Libertarians write letters in support of John Jay Myers for LNC vacancy

Chuck Moulton in IPR comments:

I had heard several people mention the idea of leaving David Nolan’s at-large seat vacant. It seemed like a good idea to me, but when I read the bylaws I found that the LNC is required to fill the vacancy.

LP Bylaws, article 8, section 7:

The National Committee shall appoint new officers and members-at-large if vacancies occur, such officers and members-at-large to complete the term of the office vacated.

In my opinion the bylaws would have read “may” instead of “shall” if it were not mandatory.

I believe the LNC would be well-advised to fill the vacancy with someone ideologically close to David Nolan. Of course no one can adequately fill his shoes, but an ideological opponent would be a huge disaster with regard to inside politics.

If I were on the LNC, I would vote for John Jay Myers to fill the vacancy. Myers finished 8th in the at-large vote behind Pat Dixon and Rebecca Sink-Burris. Rebecca is already on the committee as a regional rep (though I gather she has missed 2 meetings in a row). I have great respect for Pat Dixon of course, but the records indicate he was not David Nolan’s choice. David Nolan gave nomination speeches for himself, Mary Ruwart, and John Jay Myers. Both he and Mary Ruwart made the committee; John Jay Myers did not. I believe filling David Nolan’s vacant seat with John Jay Myers would be the least contentious route to take for the membership.

pp. 50-51 (nominations), p. 54 (vote totals)

Moulton goes on to recommend that Pat Dixon should fill the At large vacancy left by Bill Redpath when he took over as treasurer, assuming that Redpath wants to stay on as treasurer.

Debra Dedmon:

I think John Jay would be a good choice to fill Nolans seat.

I wish we could stay in missing man formation but bylaws are bylaws.


Please feel free to let LNC members know I second Chuck’s sentiments.

(this is a personal opinion, not speaking for IPR).

Dallas County LP Secretary Jordan Wagnon via email:

Do you remember what is was like when you first discovered that something was wrong with our political system, that neither of the two incumbent parties stood for what they said, that both expanded the use of government force at all levels, that it was time for something truly different? And then do you remember how amazing it felt to finally find someone that actually represented your views?

For me, that person was John Jay Myers. In early 2009 I had taken an interest in local politics through my graduate courses covering local economic development. I was horrified to discover that the general idea behind “economic development” is that enriching the well connected at City Hall somehow enriches everyone. Supporting special tax districts, government subsidies, tax breaks for some businesses but not others, and giving handouts to developers through mega boondoggle projects were defining characteristics of politics in Big D. And to top it off, the city had just decided it would build a $500 million government hotel. I discovered all of this right around the time local elections were coming up.

I was studying the candidates for Dallas City Council and I could not believe it when I finally found someone who did not think government enterprises should compete against private employers. Nor did he think that government should pick winners and losers in the economy. Nor did he think that removing guns from the people was the solution to crime. Nor did he think that affordable housing programs actually made housing affordable for anyone. Every other candidate, in every other district in the city, all supported the increase of government coercion to boost the economy or cure some problem they thought they could solve. No other candidate even tried to suggest that coercion itself was the problem, except for John Jay Myers.

I spent the next eight weeks volunteering for his campaign and walking the district. Since then I have volunteered for Libertarian Party outreach events, served on the Dallas County executive committee, attended the county and state conventions, and of course voted for Libertarian Party candidates. I am not the most active Libertarian by any stretch of the imagination, but I would not be involved at all if it were not for John Jay Myers. He has shown me that the Libertarian Party is in fact different from the others because it refuses to support coercion, anywhere, for the sake political expediency. He has also shown me that a diverse group of individuals can maintain a consistent, distinctly Libertarian message of non-aggression even while differing from each other in both ideology and methodology.

I am writing today to recognize Mr. Myers because we have all benefited from his leadership and dedication here locally, and I believe his enthusiasm, principle, and hard work merit a broader influence. I would like to propose that Libertarians in Dallas and in Texas support the nomination and election of John Jay Myers for one of the vacant at-large seats on the LNC. He has already served on the Dallas County and Texas State executive committees, and he has twice sacrificed time from his business and family to spread the Libertarian message locally by running for elected office. He earned the respect of Libertarians from across the nation in St. Louis last year. Texas State Chair Pat Dixon has endorsed John Jay for one of the LNC seats, and David Nolan himself spoke in favor of Mr. Myers for the at-large seat at the national convention.

But it’s not just his Libertarian resume that warrants his election to the national committee. There is an even more important quality of John Jay Myers that is absolutely essential for our party to grow. He understands that Libertarians each have a unique perspective and something unique to contribute to the cause. Freedom by its very nature allows different viewpoints to be expressed and acted upon based on one’s conscience and initiative. And that is why he espouses a bottom up approach rather than a top down approach. He has been in the trenches and knows that the voluntary efforts of people in local communities grow the party. He does not see the Libertarian Party as dictating one best approach or trying to decide once and for all the Minarchist/Anarchist debate. He knows that we just need to move in a non-aggressive, less government, more freedom direction and that the willful actions of each Libertarian will move us in that direction.

In this way, John Jay’s approach is a Libertarian approach. He refuses to compromise the message of freedom by fixating on one method or one target group, or by mimicking other parties. He represents the balance between holding true to the principles of non-aggression, distinguishing ourselves clearly from either of the incumbent parties, and supporting all of the grassroots and electoral activities of local affiliates. And now, I propose that he represent these principles for all of us on the LNC.

Jordan Wagnon
Secretary of the Dallas County LP

18 thoughts on “Libertarians write letters in support of John Jay Myers for LNC vacancy

  1. Richard Vanier

    John Jay Meyers would make a great addition to LNC. I think Judge Jim Gray would also make a great appointment to the LNC.

  2. AroundtheblockAFT

    I remember that, back in the Fall, Paulie urged Myers to run for President. Don’t know Myers stand on doing so, but whomever seeks or accepts the LNC seat appointment should disavow any intentions to do so in 2012. The appearence of a conflict is to be avoided: we don’t need all the other candidates claiming an LNC bias in favor of hin/her. [I know Mary Ruwart is on the LNC, but she was elected to the seat, not appointed.]

  3. Gains

    John Jay seems interested in the internal workings of the party and would make a great administrator and representative. Judge Gray is an amazing activist and would also be a diligent representative, but his interest in internal LP affairs has not been strongly manifested. While it would be a hard choice, John Jay Meyers seems to be all about party building and would get my vote first.

  4. paulie Post author

    Well, two At Large slots are to be filled (assuming Bill Redpath wants to remain treasurer; if he would rather go back to being At Large I don’t see him not being reappointed to his previous position). So, it’s possible both Myers and Gray could join the LNC.

  5. Sane LP Member

    Rebecca is not on the LNC any longer.
    Region 3 rep is now Andy Wolf and the alternate is Indiana State Chair, Sam Goldstein. Rebecca stepped aside during her race for US Senate.

    She is now running for at-large to the LNC– to fill one of the two open seats.

  6. Sebastian Knowlton

    John Jay is a no bullshit guy, he presents himself well, is well spoken, likable and can explain Libertarianism to the undecided vote very well.

    To be honest, I supported him for LP Chair and still wish he had won.

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  8. Rand Allan

    LP member. I heartily support John Jay Meyers for the at-large position. I have communicated with him extensively on Facebook and find his personal philosophy very much in line with traditional libertarianism. He is very active in spreading the message of the LP and I have no doubt that he will be an active participant in the party.

  9. paulie Post author

    John Jay is a no bullshit guy, he presents himself well, is well spoken, likable and can explain Libertarianism to the undecided vote very well.


    To be honest, I supported him for LP Chair and still wish he had won.

    I may well support him if he wants to run for chair after getting some experience on the LNC.

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