Ballot Access News provides official vote count from NY-26 special election

From Ballot Access News:

New York State held a special U.S. House election on May 24, 2011, to fill the vacant 26th district seat. The official results by party: Democratic 42.77%; Republican 32.15%; Tea Party 9.03%; Conservative 8.18%; Working Families 4.67%; Independence 2.14%; Green 1.06%.

In November 2010, the results in this same seat had been: Republican 58.99%; Democratic 26.39%; Conservative 9.41%; Independence 5.21%.

In the May 2011 election, the Conservative and Independence Parties had cross-endorsed the Republican nominee; the Working Families Party had cross-endorsed the Democratic nominee; and the Tea Party and the Green Party had each run their own nominee. The Tea Party nominee was Jack Davis and the Green Party nominee was Ian L. Murphy. The winning Democrat was Kathy Hochul and the Republican nominee was Jane Corwin.

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