Blogger who posed as David Koch on call to WI gov. considering run for Congress with the Green Party

From The New Yorker:

Two weeks after Gawker published a shirtless Craigslist photo of Congressman Chris Lee and solicitous e-mails he sent, leading him to resign, Ian Murphy, one of his erstwhile constituents, prank-called Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, and now has his eye on Lee’s vacant seat.

Murphy, editor-in-chief of the Buffalo Beast, the alt-weekly turned national monthly turned Web ’zine, had been considering a run for Congress even before he called Walker, pretending to be David Koch, and became a viral sensation. (Who is David Koch? Jane Mayer explains.) “I was in the process of figuring out how I could possibly get thirty-five hundred signatures or entice some loser party like the Green Party to endorse me—not that I think they’re losers, their politics are great, but I think they’re going to lose,” he told me on the phone Thursday. Both “seemed completely undoable.”

But as one Internet-driven scandal cleared the seat, another has earned Murphy the Green Party’s attention. Eric Jones, co-chair of the New York Green Party, told me that he would be meeting Murphy Wednesday evening to discuss politics…

If the meeting this evening goes well and Murphy enters the political ring, he may need to learn to play nice—or not. “I would hope that I could announce my candidacy in a clown outfit,” he told me. It would be a conservative choice, next that of the Beast’s publisher, Paul Fallon, who announced his congressional run, in 2002, in the nude. Clearly, when it comes to New York’s twenty-sixth district, it pays to wear a shirt.

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18 thoughts on “Blogger who posed as David Koch on call to WI gov. considering run for Congress with the Green Party

  1. paulie

    Well, it says he’s co-editor of the Buffalo Beast, so presumably in NY state…as far as I understand it doesn’t matter if he actually lives in the district or not, which I haven’t looked up.

  2. Independent Green Party

    If this is the Ian Murphy I know this will be a whale of a creative, interesting Green Party campaign.

    Murphy is the born story telling humorist.

    Clever fun fellow that Murphy.

    Applause to the Green Party for grabbing a blossoming celebrity for a run for Congress.

    Green Party politics should always be as fun and Murphy will make this.

    Wonder if Ian is related to Gael Murphy the famed pro peace mother.

  3. paulie

    Murphy writes well. Unfortunately, he’s far too influenced by Ames and Levine.

    Take this for instance, from 2009:

    Some of his conclusions make sense:

    Some are here for decidedly less noble reasons—reasons they can’t pinpoint. Reasons that linger somewhere in the dark and bigoted recesses of their reptilian limbic brains.

    Where the fuck was Laurie Kostrzewski for the last eight years? Asleep. She napped through the worst administration in American history. She snored through a Republican cabal, which stole votes and civil liberties. She snoozed while the bastards murdered 5,000 American soldiers and a million Iraqis just to make a buck. She dreamt of puppies playing hopscotch on the moon while the most multiply impeachable criminal regime in US history helped their big business cronies suck the public coffers dry like unquenchable capitalist vampires for eight fucking years.

    The Biggest, Meanest, Loudest Government we’ve ever seen in this country didn’t wake her. What finally did? The quiet rumble of a Black Man walking into the White House, and the finely crafted PR scam of America’s most wealthy and morally repugnant.

    Barack Obama’s no socialist. Tim Geithner and Larry Summers are demonstrable kleptocrats. Hell, the truth is, corporate America loves it some socialism—just so long as the wealth is being spread from the plebes to the masters. You even slightly fuck with the steady one-way flow of Money River USA, like Obama did by helping homeowners, and the earth will rumble, the sky will shatter and an unstoppable revolution will smash down your fucking door. Or at least that’s how it’ll be reported.

    So far so good.

    Of course, I’ll have to catch up on some of his more recent writing to see just how outraged he has, or hasn’t, been by Obama continuing, and worsening, everything he correctly castigates Bush for.

    Here, he goes off track:

    I reckon that some folk, like Jim Ostrowski, are here because of their libertarian ideology. They don’t think society exists. We’re all just individuals. To his ilk, the only courtesy one need extend his common man is the freedom to ignore the needs of others.

    No, no, no, no, no, Ian.

    It’s precisely because we do believe society exists, and because we care about the needs of others, that some of us oppose monopolies – monopoly government being the biggest and worst monopoly of all.

    I’ve read enough Ostrowski to know he’s not a “screw the poor and needy” type of libertarian, although there are some of those out there.

    Ian Murphy should know better, and probably does.

  4. paulie

    @ 4, 5, 6 It’s like what we were discussing at earlier today; #38 and 42-43

    Working together in a non-disruptive fashion by no means has to mean unanimity or homogeneity.

    Likewise, being American does not mean we stop being whatever else we are, including for some people Irish.

    Or, in my case, Ashkenazi Jew-Mongol-Siberian Native-Russian-Ukrainian-Alsatian-whatever else from the ex-USSR.

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  6. Michael Cavlan RN

    Right on. So go figure this guy is a friggin’ Paddy, a ‘tick Mick’ so to speak. As King Longshanks said in the movie Braveheart.

    “Humph, Irish.”

    Paulie @7.

    Do not be so sure about Mr Murphy not knowing any better about Libertarians. I would not have known if it were not for this site. The ideas I had of Libertarians had been exemplified by Wayne Root and his ilk.

    Seems that there is hope for the New Yawk Green Party. They actually want people to run for office and challenge the machine.

  7. paulie

    Do not be so sure about Mr Murphy not knowing any better about Libertarians. I would not have known if it were not for this site. The ideas I had of Libertarians had been exemplified by Wayne Root and his ilk.

    I get the feeling he knows Ostrowski. I could be wrong, though.

    Seems that there is hope for the New Yawk Green Party. They actually want people to run for office and challenge the machine.


    It’s unfortunate that the NYLP did not have any resources at the end to observe and challenge vote recounts. I think another 1,600 votes could have been found.

    Would have been nice to see both be able to participate, so we can have a real debate.

    Good luck to the Greens in breaking up the duopoly.

  8. paulie

    Read it. Still chuckling, despite those facts.

    I am a big fan of pranksters.

    If I was David Koch, I’d give Ian Murphy a prank call and record it. I’m sure he’d probably think it wasn’t really me, so all kinds of hilarity could ensue if played right.

    If the anti-union thing weren’t enough, here are bigger and better reasons to stop the evil Kochs. They are trying to:

    1. decriminalize drugs,
    2. legalize gay marriage,
    3. repeal the Patriot Act,
    4. end the police state,
    5. cut defense spending.

    Glad we straightened that out.

    It’s not that cut and dry. The Kochs are the biggest individual donors to the Republican party. They donate to many Republican candidates who want to make things on that list even worse. The give money to the Heritage Foundation (which, among other things, is pushing the line that military spending is too low) and others like it. They sue people for spoofing them. And so on.

    They also do a lot of good things and support good causes with their money as well.

    So, they are a mixed bag, as is the right’s boogeyman, George Soros.

    Do the good things the Kochs, or Soros, do, mean they should be immune to scrutiny and ridicule? No, I think not.

    The big and powerful – in any field – need and deserve that check on their power. It helps to keep them grounded in reality.

    Ian Murphy played this well, despite as mentioned before his excessive affinity for the Ames/Levine view of the world.

    If I was him, I’d be hoping for a lawsuit from the Kochs or a state prosecution to play this story up further.

  9. Kimberly Wilder

    WOW! I am out of the loop. I just read about this Ian Murphy/Green Party news now.

    I think it is an awesome opportunity for some Green Party coverage, whether Ian Murphy is eventually the candidate or not.

    Wish more media celebrities, Hollywood celebrities, and activist celebrities would use the resource of fame to monkey wrench the electoral system now and then.

    A third party run, with the resource of a little fame, can really make a point in the public discourse. And, sometimes, can get a win — ie: Jesse Ventura!

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