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Constitution Party Presidential Debate Involves Six Candidates

Saturday, March 31, there will be a presidential debate amongst six candidates seeking the nomination of the Constitution Party. The debate will be held in Lansing, Michigan at 10 a.m., at a restaurant at 3420 South Crayts Road. This event is free to the public, but seating will be limited.

The six candidates that will be attending and participating in the debate are: Susan Ducey of Kansas, former Congressman Virgil Goode of Virginia, Michael Kennedy of Maryland, J. L. Mealer of Arizona, Dr. Laurie Roth of Washington state, and former head football coach at Savannah State Robby Wells of South Carolina.

One can register for the event here.


  1. Nick Nick April 9, 2012

    A lot of those guys aren’t Constitution Party members, their opportunists that want access to a good ballot line. The CP needs to watch out.

  2. Darren Darren April 9, 2012

    Here’s something regarding Goode and Mealer.

    A lot of it rings true if you look at Goode’s voting records, but with Mealer losing his car building co to GM’s corruption and bk, can this guy take the fight to Congress?

    Lawyers and the Dept of inJustice are one thing, but Congress and the special interest, especially the defense contractors is a major battle. Hell, Ill buy his book for $2.

    Anyone have the 2nd or 3rd America Shrugged?

  3. RedPhillips RedPhillips March 28, 2012

    Fan, what I want to know is this: is Goode being coy about foreign policy because he is personally uncomfortable with non-interventionism or is he trying not to allienate potential run-of-the-mill conservatives voters who refuse to vote for Romney? (Or cynically, is he trying to maintain his viability if he runs again as a Republican in the future? Given the history of these sorts of things [Barr], I don’t think that is an unfair concern.)

  4. FAN of Dr. STAN FAN of Dr. STAN March 28, 2012

    Yes a large field for the CP, however most were independents who are searching for some ballot access. Someone does need to put the “screws” so to speak to all of them.

    I listened to the first two Stuttlebeam debates and Goode seems to be tip-toeing on foreign affairs. The Wells guy is good, but how can a delegate turn down a former US Rep. if they aren’t synificately flawed?

    If Goode can get into the multi-party debates to get some national attention he should shatter Baldwin’s numbers from 08. The controlled media’s blackout of the CP and other TPs must be broken and/or bypassed! The chance of televised debates are possible with several new markets open to alternative voices. RT, CURRENT, FSTV, LINK, ION, CCNEW and more should offer some interesting options to the third parties.

    A CP, LP, GP, AE, Obama and Romney series of debates would certainly be interesting to millions of concerned Americans. It would be the breakthough the CP has needed for twenty years.

  5. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | March 27, 2012

    I think youtubing it, or even live-streaming it would be a good idea.

    I’ll say this–I think this is the most expansive CP nomination fight there has been. Not that it will end up being much of a competition–I think Goode will sweep–but there are a number of businessmen, a talk radio host, a former college football coach.

    There’s actually another guy running too–some type of Navy veteran or something?

  6. Jeremy C. Young Jeremy C. Young March 27, 2012

    Are they going to be videotaping this? They’d better. Otherwise, what’s the point of having it at all, in a midsize town in Michigan with “limited seating”?

  7. NewFederalist NewFederalist March 27, 2012

    Red- I saw this yesterday on BAN. Perhaps Richard has more information.

  8. RedPhillips RedPhillips March 27, 2012

    Who is hosting the debate? Who is asking the questions? Is there a way we can suggest questions?

    Goode really needs to be pinned down on his Iraq War and Patriot Act votes among other things. The others all need to be asked about foreign policy in general. My superficial investigations so far suggests that all the non-Goode candidates are “three-legs-of-the-stool” types, except maybe Wells.

    Maybe the four vs. six mistake was that 4 will be present and 2 will be participating by audio? Just a guess.

  9. Webb T. Ferrari Webb T. Ferrari March 27, 2012

    “… there will be a presidential debate amongst four candidates seeking the nomination of the Constitution Party…”

    “The six candidates that will be attending and participating in the debate are: …”

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