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Green Party Nominee in Massachusetts Special Legislative Race Has Biggest Campaign War Chest So Far

Ballot Access News:

On October 18, Massachusetts holds a special election to fill the empty State House seat, in the Berkshire 3rd district. So far, Green Party nominee Mark Miller has more funds in his campaign bank account than any of his three opponents. He is opposed by a Democrat, a Republican, and an independent. See this story. Miller ran for this seat as a Green last year, and polled 45% of the vote in a two-person race against a Democrat.

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  1. paulie paulie September 22, 2011

    I’m surprised we have not received more news about this race.

    Why aren’t Greens from all over the country trying to coordinate on this the way they were trying to do on Malik Rahim’s campaign?

  2. Ross Ross September 22, 2011

    Good question. I donated $5 and encourage everyone else to do so…but I wonder why GreenChange hasn’t done anything for them, like they did with 2010 candidates.

  3. Michael Cavlan RN Michael Cavlan RN September 22, 2011

    Well congrats. I am delighted to hear this.

    No- really- I mean it


  4. paulie paulie September 23, 2011

    Possibly a separate IPR story later:

    The Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party has announced another endorsement for Mark Miller, the Green candidate for MA State Representative in the 3rd Berkshire District:

    Breaking News! Mark just today received the endorsement of the Mass Alliance, the foremost coalition of progressive organizations in Massachusetts, including economic and social justice, labor, immigrant, environmental, womens, gblt and progressive Democratic organizations.

    This is their first ever endorsement for a Green-Rainbow candidate. If ever there was a sign that the political landscape is changing, this is it. With endorsements from the UAW, Mass Nurses Association, and the Mass Alliances, it’s clear that Mark Miller is breaking through the Beacon Hill sound barrier, and his message – our message – is getting heard.
    Now each one of us can make the difference in this game-changing race on Oct. 18 by electing Mark as State Representative.

    To help push Mark over the top, please join me in volunteering to spend at least one full day door knocking for Mark in Pittsfield.

    It’s easy and fun, and involves simply asking “Are you planning to vote for Mark Miller in the special election?”

    Peter Vickery, Mark’s campaign manager extraordinaire, will give you a 15 minute training, partners to canvass with, and a route to cover.

    At this time of extraordinary converging crises – threatening our jobs, homes, schools, state and national budgets, environment and democracy – there is an equally extraordinary potential for real change – to start taking our future back, and making it healthy, just, peaceful and green.

    Mark Miller represents the leading edge of that change.

    Do you feel as strongly as I do about the unjust, unsustainable, unconscionable course that we’re on?

    Then please join me in committing one day each week till the Oct. 18th election to bring Mark Miller to the Massachusetts State House.

    Let’s get back on track for people, peace and the planet.

    I’ll be starting this Saturday, Sept. 24th. I hope you can join me in supporting Mark as soon as you can.

    Whether you can commit one day or 10, please contact campaign manager Peter Vickery asap to sign up and get started: click to send an email to Peter, 413-549-9933 or 413-222-8760.

    I hope to see you soon on the Pittsfield streets!


    Jill Stein

    PS. If you haven’t contributed to Mark’s campaign yet, you can make a big difference by throwing whatever you can into the hat right here right now: Donate to Mark Miller’s campaign . Thank you!!

  5. AncientAryan Astronaut AncientAryan Astronaut September 24, 2011

    paula and ross,
    The greens are actually compromised of negroid supremacists includeing self hating whites and kikes. They belief in biodiversity for other species but not our own. If the Caucasian race dies it is just fine with them, in fact, they would like nothing better.
    Malik Rahim is a negro who hates Whitey so naturally they get all excited when he runs but do not share the same enthusiasm for one of their Aryan comrades.

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