United States Pirate Party: The End of the USPP

Source: US Pirate Party (from e-mail sent to Ryan Brennan, editor & webmaster of www.ThirdPartyPolitics.us, August 3, 2011)

Good morning.

If you have been following the recent events concerning the United States Pirate Party you will know that we recently had an election and that for the past 8 months we have been wanting to dissolve the current form of the United State Pirate Party.

The time has come to do just that. We paid the $72 debt we owed to the State of Arizona last month and are now in good public standing. We can now dissolve the USPP and turn it into the clearinghouse site mentioned in the previous newsletter.

But, the way the USPP was founded says that one person cannot determine what course the USPP takes, even me, the Administrator. We created Title 8 in the constitution of the USPP to aid us in the ability to dissolve the party.

Title 8, reads as follows:

Upon the unanimous approval of the officers of the party, and a majority (50%+1) of membership, the party may be legally dissolved. Assets of the party (including domain names, and records) shall be distributed to recognized state parties that still legally exist, if any, at the direction of the State Advisory Board, after approval by the membership. Notifications will be made to all members concerning these actions.

This email is the notification. I have been speaking to Marcus Kesler, the head of the State Advisory Board, and head of the Oklahoma Pirate Party regarding what should be done with the assets of the USPP.

We have been discussing this with the other members of the State Advisory Board and have come up with this list, this list is currently not all-inclusive, nor complete. This is just an example of some of the assets the USPP has and what we’re thinking of doing with them:

1. The website will go to the Washington Pirate Party to maintain as the “USPP Association of State Parties” (name not final).
2. All of the party’s records will be deposited on a DVD-R and maintained by the last officers of the USPP (Hall, Rickman, Kesler). (includes financial and business records)
3. The Memwiki will also be handled by WAPP.
4. All of the information regarding the mailing list will be deleted. This includes all email addresses.
5. All social media accounts will be closed (Twitter, Digg, MailChimp, ping, hootsuite, shout’em, koornk, gizmo5, Yahoo, Viemo, Zazzle)
6. YouTube account will remain “active” for archival purposes, controlled by WAPP, same goes for the Facebook account.
7. The money ($10) in the Zazzle account will go to Brad Hall to aid in paying the fee required by the State of Arizona for dissolving a corporation (which is $25).

This is only a few of the items we have come up with. This list is also listed in the Discussion page of the entry for next week’s meeting. The link is: http://wiki.pirate.is/index.php?title=2011-08-09

At our meeting next Tuesday, we plan on starting the process to dissolve the USPP. We would like as many people as possible to come to the meeting.

Also, this piece is from the last newsletter, figured including it might help things:

The association website would do the following:

1. Lists our common platform points
2. Provide contact info for state parties
3. Provide a way for people interested in starting a state party to
get in touch with us so we can help them out and provides them with a quick how-to on doing that.
4. Provide a way for folks to give us their contact info or sign up
to a monthly “What’s Going on in the Fleet” mailing list. (Note, “Fleet,” “Armada,” and a few other words currently bouncing around as an idea of what to call the association of US Pirate Parties, either of these names may become the name we use, or they may not).

There might be a few other things but this is all being hammered out.

Are there any questions?

The following places are where you can reach the party, or myself:
http://wiki.pirate.is/index.php?title=Main_Page – for making meeting items and such in the IRC Meeting section. (Use this link for making meeting items for right now)

http://us.pirate.is/ – The new website of the USPP, there isn’t a lot on it, but there is a forum. (It was down earlier but I have assurances it should be working soon)

And of course, my email address, brad.hall@pirate-party.us

As always, you can contact me for any assistance.

Thank you,

Bradley Hall

Meeting Tuesday…

We are having a meeting Tuesday, at 10 PM EST.

Your participation in our meetings is crucial to the success of our party, we do not want to be a select few running the whole, we love democracy, and you cannot have a true democracy with 5 people making major decisions for the entire group.

Click to join IRC on Mibbit
Click Here for IRC

The link above will above will also take you to our day-to-day channel #USPirateParty which is where you can talk politics, or with the leadership team.

For those of you who have your own client you can use the following server information:
#Meeting & #USPirateParty

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