Pacific Green Party of Oregon Kicks Off Registration Drive in Order to Remain Ballot-Qualified

Ballot Access News:

The Pacific Green Party of Oregon didn’t run any statewide candidates in 2010, so it can only be on the ballot in 2012 if it gets its registration up to one-half of 1% of the state total by mid-2012. Just prior to the 2010 election, one-half of 1% was 10,332 registrants, and at that time the Pacific Green Party had 8,710 registrants. Therefore, the party, to be safe, need another 2,000 registrants.

The party has printed up 10,000 copies of a brochure designed to encourage voters to register into the party. The party will be distributing them in various ways, especially at places where large numbers of people congregate. Thanks to Blair Bobier for this news.

The party did have four candidates for U.S. House in 2010, and they averaged almost 2% of the vote. The Oregon vote test is 1%. However, the Oregon vote test, for statewide status, only applies to statewide candidates.

One thought on “Pacific Green Party of Oregon Kicks Off Registration Drive in Order to Remain Ballot-Qualified

  1. Michael Cavlan RN

    Here you have it.

    This had been my biggest critique against those Greens who cried “local only” races and actually sabotaged those of us who believed in running statewide and federal races.

    Because if you do not run statewide campaigns then you WILL loose ballot access. No ballot access and you simply become one more “focus group” from within the rotten, corporate corrupt, pro-war two party system.

    You have lost all leverage. This is precisely what I and others who have left the GP tried to warn about.

    Sadly, I watch as the Green Party dies. This is just one more example of that.

    Personally, I am convinced that the GP was deliberately destroyed.

    Those of us working on creating an alternative to the one money party system with two wings are taking these lessons to heart.

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