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Arkansas Green Party Petition for Full Party Status Successful Fourth Time in a Row

H/T Ballot Access News and Green Party Watch:

Arkansas Greens have been certified for the ballot as a party, with 14,000 signatures submitted to cover a 10,000 signature requirement. Arkansas Greens were also on the ballot in 2006, 2008 and 2010. During those years Arkansas Greens elected a state legislator and received over 20% for US Senate and multiple US House races, among other achievements. However, they still had to petition again because they did not receive 3% for Governor or President. Their lawsuits to overturn that requirement have been unsuccessful.

This year, the Libertarians also achieved full party status in Arkansas for the first time ever. Prior to this year Arkansas was the only state where Libertarians had never been able to run for offices other than president. This also makes it the first time in the 41 years that Arkansas has had a petition requirement for parties that more than three parties have had full party status in Arkansas.

Arkansas also has a 1,000 signature requirement to get presidential tickets on the ballot with a party label. Americans Elect has already met this requirement this year, and Ballot Access News estimates that 4-5 more parties will qualify under this requirement.

Arkansas Times by way of Green Party Watch quotes Jim Lendall, a former Democratic state legislator who has run for Governor as a Green and remains active in the Green Party of Arkansas,

The Green Party of Arkansas just today qualified for the ballot after a difficult and expensive (time and money) petition effort [checks please?]. The filing period for candidates starts February 23 and goes to March 1.
Candidates chosen by the Green Party by convention have to file their papers of nomination by the time of the May 22 Preferential Primary (not the June 12 Primary). The big money parties have until 90 days before the GENERAL Election to file their papers of nomination. The law is unclear how the earlier deadlines affect new party Presidential candidates.

In past elections, Arkansas has had some of the least competitive elections in the country, with about 80% of legislative seats unchallenged in some years – last among states in percentage of districts where voters had more than one choice in such contests.
A big part of the reason Arkansas Greens had vote totals for US Senate and US House that were higher than in other states was because many of those races don’t have both a Democrat and a Republican in the same race either.

Disclaimer: I petitioned for Arkansas Green Party ballot access in 2006, 2008 and 2010, and Arkansas Libertarian ballot access in 2008 (presidential) and 2012 (full party).


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  1. paulie paulie January 20, 2012

    I’m impressed they got it done with as little as they were paying this time. And fully agreed with Richard of course.

  2. Andy Andy January 20, 2012

    This is quite an accomplishment. The Green Party of Arkansas has set a good example for which minor parties around the country should strive.

  3. Richard Winger Richard Winger January 20, 2012

    One can only hope that in 2013, the Secretary of State will ask the legislature to ease the vote test, so as to relieve the Secretary of State from having to check petitions every two years.

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