Green Minneapolis City Councilor Cam Gordon to face off against fellow incumbent in next election due to redistricting

From the Minnesota Daily:

A redistricting map recently submitted to the Minneapolis Charter Commission is drawing concern from members of the Minnesota Green Party.

The Citizens Committee for Fair Redistricting, a group which represents immigrants from Somalia and East Africa, drew the map which would move Minneapolis city Councilman Cam Gordon — the only Green Party member on the Democratic-Farmer-Labor-dominated 13-member City Council — into ward 9 forcing him to face-off against fellow Councilman Gary Schiff in the 2013 elections…

Dave Bicking, a spokesman for the Green Party said he doesn’t question the committee’s motive for drawing the map but is concerned that the DFL is supporting the map in an attempt to remove Gordon, who represents the University of Minnesota area, from the Council…

Besides the Charter Commission, the map was also sent to several DFL members including DFL chairman Ken Martin. Sen. Kari Dziedzic and Rep. Phyllis Kahn, both Minneapolis DFLers, sent a letter to Clegg supporting the plan last week.

“We have reasons not to trust the goodwill of the DFL,” said Bicking, who ran for city council against Schiff in 2009. “It’s the DFL that is primarily trying to keep the Green Party off the ballot.”

Bicking pointed to the 2005 City Council elections when two Green Party councilmembers, Natalie Johnson Lee and Dean Zimmerman, were redistricted to other wards and lost to incumbent DFL candidates.

5 thoughts on “Green Minneapolis City Councilor Cam Gordon to face off against fellow incumbent in next election due to redistricting

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  2. Root Sucks

    I am skeptical about the “foul play” accusations in this case. Cam Gordon has been virtually indistinguishable from his DFL colleagues. He also supported DFL Mayor RT Rybak in 2009. I’m not sure there is sufficient motivation to try and redistrict Gordon out of office.

  3. Michael Cavlan RN

    I live in Minneapolis. So trust me when I tell you. It is all corrupt.

    Yes, Cam Gordon made secret deals with Mayor RT Rybak.

    It is also true that Cam Gordon, Green Party is facing an incumbent because of this gerrymandering. It is not redistricting. It is gerrymandering.

    The last time we had this gerrymandering, dressed up as redistricting, the only members of the Minneapolis City Council was Dean Zimmermann and Natalie Johnson-Lee. Both members of the Green Party.

    As for Cam Gordon, or Scam Gordon as I and others now call him. Well it’s kinda Karma, man. He played with the Democratic Party and got burned.

  4. Root Sucks

    I’m a fellow Minneapolitan, Cavlan. Where’s the motivation? Gordon is as good a Democrat as they come. Why would they need to get rid of him?

  5. Michael Cavlan RN


    Because he is NOT a Democrat. I agree with you and left the GP over their willingness to play footsie with the Dems. Having said, I suppose the political establishment in Minneapolis want complete political domination.

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