RJ Harris: Manhattan Libertarian Party Convention and Debate this Saturday

Press release–January 18, 2012

For further information, please call (405) 310-8533

NORMAN, OKLAHOMA — The RJ Harris 2012 Presidential Campaign is pleased to announce that RJ will be attending the Manhattan NY Libertarian Party Convention and Debate this Saturday January 21, 2012 and sharing the stage with a host of excellent Libertarian Statesmen.

The rising presidential candidacy of one of Oklahoma’s native sons is gathering attention across his home state and word of it is spreading rapidly through Native American Nations across the Republic since RJ Satank (Sitting Bear) Harris of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma could be the first Native American ever elected President. People across America are also beginning to take notice and are responding to RJ Harris’ message of more freedom and less government intrusion.

Of course there is more reason to take notice of RJ’s campaign than just him being the only Native American in the race; he is also a three-time combat veteran, career Army National Guard Officer, 2010 Oklahoma Tea Party and Senator Rand Paul endorsed Congressional Candidate and prominent leader in the nation-wide grass-roots Liberty Candidate movement.

But where is the buzz coming from, and how is it growing so fast from a Libertarian Party candidate? RJ says, “…we are using innovative information technologies and social media outlets to reach far more people than is usually done by traditional campaigns. In the May 2011 Gallup Poll 52% of Republicans and 33% of Democrats said they are ready to throw out BOTH parties responsible for the $15t debt, three foreign wars, the Civil War on Drugs and more federal socialism than our grandchildren’s children can ever pay for. In response to this voice from the people I am offering my Presidential Campaign for consideration and it is being well received.”

Contributing to this momentum has been favorable news articles from across Oklahoma and from political blogs across the internet with RJ and his presidential campaign prominently featured in many Oklahoma news papers for its leadership in the drive to get the Libertarian Party on Oklahoma’s 2012 Presidential ballot. And if all this was not enough RJ is coming off winning debate and poll performances at the Illinois Libertarian Party state convention, the Houston Texas Libertarian Party convention as well as winning several national straw polls of Libertarian activists. Additionally, recent internals indicate that RJ has retained strong support among the Liberty Movement even as New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has now joined the Libertarian Party Presidential Nomination.

“Gary’s entry into this race will bring some serious star power to our nomination process and allow this excellent field of Libertarian Candidates and Statesmen to show our metal against the Republican and Democrat big-government progressives. I have no doubt that we will prove ourselves up to this task as each and every one of us will be needed to help the eventual Libertarian ticket implement the promised restoration of our Constitution and this Republic. I look forwards to sharing the stage with Gary and the other Libertarian Candidates in Manhattan.” RJ Harris

To learn more about RJ Harris, his candidacy, his upcoming campaign events and his stand on the issues, please visit his website , and be sure to check out his Facebook page as well.

15 thoughts on “RJ Harris: Manhattan Libertarian Party Convention and Debate this Saturday

  1. D. Lou Shenoll

    @7 WHY? From what I can gather, his is not a good L message, hence 0 support among Ls!

    I’m glad to see the figures at Liberty Lion, I am also very interested if anyone received media today and is any scheduled for tomorrow and Monday? I know this was important for the 50 + people in attendance, however I’m more interested in the 50 million who could be reached with a few national network appearances for GJ over the next 48 hours. I sure hope someone attempted to help him get some coverage.

    RJ Harris getting over 20% of the vote was impressive to me. GJ’s 67%+ is pretty well the way it will continue unless someone else gets in soon. Some of the early guys may need to begin to think a possible VP nom is more possible! A 67% first ballot for anyone means ONLY a first ballot, just thinking you know……….

    I still say he needs to DROP the Fraud TAX and military tribunals! I’m curious if Harris or Person even tried to mix it up a bit on the TAX issue. I sure would have if I was in the forum. Underdogs must attack any weakness.

  2. Sic Rantorum

    Gary Johnson was on MSNBC panel this AM ,,,not an interview really, he was more like one of the commenters.

  3. Austin Battenberg

    I hope someone recorded it. I would love to watch a debate between libertarians, especially since I know that the aforementioned candidates all have a weakness here or there.

  4. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I asked Mr. Harris to send me a video, if anyone made one. I’ll post it as soon as he does.

  5. D. Lou Shenoll

    LOL-Knappster, not really my business but were you smokin good stuff all night or was it the little pills ? “Eke out” 67% – LOL

    In football (or basketball) 67-20 is called a BLOWOUT ! Nice to attempt to put makeup on the pig, but it’s still a PIG !!!

    As for his main competition, I guess you refer to Mr. Wrights, a good L but are you serious? Same old, same old a former elected R shows up and the majority in the LP fall over each other to get in line ! Sometimes if you don’t get on the wagon, the wagon gets on you !! Mr. Wrights can put up a fight, I just can’t see 50% + one more delegate, at this time !!!

    There is a political party that believes the family budget is more important than the Federal budget. A political party that is working to restore the hopes and dreams of every hard-working American family.
    It is the Libertarian Party. http://www.lp.org/

  6. Thomas L. Knapp


    It was bourbon.

    But it’s still true.

    At this point in the 2008 cycle, real internal polling done by LibertarianLists showed Ron Paul above 70% versus a fairly large field of candidates, most of whom were at least as good as Wrights, without even actually being in the race.

    If Johnson can’t do better than 2/3 versus some guys who will never, under any circumstances, be the nominee, then adding Wrights to the mix would knock him down to under 50%.

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