IPR readers make recommendation on filling LNC vacancies

(Posted by Paulie) According to George Phillies, Bill Redpath has proposed a motion: “We move to appoint Rebecca Sink-Burris and John Jay Myers as At-Large Representatives to the Libertarian National Committee for the remainder of the 2010-2012 term.” This may be voted on in the near future, so some LNC members are seeking input from IPR readers.

Here’s what we have so far. John Jay Myers seems to be a clear reader favorite. Runners up were Pat Dixon and Judge Jim Gray. Several people expressed the view that Ms. Sink-Burris should not be on the committee as At Large because she has already been removed from the committee for non-attendance as a Regional Representative this term.

Several people expressed the view that what state people are from does not matter, or that Texas has earned more seats than any other states (some LNC members have told me one objections to appointing both Myers and Dixon is that both are from Texas, which would give Texas 4 seats. The current motion gives Indiana 4 seats, including an officer).

These are a summary; read and add full comments here or add comments on this new post:


John Jay Myers and an unnamed younger activist who “supports more outreach to youth, more bottom-up, outside-the-box thinking, and the other key values of the Grassroots Libertarians Caucus“. Opposes considering Aaron Starr (note from Paulie: I don’t know whether Aaron Starr wishes to be considered).

Matt Cholko:

Opposes considering Sink-Burris “if she has already vacated a seat on the LNC, she should not be appointed to a different one. Her region can keep her on the LNC if they choose to do so.”

John Spivey:

John Jay Myers and Pat Dixon.

Debra Dedmon:

John Jay Myers and Judge Jim Gray.

Steven Wilson:

John Jay Myers.

Around the Block a Few Times:

Perhaps just change by-laws so that those who narrowly fail at winning an At Large seat become the first runner-up, second runner-up, etc. and will serve if vacancies occur.

Marc Montoni:

It would be appropriate for the LNC to ask the top two “also-rans” from the 2010 convention if they would be willing to serve.Pat Dixon of TX was in 6th place in the At Large race, with 168 votes (9 behind Kevin Knedler), and John Jay Myers, who was in 8th place and had 159 votes.

[Note: Reading the convention minutes, one might wonder why I skipped over Rebecca Sink-Burris, who was in 7th place with 167 votes. The reason I skipped over her is that she was elected to a region seat but de facto resigned from the LNC due to non-attendance, two meetings in a row.]

If the LNC were to appoint Pat & John, that would be a solid choice acceptable to many.

[I also think long-time LP activist and regional alternate Carl Vassar would make an excellent choice for one of the At Large seats.]

Bruce Cohen:

The grownups/workers/pragmatists, not idealogues/children/radical/slacker/purists.


I would like to see Mr. Meyers of Texas and Mr. Takenaga of California in those seats. They both seem well dedicated to empowering the party (note from Paulie: I don’t know whether Mr. Takenaga wishes to be considered).

Gigi Bowman:

John Jay Myers because he’s a positive force who would bring a new energy to the Libertarian National Committee!

David Colborne:

I’m okay with John Jay Myers. I don’t know enough about the rest of the list to say anything intelligent about them. I’m also remarkably indifferent about where they come from – considering everything Texas has accomplished as of late, I think the people behind their efforts have every right to “stack” the LNC.

And from previous threads:

Liberty for America February 2011 issue is out

Discord Abounds On Libertarian National Committee

Libertarians write letters in support of John Jay Myers for LNC vacancy

Libertarians for Duvalier-Mubarak 2012:

Read my lips: No New Texans!
How about Hosni Mubarak and Jean Claude Duvalier for LNC At Large?

1. They are not from Texas.
2. They have high level execution, er, I mean, executive experience with running many (water)boards.
3. Hosni Mubarak is worth like $70-80 billion. That’s nothing to sneeze at, folks.
And Baby Doc still has a few mill if Bob Barr can help him get it unlocked.
4. They know what to do with unruly, unhappy rank and file party members that get out of line.
5. As Bob Barr and Wayne Root are demonstrating, serving on the LNC is a great stepping stone to running for President.
(note from Paulie: I don’t know whether Mubarak and/or Duvalier wishes to be considered).

Michael H. Wilson:

The Texas LP has been pretty successful. Why not put a couple of the people who have contributed to that success on the LNC? Maybe they can transfer some of those skills.

Don Lake:

Judge Jim Gray, great guy.

Robert Milnes:

Purge all non-radicals.

Chuck Moulton:

If I were on the LNC, I would vote for John Jay Myers to fill the vacancy.

Dallas County LP Secretary Jordan Wagnon:

John Jay Myers.

Jill Pyeatt:

John Jay Myers. I agree that Jim Gray would also be great.

Richard Vanier:

John Jay Meyers would make a great addition to LNC. I think Judge Jim Gray would also make a great appointment to the LNC.

Rodger Paxton:

I also would love to see John Jay on the LNC.

Sebastian Knowlton:

John Jay is a no BS guy, he presents himself well, is well spoken, likable and can explain Libertarianism to the undecided vote very well.

To be honest, I supported him for LP Chair and still wish he had won.

Rand Allan:

heartily support John Jay Meyers for the at-large position. I have communicated with him extensively on Facebook and find his personal philosophy very much in line with traditional libertarianism. He is very active in spreading the message of the LP and I have no doubt that he will be an active participant in the party.

Note from Paulie:

Since I am putting this post up, I won’t put my own opinion here, but you can find it repeated more times than necessary or wise in the comments on the previous posts, and, probably before too long on this one as well.

76 thoughts on “IPR readers make recommendation on filling LNC vacancies

  1. Gains

    I don’t know how Judge Grey feels about it, but I would be horrified if he got swamped in the morrass that is the LNC. He is so valuable in his activism and the LNC tends to burn out good people.

  2. paulie Post author

    BTW, summary of my comments from previous posts:

    1. Myers and Dixon would be my #1 pick

    2. Myers and Gray would be my #2 pick

    3. Nothing against Ms. Sink-Burris, but I oppose her for At Large at this time for the same reason other people do.

    4. Texas has easily earned 4 spots, which is what they would get with Myers and Dixon, and the current motion would give Indiana 4 spots including an officer.

    This seems to be what most other people were saying as well.

  3. paulie Post author

    That would be awesome. I don’t think it’s plausible right now though.

    Myers/Dixon is the most “radical” we might realistically hope for.

  4. Matt Cholko

    Paulie tried to ruin my fun. So I’ve got a new one for you to chew on – If Starchild runs for at-large at the 2012 convention, will he be voted in?

  5. Here is a radical idea

    I thought the LNC was a “board of directors” not a off-broadway theatre show or debate club.

  6. paulie Post author

    Theatrical aspects of Starchild’s persona aside, I’ve been given to understand that he was a serious board member of the California LP. Refer back to comment 4 for my serious proposals for the short term. If you have read this whole article that we are commenting on, you’ll see I’m not alone in my take on the matter.

    I would be interested if any LNC members who support Mr. Redpath’s motion, or anyone who agrees with them, addressed our arguments, as set forth in comment 4 on this post, the body of this post, and the comments it refers to on previous threads.

    If you prefer, give me a call at 415-690-6352 or email travellingcircus at gmail.com. I can cite (generic you) as “an LNC member who wishes not to be named, etc” in a new IPR story.

    We have no interest in being one sided here, but we can only work with what we have.

  7. Gains

    Theater is an integral part of politics and Starchild is an integral part of the party. He does represent a lot of members many of whom are already in the party.

    Objections to Starchild holding a position of trust have all been matters of style. Those objections are going to melt with his transition from activist to activist elder. My advice is to prepare yourself. Starchild sitting on executive boards in the LP is a matter of time.

  8. Radical Wacko

    Paulie @ 4

    “1. Myers and Dixon would be my #1 pick

    2. Myers and Gray would be my #2 pick

    3. Nothing against Ms. Sink-Burris, but I oppose her for At Large at this time for the same reason other people do.

    4. Texas has easily earned 4 spots, which is what they would get with Myers and Dixon, and the current motion would give Indiana 4 spots including an officer.

    This seems to be what most other people were saying as well.”

    If anyone disagrees, please explain why.

  9. Radical Wacko

    @ 23 He already has, in California.

    Anyone listening to him in LP platform debates, rather than just looking at him, understands that he is serious too, not just theatrical.

  10. NewFederalist

    I suspect if Starchild’s name was Tom Jeffers and he wore more conventional clothing he would be praised for his wisdom, intellect and insight. Unfortunately, the world DOES judge a book by its cover.

  11. Michael H. Wilson

    I would certainly support Starchild for any opening on the board. Having known him for some time I believe he is one of the most committed activist around; well organized and thoughtful.

  12. Steven Wilson

    The reason I support Myers is that a position on the LNC, although a waste of time for getting real work done, would give a better chance at the convention.

    I would like to see Myers talk about ending the war on a national scale. A presidential run for him would help recruit better candidates.

    I think John Jay Myers is the next Harry Browne.

    Myers IN 2012

  13. Gains

    NF @26: “… he wore more conventional clothing he would be praised for his wisdom, intellect and insight. Unfortunately, the world DOES judge a book by its cover.”

    It feels to me like outlandish dress is not itself the problem, I think that sometimes it was conflated with what has held back Starchild from taking a seat. His very aggressive activist style has been more of a drawback in my opinion.

    Unpredictability was the concern I heard more in the past when Starchild has run, and lately I have heard fewer concerns. It is primarily his established rivals that criticize him now-a-days and those guys have been eroding their credibility with just about everyone through shenanigans.

    For me, the long view shows Starchild actually holding a higher level of consistency within influential LP circles. It appears that over the long haul, despite very flamboyant political theater (which is an asset in any sane manual of political action), Starchild is far more rational and steadfast in judgment himself than most of his detractors whose desperation for a “respectable” facade too often has ventured into exceptionally unethical and indiscriminately destructive behavior.

  14. NewFederalist

    Gains- I agree with you. Just reading his posts here, if one knew nothing about him or his propensity to theatre, I would have to believe one could not help but be impressed.

  15. also-ran Ed Vallejo of Arizona

    I like Mr. Myers alot, and believe he would be a wonderful addition to anything.

    With such an austere assortment before me, I’m sure I’m not even being considered…

    …yet I’ll have you know, I am willing, I am capable, and I’m DEDICATED. Were I to be appointed, I would do my UTMOST to fullfill all the duties and responsiblities required – just as I would have, had I received enough votes in St. Louis.

    I stand ready.

  16. paulie Post author

    Ed Vallejo is definitely dedicated.

    He is probably correct that given the present leadership he is not likely to be considered.

  17. LibertarianGirl

    I cant understand why people want monotony of beliefs and people on boards.

    if i hear ‘team that can work 2gether’ again ill go crazy..lol

    personally i like teams of different types , it brings competition of ideas , an ability to appeal 2 and represent all types and provides checks and balances…

    id love 2 see starchild on the board . diversity is always great .

  18. LibertarianGirl

    “Unfortunately, the world DOES judge a book by its cover.””

    me_ yes they do and Starchild says to the world , not all Libs are boring introverts who care mostly about conservative issues….he would be a strong draw from the left ecsp . the LBGT (?)
    community which is huge

  19. LoTek

    Ed Vallejo is a grass roots, feet on the street activist. He would be a good candidate for consideration. If I had any input, I would even register to vote for him 🙂 Same goes for Starchild. Very well spoken and incredibly consistent… something the LNC could benefit from.

  20. Gains

    LG @38:

    I agree with you. The LNC is not a team by nature, it is a representational body. Should it ever become so homogenized that it acted like a team, it would be an ensign of the death of the party and the end of any hope for coalitions.

  21. paulie Post author

    The LNC is not a team by nature, it is a representational body.

    Working together in a non-disruptive fashion by no means has to mean unanimity or homogeneity.

  22. paulie Post author

    Yeah…makes me think of the government alphabet soup…and besides, my brain is scrambled, too much CPP back in the 80s

  23. paulie Post author

    Gains, on another thread (I forgot which one) LG was asking if anyone can make a “What Would Nolan Do?” graphic….

  24. Gains

    I would be interested in hearing what her idea looks like if she would like me to take a stab at it.

  25. LibertarianGirl

    the missing man formation could be abstract like maybe our LP logo but with lady liberty hanging her head low.. this would be 1 side representing our grief and respect

    the other side would be the WWND and the chart reminding us that altho he is gone , he will still influence us greatly

  26. George Phillies

    First, there should be a general announcement to party members of the vacancies, so that people interested in doing so may apply. A Monday Message would not do so, because it only reaches internet readers. If the LNC were up to publishing a monthly newsletter, the way most competent state committees do, it would have been able to tell national party members about this in a timely way. As it stands a large fraction of all members other than bylaws mavens do not even realize that the LNC will be filling the vacancies, either by mail ballot or by vote at the next meeting.

    I believe that the list of potential candidates may also include Randy Eshelman.

  27. Gains

    LG @53:

    Lemme take a stab at it. Its going to be a hard one because of the massive amount of respect Mr. Nolan deserves and the emotional weight it has for me.

    Give me a few days. I need to clear items. If I seem to drop the ball, Paulie knows how to poke me.

  28. Matt Cholko

    Paulie @28 – Just to be clear, my comment “Does anyone like Myers?” was meant as a joke. Damn near everybody seems to like Myers….myself included.

  29. paulie Post author

    Paulie @28 – Just to be clear, my comment “Does anyone like Myers?” was meant as a joke. Damn near everybody seems to like Myers….myself included.

    Yes, I know, I just used it as an excuse to give out the link to our other story, so it would hopefully get more views. Right then this one was getting a spike in traffic. I’m not as literal-minded as some, LOL

  30. Porn Again Christian

    “First, there should be a general announcement to party members of the vacancies, so that people interested in doing so may apply.”

    May be a bylaws provision to consider.

  31. Marc Montoni

    Get another female from another state.

    Ah, yes, a vote for sexism. Wondered when that was going to pop up. Well, ya know, if John Jay Myers was actually Geraldine Jaye Myers, I’d be suggesting *her*. Were Karen Kwiatkowski seeking the spot, I’d be making phone calls on her behalf this instant.


    But electing a woman just because she is of the correct sex? No way. Bigoted sexist bias has no place in the Libertarian Party.

  32. paulie Post author

    Marc Montoni is correct @63, although it would still be good if Ms. Moore suggested specific women rather than “elect a woman” with no names put forth.


    At this point, I’m not really sure if there is any point at all in putting forward any new names or not.

    There’s already a motion introduced in the LNC (Myers and Sink-Burris) and a fairly small number of choices that LNC members may be reasonably presumed to possibly consider: Dixon, Gray, Eshelman. Perhaps Starr, although that is just speculation.

    I don’t know whether anyone else is even up for consideration at all. Unfortunately, no one has followed up to let us know.

    Nor has anyone come back here to explain why they don’t agree with the point numerous people have made why Sink-Burris should not be considered, or why (as again multiple people
    have give reasons why) there is no reason not to get both Myers and Dixon on the committee.
    Their one objection to that has been addressed, yet no counter-argument has filtered back to us.

    And, I have heard no arguments for or against Mr. Eshelman at all.

    This is unfortunate; I was hoping for more of a dialogue between the sides putting forth choices that may have some chance of being selected, and some information about whether any new names would really be considered at all. As well, no one has let us know whether any additional people are being considered, or if there are names in consideration that we have not learned of.

    IPR would be more useful if such information filtered back to us and got hashed out here.

    We are not trying to be a one-sided echo chamber. We even signed Mr. Starr up as a writer here. I wish they would come by and make their arguments.

  33. George Phillies

    My sources indicate that Dixon has indicated that he does not wish to be a candidate.

    Mr. Redpath’s last recruiting venture — based on what I know — was recruiting Bob Barr as our Presidential candidate. I believe he made that point rather vigorously at the 2008 convention banquet. Now he is recruiting again.

    I brought up Eshelman, from memory, as I believe that he is the only other candidate. Someone might consider Sam Goldstein, whose comments on LNC-discuss are usually among the more intelligent.

    There is also the ongoing debate about the affiliate application form so there is now a specified form to be completed if you want to become a state affiliate. Mr. Karlan proposed the language of the form, which I believe has perhaps now been amended to agree with the Bylaws. And what is the point of adopting a form, when there are 51 nominal affiliates out there? Inquiring minds are asking.

  34. paulie Post author

    LibertyWA The TJ Rodgers letter to the nuns. Make your suggestions based on the cake (accomplishments and character) and not the frosting (gender, race, attire, etc.).


  35. paulie Post author

    My sources indicate that Dixon has indicated that he does not wish to be a candidate.

    Maybe your sources are different from mine. Mine were that he said he is willing to be on the LNC, but if it’s between him and Myers, he would rather it be Myers. Given that information, I and others here argued that both Myers and Dixon should be on the LNC, and that this would not be excessive representation for Texas.

    If that has changed, and Dixon would no longer wish to be on the LNC even if both himself and Myers could be on, that is new info to me and I would appreciate more concrete details of what he said when and to whom.

    Also, Judge Gray was one of the close runners-up at the convention, and would be next in line if Dixon is not interested and if Sink-Burris is disqualified for reasons previously discussed.

    Has Judge Gray been contacted to see whether he is still interested?

    I brought up Eshelman, from memory, as I believe that he is the only other candidate.

    Again, Eshelman was mentioned on the previous article, before you brought him up, as someone Doug Craig told me is being considered. However, no one has made any arguments for or against Eshelman. I myself know little about him. Would anyone like to make a case either way?

  36. paulie Post author

    New info. Will probably make it a separate article later. I will not name my source unless he/she wants to step forward, but this is from a member of the LNC.

    1) Redpath’s motion did not have support.

    2) The At Large vacancies will NOT be filled by mail ballot, they will be filled at the next regular meeting.

    3) It will probably be a secret ballot with 8-10 or possibly more names (each LNC member will vote for two names) and the top two most frequently chosen will win.

    4) Phillies @ 66 was correct, my info was outdated. Dixon does NOT want to be on the LNC, his state committee wants him to focus on Texas, not on National.

    5) Judge Gray is probably interested, but my source was not 100% sure. The information I got was that the Judge will stand a better chance if he goes to the next LNC meeting in person (same for others applying).

    6) Myers has some support but no one is guaranteed to win as it stands.

    7) There is no official list of candidates, nor any official application process, at this point it is informal and may well stay that way.

    That is all I can remember.

  37. paulie Post author

    One other thing; given the names we have actually heard so far, and presuming the info about Dixon is correct, the person I was talking to and myself provisionally agreed that Myers and Gray sound like the best choices at this time.

  38. Randy Eshelman

    I am certainly a candidate for LNC At-Large.
    I am a ‘small-stater’ that routinely argues for ballot access and recognition of libertarian efforts, regardless of state population. I have developed alternate measures for acknowledging affiliates, not simply based on numbers of LPUS members, but rather on a metric that considers population density referenced to members and elected Libertarians.
    I have several blog posts on LP.org for all to reference as well.

  39. paulie Post author

    Actually that reminded me of one other thing.

    The person I was talking to said Randy Eshelman applied to fill Nolan’s At Large spot almost immediately after his death, which this person found to be off-putting.

    Two things now that I think about it, it reminded me to put up a new article about this.

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