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Kootenai County Constitution Party Wins Negative Award for Protesting Hindu Art

Everyone likes to win awards, but this article is handing out the sort of award you do not want to be known for, calling the “Budnick Awards”. The Kootenai County Constitution Party won one for, apparently, protesting a piece of artwork and calling it a “Hindu Demon”.

Ganesha, an artwork depicting the Hindu god with an elephant head, is an “abomination” according to members of the Kootenai County Constitution Party who protest the public unveiling of the four-armed sculpture in downtown Coeur d’Alene.

Kootenai County is in Idaho and Ganesh, the Hindu diety the sculpture depicts, is known as the Lord of Success and Remover of Obstacles.


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Trent Hill


  1. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk January 7, 2012

    I spoke to Sue Venable a little bit ago about this.

    This article is NOT accurate.

    The CP County Chairman and his members were not protesting the Hindu display in general, but the fact that they didn’t allow a Ten Commandments monument to be displayed in the same park while the Ganesha statue was allowed to be displayed, so they were protesting that double standard as individuals and not officially for the Party.

  2. Wesley T. Feinstein Wesley T. Feinstein January 6, 2012

    What a bunch of santorum!

  3. Darryl W. Perry Darryl W. Perry January 6, 2012

    Seems like the Kootenai County CP would aggree with definition 2 of “art” from The Doublespeak Dictionary

    art n.
    1. An endangered species of expression which, if not funded and encouraged by the government, will slide quietly into extinction.
    2. A dangerous expression of individualism which, unless suppressed by the state, will burn a trail of greed, destruction and subversive behaviors through all of civilization.

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