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Former Green Party NYC Mayor candidate will celebrate Bank Transfer Day, November 5th

Bank Transfer Day has not been officially endorsed by the Green Party of The United States. Though, there are official Green Party positions on the value of credit unions. And, you can celebrate Bank Transfer Day with Reverend Billy Talen, the 2009 Green Party candidate for Mayor of New York City. Reverend Billy has been part of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, including getting arrested yesterday with author Chris Hedges and some Occupy Wall Street folks, while protesting Goldman Sachs. (Story at The Gothamist: here.)


Bank Transfer Day
Move your Money! Uptown at Union Theological then Rituals at Union Square
Saturday, November 5, 2011 – 11:00am – 2:00pm

Why you should move your money and other resources?

We start with a short service at 11 am at Union Theological (The James Chapel, between 120-122 and Broadway) and proceed to Union Square at 1 pm for hilarious and wonderful money moving magic – meet us at the Bank of America at Union Square at 1 pm. See you there, dress festively and bring feathers and flowers.

Are you planning to move your money Saturday? Or have you already moved your money and would you like to be blessed?
please contact  Savitri AT revbilly DOT com

Union Square
New York, NY  10012


From an announcement from several years ago, posted at website of the national Green Party:

Move The Money to Main Street

This campaign is a coordinated effort of people across the country who will be withdrawing their checking accounts, mortgages, credit cards, etc. from the 20 Big Banks that fund the rapacious destruction of the planet and moving them to either a locally based bank/credit union or one supporting their values. The determining factor where to place accounts will be excellence; banks and credit unions that have a history of supporting the community in a sustainable way… –

From a 2008 interview with Laura Wells, who has run for several high profile offices as the Green Party candidate:

“Yes, the Green Party platform explicitly supports credit unions, realizing that credit unions help keep money circulating within local communities, rather than heading straight to distant headquarters of giant for-profit financial institutions. By helping in areas including housing, local employment, small business development, credit unions are an important element of the Green Party value of ‘community-based economics.'” – Laura Wells

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