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UK Greens could have another first, with poll showing possibility of electing a Welsh Assembly member


The party welcomed the ITV Wales/YouGov poll which gave the Greens 10% in the South Wales Region.

Under the proportional voting system, that would be enough to elect a Green on the regional ballot…If a Green AM was elected in May, it would follow the election of their first national MP when Caroline Lucas won Brighton Pavilion in last May’s General Election.

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  1. Peter M. Peter M. January 4, 2011

    The article makes a good point, albeit not directly, that the Welsh Assembly is the last body in the UK where a Green Party has yet to elect representatives, with the Green Party of Northern Ireland having one MLA, and the Scots Greens having two MSPs, along with the single MP and two MEPs. Electing a Green to the Welsh Assembly would most likely be an important propaganda victory for them.

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