Reform Party of Mississippi Plagued by Two Factions, Each Claiming to be Proper Party Officers

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The Reform Party of Mississippi is split into two factions, each with its own set of state officers. In Mississippi, candidates for public partisan office file with their parties, not with election officials. Seven candidates associated with one faction filed in the party’s primary for statewide office with their faction’s officers. Four candidates associated with the other faction filed for statewide office with their faction’s officers.

One might think a rational way of settling the dispute would be to have a contested primary, but that will not happen. Instead, the Secretary of State will investigate which set of state officers is the legitimate set, and then the candidates who filed with those officers will be on the ballot, and the others won’t. Mississippi elects eight statewide state officers in 2011, including Governor.

13 thoughts on “Reform Party of Mississippi Plagued by Two Factions, Each Claiming to be Proper Party Officers

  1. Mark Seidenberg

    This posting is hard to understand. How do they form factions of a political party in Mississippi?

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg,
    Vice Chairman, American Independent Party

  2. Here's a radical idea

    What a bunch of knuckleheads in the Deform/Reform Party ! Different names in different states, different affiliations, fighting in court over a basically useless name, and now this in Mississippi. All the time, talent, and treasure wasted on internal crap, when the enemy is the D and R teams.

  3. Dennis

    The Reform Party of Mississippi is one of our more powerful affiliates. It is very important that they keep fighting the O’Hara faction: if third parties simply allow such usurpers to come in and ruin them, then there will never be a legit third party in America.

    Wikipedia Shawn O’Hara and see why we are so adamant in fighting him. This is a man, who as national chairman, said he hoped to use the Reform Party to spoil the 2004 election and land George W. Bush back in the White House.'Hara

    For almost two decades Ted Weill and his co-workers worked hard to build a powerful third party in Mississippi: they spent thousands of dollars, countless hours, and made themselves into a reputable entity.

    Then came the Buchanan brigades who ransacked the party.

    They stayed strong, and Ted rebuilt it.

    Then came Shawn O’Hara who ransacked the party.

    Ted and his co-workers again rebuilt it.

    Then Ted Weill passed away. Now, after several years harassing the Democrats, O’Hara is back, looking to cause trouble, and it is up to those of us with morals and courage to stop him. There is no room in the Reform Party for Shawn O’Hara or any of his cronies.

  4. Here is a radical idea

    build the organization, build in rules, build in bylaws, build in a constitution. Set up state committee and Executive Committee. But, if the members want it to change, then it should change.

  5. paulie Post author

    Wikipedia Shawn O’Hara and see why we are so adamant in fighting him.

    I don’t know who put together that article. I looked at the discussion page, and there was no discussion of anything. The reference to him being a KKK supporter led to a Democratic Party hack source that was trying to keep Nader off the ballot, and all they said (with no further sourcing) was that O’Hara claimed that there was not enough evidence of guilt for a particular KKK leader to be convicted of certain notorious murders. They didn’t say he defended the crimes themselves or the ideology of the Klan. Now, it may be that O’Hara is a Klansman or Klan sympathizer – I have no idea. But the wikipedia article and its sources don’t make that case. For all I know, maybe he hates the Klan but has some knowledge or suspicion that another Klan faction was actually guilty.

  6. Bobby Kearan

    Facts against O’Hara – his website is and he is currently running as a DEMOCRAT for Treasurer – against his own “reform party” candidate for Treasurer.

    Yes, it is a mess. Yes, we are not as strong as we have been in the past. But, take a look around Mississippi. Neither Democrats nor Republicans have the best interest of the People of the State in mind. They are too busy playing politics while our schools are ridiculed and the Mississippi Delta is compared to Rwanda. Name calling isn’t going to help anything.

    Its time for something different in our Leadership. Its time for REAL fiscal responsibility, real limited government, a real commitment to Education, Honest Leadership and Real Solutions.

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