Grotto Radio tonight: Libertarian Debra Dedmon, Susan Lopez of Sex Workers Outreach Project re: Harry Reid wanting to end legal prostitution in Nevada

From comments on a previous IPR post:

Susan Lopez will be on as a Sex Workers Outreach Project-Las Vegas representative, along with Debra Dedmon of the Libertarian Party, on JD Holveck’s Grotto Radio on, tonight (3/1/11), 8-10 PM Pacific Time. That starting time is 11 PM on the East Coast and 10 PM here in the Central Time Zone.

They will discuss Nevada US Senator Harry Reid’s proposal to outlaw brothels, which are currently legal in some rural Nevada counties.

40 thoughts on “Grotto Radio tonight: Libertarian Debra Dedmon, Susan Lopez of Sex Workers Outreach Project re: Harry Reid wanting to end legal prostitution in Nevada

  1. paulie Post author

    SWOP Las Vegas denounces Senator Reid’s call to eliminate Nevada brothels

    Posted on February 24, 2011 by staceyswimme


    Contact: SWOP LV at

    The Sex Workers Outreach Project, Las Vegas denounces Senator Reid’s call to close down the legal prostitution businesses in Nevada. This move would put over a thousand people out of a job in the hopes of possibly attracting new businesses to Nevada who allegedly stay away because of the brothels.

    “To begin with, it’s just insanity in this economy to even suggest putting so many people out of work,” said Susan Lopez, founder of SWOP Las Vegas. “Where will these women go for jobs once their livelihoods are destroyed? Does Senator Reid honestly believe that it will be easy for prostitutes to find jobs in those businesses he hopes to attract? Does he really wish to destroy these peoples’ lives in this way? This is just political posturing on the backs of real, working women with real livelihoods at stake. Will Senator Reid promise to hire all the women who will be put out of their jobs at equivalent wage rates?”

    “Nevada’s brothels are safer places than the streets for selling sex,” said Dr. Barb Brents, sociology professor at UNLV. “Brothels can actually help fight trafficking. Furthermore, prostitution still exists in the 49 states where prostitution is illegal. Outlawing brothels will send hundreds of women into the already huge black market, where safety, labor rights, and access to services will become issues.”

    Tessa Joy, a Nevada brothel worker and voter, says, “Harry Reid needs to listen to the voices of the sex workers who depend on their jobs in the Nevada brothel system to make a living; to put food on the table and a roof over their heads. As somebody who claims to be so concerned about creating more jobs in Nevada, it’s very hypocritical for Harry Reid to try to put more of us out of work for making a legitimate living. This is going to take away the only legal way that sex workers in prostitution can work in the United States and the results will be tragic in terms of both our livelihoods and our safety. I’ve never tried to put Harry Reid out of work, so he has no business trying to put me out of work either.”

    Brothels bring in much-needed revenue to the rural counties in which they operate, helping to fund public services such as firefighters, police, schools and more. Lopez says, “Scapegoating the brothels as being responsible for the bad economy is both disingenuous and dangerous. There is no guarantee other businesses will move to Nevada even if the brothels are eliminated, and if these businesses have issues with prostitution, who is to say they won’t have issues with gambling as well? Are the casinos next on Harry’s chopping block?”

    Lisa Mellott, co-director of SWOP Las Vegas and social justice activist, says, “It’s ironic that Senator Reid would single out the brothels as keeping businesses away. Las Vegas’s entire economy is based on being an adult playground. Wouldn’t that keep those same businesses away?”

    “Contrary to Senator Reid’s sentiment that the brothels are a throw-back to the Wild West, Nevada prostitution policy is more in step with the rest of the world than the rest of the US.

    Other countries across the globe are increasingly decriminalizing prostitution, as it allows the state to more easily address harms and grant sex workers rights,” says Dr. Brents.

    Jenny Heineman, a co-director of SWOP Las Vegas and a Nevada resident who voted for Reid, is outraged at his proposition to “take away [her] sisters’ jobs.” She says, “I am a tax payer, a PhD student at UNLV, a sex worker, and an advocate for human rights. As my representative, I demand that he turns his attention to the real inequities suffered by Nevadans: namely the lack of revenue to support our education system. Stop screwing us for free!”

    SWOP Las Vegas will fight for the rights of brothels to operate here in Nevada- the only place in America where women truly have the right to choose sex work.

  2. Wish we could Impeach Harry Reid.

    While I disagree or more than disagree with Anyone Butt Reid. I think Mr. outdated Reid is going after these brothel because they didn’t vote for him. So he uses our tax dollars for this, what a waste. He has been a big waste.

    Debra Dedmond is perfect for this show however.

  3. paulie Post author

    They are leaving their phone line open for Harry Reid’s office to comment for another half hour, then they will open the phone line.

  4. Andy

    “They will discuss Nevada US Senator Harry Reid’s proposal to outlaw brothels, which are currently legal in some rural Nevada counties.”

    This is not even a federal issue. Harry Reid should mind his own business.

  5. Porn Again Christian

    I agree, Reid is just being a busybody because the rural counties voted for Angle. Not that either of them is any good.

  6. paulie Post author

    All politicians should mind their own business. That would generally mean getting a different job…

  7. paulie Post author

    From Deb’s facebook on this

    Jake Witmer and Lucy Chronicles like this.

    Paulie Cannoli listening now…interesting show
    42 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
    Jake Witmer Somebody should really keel-haul Harry Reid off the bow of a barnacle-encrusted freight barge.
    24 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
    Paulie Cannoli
    on break now playing music, supposed to back soon
    20 minutes ago · LikeUnlike
    Jake Witmer The author of “Mindhunter”, the chief profiler (and one of the originators of psychological profiling) for the FBI should be more quoted, he states that he’s against victimless crime prosecutions, because they prevent law enforcement from arresting serial killers, contributing to hundreds of murders of women and kids every year. If that doesn’t move the “law and order” morons to favor legalization, they aren’t even human.
    about a minute ago · LikeUnlike
    Jake Witmer There are still over 1,000 rape kits in IL, that have not been tested.

  8. Andy

    “paulie // Mar 2, 2011 at 12:28 am

    All politicians should mind their own business. That would generally mean getting a different job…”

    That’s true.

  9. LibertarianGirl

    yay , i only choked once when my notes fell on the floor and i forgot what a libertarian was!LOL other than that i did pretty good , and susan , OMG , what an interesting woman , she’s got a giant vagina exibit at the Erotic Museum here , a huge vagina you were SPOSED to walk thru , but people got all worried about liability and now its just a wall-hanging…
    super cool , super pretty , smart , educated and I just lve her…
    in light of my not working on the state excom , I am going t focus on this… susan is super happy to have more allies

  10. paulie Post author

    @22 Happy to help, and besides, I haven’t had any coffee yet, so I’m reading very slowly and my mind paused between vagina and exhibit @18, good thing I didn’t have any coffee to spill, LOL

  11. paulie Post author

    That’s not a crack at Susan, BTW, she sounds wonderful. It’s more of acrack at my reading abilities: “giant vagina…exhibit…”

  12. paulie Post author,19330/

    Reid: Kill The Brothels

    February 28, 2011 | ISSUE 47•09

    Suggesting Nevada’s legal brothels make it difficult to attract businesses, Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) urged state lawmakers to consider outlawing prostitution. What do you think?

    Will Snider Systems Analyst

    “Reid is right. When people hear Nevada, they should think nuclear waste disposal, not prostitution.”

    Quinn Rose Small Business Owner

    “Sorry, but I just think my store Ohio Hats belongs right here in the great state of Ohio.”

    Victor Murchy Resort Operator

    “Is it too late to let that crazy lady be senator?”

  13. paulie Post author

    I see Starchild is signed up for that already, but you should message him directly if you haven’t yet.

    With the national angle to it maybe you can get Wes and Mark Hinkle to do a release about it…not saying they will…but it’s worth bringing up.

    If we are going to slam Republicans for their hypocrisy on taxes, and Democrats for their hypocrisy on war, may as well use this as another opportunity to tell another group of people who may think that Democrats are the lesser evil that there is no lesser evil.

    I believe I read that Dennis Hof
    is a Ron Paul supporter,

    From the wikipedia page “In early 2009, due to the recession, State Sen. Bob Coffin (D) had proposed legalizing prostitution statewide for tax purposes. Hof was prominently featured in a number of media reports saying he would expand into Las Vegas given the opportunity, and was already eying some closed casinos as property.[5] However, the Nevada lawmakers had refused to consider the proposal of statewide legal prostitution during that legislative session.[6]”

    You should see if you can contact him…

  14. AroundtheblockAFT

    LNC should send a letter to the Nevada Tourist Board telling them the convention will be moved out of Nevada if such legislation is approved.

  15. paulie Post author

    LNC should send a letter to the Nevada Tourist Board telling them the convention will be moved out of Nevada if such legislation is approved.

    Good idea. I suspect it won’t happen because then they’ll see they need to be ready to back it up with action, and they don’t want to look at hotels yet again.

    This is because the LP usually takes itself too seriously and does not recognize its place in the political universe.

    In reality, if the LP would fall through on such a threat, very few would care, especially outside the LP.

    Also, the size of the LP convention, compared to all the other conventions happening every day in Vegas added up, is tiny. If I was at the tourism board, I would laugh.

    Finally, I don’t think the Reid thing is going anywhere, the legislature will bury any such bill, especially with all the real money the brothel business brings to Nevada versus one anecdotal story about a company that wouldn’t move there due to the brothels. He is just making hay, in no way do I believe this is a real political move.

    On the contrary, this is an opportunity to galvanize opposition and get it legalized in Clark County (Vegas).

    But yes, the LP threatening to pull the convention would make for a nice press release, although it would probably take six to eight months of the LNC doing nothing else to make that feasible (maybe I’m being overly cynical here, I just say this as someone who pays closer attention to it than most people).

  16. LibertarianGirl

    dont count on the state lp of nevada to do anything… i posted my ideas on the excom list and altho several ofdicers chimed in with support the Chair and Vice Chair said nothing. neither have posted 1 thing on the list since convention and the writing on the wall says it will be another session with the Chair ignoring everybody ad everything he doesnt like… i will still try and get a resolution passed tho

  17. paulie Post author

    I wouldn’t worry too much about LPNV Exec Comm. During the time it takes you to (probably not) get a statement from them, you could contact several media outlets on behalf of LIBERTARIANS FOR SAVING NEVADA BROTHELS (still need that statement not in ALL CAPS when you get a chance), and you’d have just as much as or more credibility as a spokeswoman for your group as you would with an endorsement from them.

    There are lots of things you can do: put up a blog, youtube site, twitter feed, start a yahoo group, stage a rally, meet with legislators, start identifying donors and spokespeople (Hof? Others?), and since they don’t own the word Libertarian, you don’t need their permission.

  18. Michael H. Wilson

    I’ll bet the number of LP males stopping overnight in Wells or Winnemucca will be interesting.

    If the convention is moved elsewhere then there will be a lot fewer LP delegates who will be attending. They’ll drop out if it ain’t in Nevada. 😉

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