Official Switches to Reform Party

The Reform Party has been mostly dormant for several years now, but still exists in a number of states around the country, including Mississippi, Kansas, and New Jersey. Ballot Access News reports that a township committee-member in Belleville, New Jersey, has joined the Reform Party.

Kevin Kennedy, a township committeemember in Belleville, New Jersey, has recently registered as a member of the Reform Party. Kennedy was first elected to that position in 1998, and has been re-elected ever since. Before he registered into the Reform Party, he was a registered Democrat. Belleville has a population of 35,926.

This probably makes Kevin Kennedy the highest elected official in the Reform Party.

2 thoughts on “Official Switches to Reform Party

  1. Don Lake, leaving a paper trail

    My personal experience is that if you do not fit a ‘soothing’ / ‘heads down’ profile, then the student will experience various ‘everyday disturbances’ such as my U of Misery / Columbia dorm room window being blow in from a large fire cracker dangling from the (so called) students just above my domiciliary.

    My ROTC room mate was in class. I had just left for a quick shower after an after noon run. A quick shower, quick, with my room key ’bout my neck.

    Hundreds of dollars of study supplies and texts were missing. And the ‘public servants’ of UMC Housing never charged the third floor thugs.

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    Uniforms work ????????? My roomy and I were un – outspoken, low keyed, uniformed ROTC scholarship cadets.

    Uniforms work ????????????? Yet at Kent State 1970 [another ROTC student, merely trundling to class], Saigon, Kuwait, Baghdad, Kuboul ………..

    Rots of Ruck with that dysfunctional Deform Party thing. You will stick out ……….

  2. Nick

    Bob Acker on the board of Trustees for Mead, Co is also a member of the Reform Party. So they now have two elected offices.

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