Angus King Declares as Independent for U.S. Senate in Maine, Democrats May Not Run Anyone

Angus King is a former two-term Independent Governor of Maine from 1995 until 2003. He has, since then, served as a distinguished lecturer at Bowdoin College and Bates College. He is also been working at a law firm in Portland, Maine. King also endorsed Eliot Cutler in Maine’s 2010 Gubernatorial election campaign–Cutler was running as an independent and narrowly lost to Republican Paul LePage.

Now Angus King has declared his candidacy for the open U.S. Senate seat in Maine caused by Senator Olympia Snowe’s retirement. He has been endorsed by Eliot Cutler and, according to reports, may not face a Democratic challenger for the seat. Polling has shown that the Democratic candidate would likely place third in such a race and lead to a decisive victory for the Republican nominee.

Angus King is already considered a major player in the race and the front-runner for the seat–so much so that people are already speculating on which party he would caucus with in the U.S. Senate.

5 thoughts on “Angus King Declares as Independent for U.S. Senate in Maine, Democrats May Not Run Anyone

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    This race fascinates me.

    Independent or Third Party Governors since 1990:
    Jesse Ventura (Independence; Minnesota)
    Angus King (Independent; Maine)
    Wally Hickel (Alaskan Independence Party; Alaska)
    Lowell Weicker (A Connecticut Party; Connecticut)
    Lincoln Chafee (Independent; Rhode Island)
    Charlie Christ (Independent; Florida)

    Jim Jeffords (Independent; Vermont)
    Bernie Sanders (Independent; Vermont)
    Joe Lieberman (Connecticut for Lieberman; Connecticut)

    Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island–those New England states make up a good deal of the Independent elected officials.

  2. Precede with Caution, via Lake

    Update for Independents
    Monday, March 19, 2012:
    “Sarah Lyons”
    Independent Voter/ Dear Independent President Jackie Salit has penned an oped for the Huffington Post bringing readers into a controversy surrounding the publication of a new book on independent voters.

    Linda Killian’s The Swing Vote: The Untapped Power of Independents, was published in January by St. Martins Press to little fan fare, until last week when Democratic Party think-tanker Ruy Teixeira wrote a blistering review in The New Republic.

    The review unleashed a small liberal pile-on echoing objections and attacking Killian for propagating the “greatest myth in American politics: that independents are actually independent.”

  3. Nick

    I believe the more independence we have the better. I hope he wins. It would be good for the country.

  4. WiseFather

    Being an independent vote that could swing the Senate majority puts Angus King in a powerful position. In a recent post, I argue how he can and should leverage this for the good of the republic. How a King Can Save American Democracy: Whether he has the guts to do so remains a question.

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