR meatspace meetup, DC area and other news

Tentatively scheduled IPR meatspace meetup, DC area Saturday at 8 PM. If anyone in the area wants to get together give me a call at 415-690-6352. I’m thinking either the Brickskeller in DC or the Swahili Village Cafe in Beltsville, MD.

Speaking of the DC area, from the LP blog/Monday message:

The Libertarian Party of Maryland recently embarked on an emergency petition drive that must be completed by December 31.

Failure to complete the drive in time would mean the Democrapublican law will wipe out all of the Libertarian voter registrations in Maryland.

Please make a generous donation today to support this petition drive.

The Libertarian National Committee recently allocated $25,000 for this petition drive to help get the Libertarian Party of Maryland back onto the ballot.

One advantage of doing this now is that we get it done early, which will make other states more manageable in 2011 and 2012 leading up to the presidential election.

Showing your support for this Maryland drive will make it easier for us to assist other states that need help later.

Bob Johnston, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Maryland, has done a fantastic job recruiting and running strong candidates for the past few years. Journalist George Will recently remarked about one Maryland candidate, "Mark Grannis, the Libertarian Party’s congressional candidate, deserves many votes of gratitude for his slogan, the year’s best: ‘Less we can.’"

Maryland is right next to Washington, D.C. and filled with commuting government employees and big-government contractors. While that probably suppresses the Libertarian vote, I think it’s important to have lots of Libertarian voices right here in the belly of the beast speaking out for freedom.

While we wish we weren’t forced to spend money on petition drives, it looks like we’re a couple of states ahead of where we were after the mid-term elections four years ago. That means less spending on ballot access overall leading up to the presidential election in 2012.

Bob and his team hope to be done petitioning by Christmas.

I hope you’ll make a generous donation today.


Wes Benedict
Executive Director
Libertarian National Committee

I’m still not able to read most IPR comments or make posts other than this one. Give me a call at 415-690-6352 if you have anything to discuss that won’t wait a few weeks or months.

Finally, it appears that IPR is for sale. Just learned of this now by looking at the site.


15 thoughts on “IPR meatspace meetup, DC area and other news

  1. George Phillies

    In other related news, Senator Mike Gravel who ran for the 2008 LP Presidential nomination, has suggested he would possibly run for President again in 2012. He would be running as a Democrat in the Democratic primaries.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    At 1, this post is by Paulie and he doesn’t own the site nor even manage the site. I think he’s traveling so he doesn’t have much Internet access.

    I hope that Independent Political Report can end up in the hands of a new owner who can keep the current culture of this site going.

  3. Catholic Trotskyist

    The Catholic Trotskyist Party is considering purchasing IPR; however it is unlikely that the funds will become available in time.

  4. Matt Cholko

    The “IPR is for sale” post doesn’t have any information about the business, but asks people to make offers. How can anyone make an offer on it with zero information?

  5. NewFederalist

    “The Catholic Trotskyist Party is considering purchasing IPR; however it is unlikely that the funds will become available in time.”

    Perhaps the pope could help. If not His Holiness then perhaps Ogle or Milnes or even Lake. There just HAS to be a way…

  6. paulie Post author


    1) Chuck Moulton, Robert Capozzi, Andy and myself ate at the Swahili Village cafe.

    I still want to get down to the Brickskeller before I leave the area. They are going to be closed from the 23rd to the 26th and will reopen under a new name, Rock Creek, and new ownership.

    2) The IPR for Sale post has been updated. Here is what (Trent?) wrote:

    Independent Political Report is, by traffic rank and by reputation, the top news website covering third party and independent candidates in American politics. Founded in April 2008, within months Independent Political Report became a popular destination for third party and non-partisan activists, candidates, and aficionados who wanted a community to discuss the latest electoral or ballot access news.

    Independent Political Report has accumulated over 1.5 million unique views in the 2.5 years it has existed, as well as over 4.1 million pageviews. This means it has averaged around 1,500+ unique views per day. The site is incredibly productive, with over 9,500 news posts getting posted since the site’s creation, or around 10 posts per day. Thousands of comments have been posted on the website by readers since its creation—the site is known for its thriving community of commenters.

    IPR is ranked somewhere around the 50,000th most popular website in the world, depending upon the ranking system you’re using. Various website value estimation programs, experts, and websites have found that Independent Political Report is worth between $15,000 and $45,000. With a page rank of 5 and a ton of incoming links, this is not surprising.

    The Publisher of IPR is currently looking to sell Independent Political Report—so feel free to click here and place a bid. Fill out the below form if you are an interested buyer.

  7. Paulie

    More updates:

    1) Libertarian Party is at about 7,000 signatures in Maryland. Greens are well above 10,000.

    2) See new link https://independentpoliticalreport.com/removal/

    …presumably, also related to the lawsuit threats:


    “If you are the subject of any material on independentpoliticalreport.com and request the content to be removed based on DMCA, Defamation or other reason, please submit your request here.”

    Someone may also want to post this as an article, and/or the text of the IPR for Sale post….many people may not notice the links at the top.

    I’m still on break from reading IPR comments and posting articles.

    415-690-6352 if you want to discuss this or anything else.

    Support WikiLeaks, Oppose TSA

  8. Paulie

    Greens have 12,637 according to their website. LP had 6,800 in hand as of our turn-in yesterday evening, plus some on our boards.

  9. NewFederalist

    C’mon Don… wouldn’t youse just luv to co-own this wunnerful site wit Bobby Milnes and lil Jimmy Ogle and Catolic Trot-guy? Sheesh… it would be a freakin’ gas.

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