Presidential Candidates’ Speeches from the California Libertarian Convention

Following are videos of the speeches given by 6 of the candidates for the 2012 presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party. The candidates spoke in alphabetical order, and the location was the Crowne Plaza Ventura Beach Hotel, on March 4, 2012.  They were filmed by Joe Dehn.  You can find them on Mr. Dehn’s You Tube channel here.

The nomination will occur at the Libertarian National Convention May 2 through 6, 2012, at Las Vegas NV.

Gary Johnson  Click here

Scott Keller  Click here

James Ogle  Click here

Bill Still   Click here

Joy Waymire Click here

Lee Wrights Click here

 Joe Dehn has been involved with the LP since 1983, has served in various party offices at the local, state, and national levels, and currently resides in Santa Clara County, California.

66 thoughts on “Presidential Candidates’ Speeches from the California Libertarian Convention

  1. Let the T-Rex of Talk Radio Entertain U2day

    It is nice to see and hear these six candidates. I do appreciate the ones who run who are in fact libertarian. With the current platform we will continue to attract some who aren’t libertarian, but it will always be worked out at the convention. So these vids help in the process.

    I now know of 4 LP Presidential straw polls from major large states (NY, FL, GA, & now CA). Mr. Johnson has won ALL with from 67 to 73% of the votes. This frankly looks like a done deal to me. We can disagree with the man on some points, but for once let’s not bloody the Party over his nom. Gary Johnson is NOT Bob Barr. If things hold as they are GJ will be nominated on the first ballot.

    With the deal almost certainly done there is not much need to fight over this one. What about all of us rowing together in 2012? What could be accomplished in an all out effort? Sure I don’t like his tax policy, but hey how much contributions can he get from those advocates for the campaign ? How much can the LP get from them for ballot access, etc.? Let’s look for the positives. Let’s take advantage of having a highly successful two term Gov. head our ticket and make the best of it ! Why fight it?

    I mean vote at the convention for your candidate if it’s not Gary Johnson, but when they lose, let’s not gut the Party over it. Go back home and let’s help set the alltime LP vote total record in each of our states !

    Got Jobs? Johnson, Romney, Obama –

  2. Sane LP Member

    Interesting # 1.
    What other “big states” are having conventions before the national convention?
    Indiana is in March
    Ohio is in late March and they have a POTUS debate.
    any others?

  3. George Phillies

    “Gary Johnson is NOT Bob Barr. ”

    You’re right. Barr at least had the courtesy to join the party well in advance before he gave us his scampaign. Johnson so far is using his campaign to pay off his Republican campaign debts.

    Johnson supports military tribunals. He supports a national sales tax.

  4. Ad Hoc


    Did someone gut the party over the Barr nomination? If so, who, when and where?

  5. jim

    Speaking of the candidates—we haven’t heard much about their families—like Wayne Root has done—and Gary Johnson has done on his web site. How about the others—Wrights and the rest.

  6. Tweak to win!

    Mr. Still is a talented speaker. What failed to move me and what I think failed to move most of the audience was that the bulk of the speech was nonconstructive criticism of Johnson. While criticisms such as he had are fair game, and the criticisms certainly were valid concerns for Libertarians, the delivery was blatantly aimed at sabotage – not correction, not growth, and not understanding.

    What I think would have moved people more, and they could be moved, would have been had those statements been used to compare and contrast to promote Mr. Still. I was disheartened when some really important statements Mr. Still made failed to get applause. People were in shock at what felt like an undisciplined and acerbic approach.

    Punctuating this perception, was that Mr. Still did not wait around to have delegates vote for him in the straw poll. My understanding was that he had to go, but I am not sure that most people had that knowledge. Personally, I think that the issues and concerns that Mr. Still expressed are a critical part of our dialog. This particular delivery did not start discussion, it may have actually quashed it. Fear is the mind killer.

    Our candidates need to understand where the lines are, what the issue are, and what the platform is. It is up to us all to educate. Education does not come from unreasonable attacks. If you wack on someone for being out of line, if you provide no positive place for them to go, you will almost certainly be unhappy with the result.

    The best bet for having influence with a person is to first make friends so that they have an investment in you and a reason to listen to you with earnestness. Mr. Still had this sort of momentum in the first 3rd of his speech, then the audience grew confused when he stopped talking about issues and started talking about Johnson.

    Mr. Still had a great opportunity to instruct Gov. Johnson in that speech. He could have highlighted his own value and libertarian mind, promoted himself, and helped create a better Libertarian in Johnson all in one blow were the speech tweaked just enough to change the tone. I would recommend that those criticisms be turned into lessons on principle. If that part of the speech were worded in a way that makes the fellow libertarians in the audience applaud and reinforce them, it would have been very powerful indeed.

    On the other side I think it is important for all of us to keep in mind that criticism without directed purpose does not educate, it does not grow coalition, it does not correct action and it runs the risk of turning off the hearts and minds of those we need to win over. If we do not, with purpose and determination, effectively educate internally, how can we expect to effectively do it externally?

  7. Ken Gillespie, LPC Ex. Comm. member

    I wholly agree with the above post. Mr. Still was abrasive and unconstructive through most of his speech. I have some policy disagreements with Mr. Johnson as well, but I believe that having such a high-profile candidate for the LP can only help us. In addition, I think that Gary Johnson is the only LP candidate who has a shot at getting Ron Paul’s endorsement, and that should help the LP’s vote total a lot.

  8. George Phillies

    We already know whether “Ron Paul’s endorsement” will help a third party or not, because in 2008 he endorsed.

    It did not do a thing for the party he endorsed.

  9. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I believe Mr. Still was second in the straw poll in Florida, after the debate there. Perhaps over the weekend I’ll have time to listen to it. I’m sure he had more things to say during a 2-hr debate than he did at our convention.

  10. No Tweak Just Win!

    Lee Wrights rocked the convention with his speech. It was cogently delivered, it was brilliantly impassioned, and thoroughly principled. His strong Anti-War message is very important right now. It is popular with new younger voters and he is right on in how he sells it.

  11. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    NTJW @ 11: I agree that Lee made an excellent speech! When I posted this article last night, he had more views than Gary Johnson did.

  12. Ken Gillespie

    I just realized that posting with my Ex. Comm. title next to my name was inappropriate. Upon further reflection, I believe I have a responsibility to the Party members I represent. Adding my title next to my name could easily have been interpreted as an endorsement by the Ex. Comm., an endorsement which I have no authority to make. In fact, the position of officer within the LP has zero authority, only responsibility. It is important to me that every LP member understands that I am here to represent them. It’s important to avoid even the appearance of the misuse of authority. My above statement was personal opinion, not to be confused with my position as member of the LPC Ex. Comm.

  13. John Jay Myers

    I have never really seen Bill Still, I thought his speech was okay, but attacking Johnson so ferociously was a mistake.

    Gary Johnson is unfortunately just misinformed on some issues (mainly foreign policy) but I don’t believe he is an intentionally bad person. In other words he means well, and to attack him like that was a mistake.

  14. John Jay Myers

    Okay, I am still going through the videos one by one, James Ogle and Joy Waymire I am sure are nice people, but both speeches were odd, and seemed like they were unaware they were actually going to have to give a speech.

    But again, I hung out with Joy at the last convention she is a great lady. I am just not feeling either of these speeches….. at all.

  15. John Jay Myers

    Scott Keller started strong, and at about the 1 minute mark started meandering, then got back on track for a bit, then it sounded a lot like he was supporting Bill Still.
    I would have to admit, trying to convince libertarians to vote for you is a completely different challenge than spreading the libertarian message to those who are unaware of it, it can be awkward.
    I think the best judge of a candidate would be to tell them that you are here to present the libertarian message to the general public ::: GO.

  16. John Jay Myers

    I have not watched Gary’s speech yet, but Lee Wrights was right on, it was good. I don’t know how he will convey to the American people, but this strong anti-war policy is where it is at for a third party, that needs to be our base.

    To be honest though between 5 minutes and 6:30 I think he went off track, also by saying the part about we will be airing ads on CNN next week, is probably true, but unfortunately it comes across as dishonest, because the average person will assume that he is doing national ads on CNN which seems to be the impression he is going for, but obviously he is talking about doing targeted local cable ads, which may appear on some CNN Channels. I don’t know why, but that kind of thing bugs me.

    That being said, it was a great speech.

  17. john c jackson

    I’m not that interested in Ron Paul’s endorsement, either. But I don’t think 2008 and 2012 are comparable. His support is a little more significant now.

  18. Bill Hall

    #2 “What other “big states” are having conventions before the national convention?”

    Michigan’s annual LibertyFest is this coming Saturday, with 74 attendees signed up as of yesterday. Johnson, Person and Still have indicated they will attend and speak, followed by the Michigan Straw Poll.

  19. Starchild

    While Gary Johnson is no Bob Barr (or to give credit the right way around, Bob Barr is no Gary Johnson), it’s important to remain vigilant to ensure we do not repeat a 2008-type disaster. If Johnson faced a serious challenge from another dubious candidate like Barr or Wayne Allyn Root, that would be a strong argument for supporting him.

    Given that the former New Mexico governor appears to be the overwhelming current favorite however — I wish that were for some reason better than his having been a governor — and will likely get the LP nomination barring the unexpected entry of someone like Ron Paul or Jesse Ventura into the race, we can more safely give our backing to whomever seems like the most principled, radical libertarian capable of representing us ably and honorably.

    My best current judgment is that would be Lee Wrights; others may have other opinions.

    With luck, this strategy will give us someone in the VP slot who matches that description, and Johnson will get the message that members of
    our party expect him to advocate a strong pro-freedom message and not give the impression that any coercive tax, any war of aggression, or any foreign aid is acceptable for a presidential candidate running on the LP ticket to support.

  20. Robert Capozzi

    20 sc: …we can more safely give our backing…

    me: Safely? Yes, I can see that on some levels. An unknown (to the wider world) party figure can continue the Bergland, Marrou, Badnarik tradition. Nothing “wrong” with that tradition, per se. It is, however, a tradition of maintaining a low profile.

    Playing it safe doesn’t seem to line up with being “radical,” however.

  21. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Starchild @ 21: Although I’d prefer to see Mr. Wrights as the presidential nominee, if GJ is the choice then I agree that Lee would make a good vp. It would balance the ticket well.

  22. Starchild

    Robert @21 – Going with a strongly libertarian choice isn’t inherently risky, it depends on the context.

    As Bob Barr just proved last year, being “well known” is no guarantee of success either.

  23. Robert Capozzi

    23 sc, I don’t know what “strongly libertarian” means, but I’m taking it to mean someone like Wrights vs. someone like Johnson. If so, I completely agree. Wrights is an almost no risk candidate.

    If one views taking risks as a bad thing, an unknown idealogue has very few risks. They are far more likely to toe very close to 100% to the words of the platform and the explicit and hidden meanings contained in the SoP.

    Johnson shows no indication of being a NAP absolutist, so as a candidate, he’s far more likely to stray publicly from the hidden, crypto anarchism in the SoP. Barr wasn’t a NAP absolutist, either.

    Politics, like life, is about taking risks. Staying in the NAP absolutist cocoon may be too risky for some, but then I’d ask, why do politics?

  24. Darryl W. Perry

    I’m watching these videos now… for what it’s worth; only Mesheh Thezion & Jim Burns have responded to the candidate questionnaire I sent to all declared LP candidates (as of Feb. 29).

  25. Darryl W. Perry

    @17 “I think he went off track, also by saying the part about we will be airing ads on CNN next week, is probably true, but unfortunately it comes across as dishonest, because the average person will assume that he is doing national ads on CNN which seems to be the impression he is going for, but obviously he is talking about doing targeted local cable ads, which may appear on some CNN Channels.”

    He may have found cheap national advertising during the middle of the night, which is not unheard of… see:

  26. john c jackson

    Honestly, I don’t even know that much about R. Lee Wrights, who seems to be the top choice of the Other Than Johnson bloc. I guess I’ve read some articles of his and I know he’s been a party “activist” ( whatever that means exactly) for a long time.

    This kinda ties in with the comment # 5 about families , I guess.

    FWIW, I’ve never been a party insider or official on any level, but I’ve been registered and dues paying on and off since 2000. I’ve been an active commenter/reader of this site since it’s inception, and TPW, HOT before that. So I’ve been pretty active on LP/3rd party blogs since sometime in the 2004 cycle.

    Yet, even I know very little of the low-profile activists running for President, even Wrights. I know a lot about Phillies, Knapp, Starchild, Paulie, GE/UA, Others not using real names online, past candidates/activists like Kubby, in comparison. I guess the support for any of these other guys probably comes from personal relationships, which most non-insiders will not have. So, it’s a lot easier for me to evaluate someone like Johnson, even if he’s an interloper..or even a RJ Harris.

  27. JT

    Thanks to Joe Dehn for shooting this and putting it online.

    My brief comment on each candidate (in order listed above):

    Gary Johnson: Substance is mostly good, style is too dry.

    Scott Keller: How about dressing up a little bit?

    James Ogle: A genial guy, but wtf?

    Bill Still: One-dimensional and cold.

    Joy Waymire: Not sure what to say, but no.

    Lee Wrights: Improved speaker and strong message.

    Conclusions: (1) I know some candidates weren’t present, but this strengthened my belief that it will come down to Johnson vs. Wrights, and (2) I think a few of these candidates won’t get enough tokens to be in the convention debate.

  28. Let the T-Rex of Talk Radio Entertain U2day

    @2 You can find such info at LP.ORG and/or the state org sites. Frankly, as stated, if form holds Gary Johnson will win those straw polls as well. If by more than 50% it just helps to predict a first ballot win.

    @3 As many know there was a movement led by LP members for months to have GJ seek the LP nom. see:!/groups/RecruitGaryJohnsonLP2012/301747969892181/?notif_t=group_activity

    @4 The Barr nomination wasn’t accepted cheerfully by everyone. One candidate even “melted down” on C-SPAN over the matter ! Some members quit the Party and one even turned Barr into the FEC after the fact. I couldn’t support CIA Bob myself.

    A Gary Johnson nomination won’t be liked by all, however a FIRST round victory in Vegas is a SOLID victory and needs to be accepted by all and get on with the business of building the LP locally.

    Gary Johnson may not project a “purist” LP message. That’s where you can voice the L message yourself, your way in a campaign or otherwise in your local area and state to get your LP message out. I don’t think we will hear GJ on the Hannity show sounding like Bob Barr sounded in ’08.

    Gary Johnson 2012: – End the Drug War NOW ! –

    Gary Johnson 2012: Immigration –

    Gary Johnson 2012: The People’s President –

    LP Buttons Now Only 95 Cents; Mouse Pads Also Availiable –

  29. John Jay Myers

    Okay, so I just listened to Gary Johnson’s speech. Hands down it was the best speech he could have possibly delivered. It was point by point everything I would like to hear in a candidate.

    It was delivered well, and if all I knew of any of these candidates was this speech, he would be the only choice, with Lee Wrights coming in second, and NOTA 3rd, 4th, 5th etc.

    However, Gary still has a long list of previous misstatements that contradict some of the things he listed in this speech, which must be considered.

    But given that I am not concerned about the candidate winning as much as preaching a libertarian message, I think I could live with GJ, and chances are that’s how this is going to go down.

    Gary would have to really mess up to not win this, I am just being honest, because I consider Lee Wrights to be a great friend, and a very principled libertarian who I have never really disagreed with.

  30. Robert Capozzi

    While I believe GJ as LP nominee is close to optimal, this speech was a B-. What I’d want to hear him address is Why I want to be the LP nominee and Why I want to be prez. Instead, this speech is a list of his qualifications and positions. These are fine things to know, but IF he wants to sell, tell a story.

    Something like: I am seeking the LP nomination because I believe this country needs to make a SERIOUS change in direction. Doesn’t everyone know — deep down — that the country is one the wrong track, and that the Rs and Ds have gotten us here? Doesn’t everyone know — deep down — that the Rs and Ds are just bag men for their special interests? And doesn’t everyone know — deep down — that the way out of this mess is peace and liberty?

    For those who don’t know my history, I built a handyman business into ____ in the 70s and 80s. etc. etc.

  31. John Jay Myers

    Robert, did you listen to the speech? He basically laundry listed all of his libertarian positions, and things he would fight for.

    What you are saying sounds like rhetoric, it sounds like Barack Obama, it sounds meaningless, I was impressed with the fact that Gary Johnson was very specific on what he would do and what he believes, and short on meaningless rhetoric.

    I might agree that this speech was a B- because he could use some work. But he is on the right track with what the American people need to hear to set him apart from the other candidates (in the general election).

  32. John Jay Myers

    One more thing, since Johnson has recently switched his position on some major issues, I would think he probably doesn’t have a “fire in his belly” in regards to those issues.
    He needs to.

    For example, to say we shouldn’t be involved in Syria is a nice start, but to be able to really emphasize why we shouldn’t get involved, to list other areas where our interventions have back fired, to explain how our interventions cause terrorism, to explain how (seriously) our own CIA probably started the coup in Syria when Assad enjoys a higher approval rating in his country then our own President, or that Israel killed half as many civilians during operation Cast Lead as Syria but no one says a word. That our news fails to mention that the people Syria is fighting are people who are armed and hiding in local communities and using weapons, it is not as our media explained “A leader attacking his own people”

    I would just like to see a candidate who truly understands just how bad our foreign policy is, how secret it is, how bad our media is and what this all creates.

  33. Robert Capozzi

    Jjm, yes, I did. Laundry lists are boring. Narratives sell. Max Headroom can recite bullet points.

  34. John Jay Myers

    Getting up and giving a bloated speech about “American going the wrong direction” for the love of god… who doesn’t do that? I could write the same speech for 4 candidates lib, rep, dem, green, and use the art of politi-speak to make it sound great. I want to know where the guy stands on a wide range of issues, and that is going to give you an idea on how he will govern.

    Not be wishy-washy, and not just talk, “I am against “X”, and I am for “Y””, like he did. Granted he could do 4 minutes of that, and 4 minutes of a more traditional summation explaining how our corrupt government got us in the position we are in.

    He can call me and I will write that part for him.

  35. Melty

    @10 Jill. I first noticed RJ Harris on Americans Elect as a declared candidate a week ago. He’s gained in the ranks since then, probably cuz he’s “declared”, not “draft”. I’m glad he’s done this and tossed aside party loyalty. I mean it aint like he’s selling his soul to a ruling party.

  36. matt cholko

    JJM said “But given that I am not concerned about the candidate winning as much as preaching a libertarian message, I think I could live with GJ, and chances are that’s how this is going to go down.”

    Me – I agree 100%. Johnson is far from perfect, and I’m not likely to vote for him at the convention. I prefer someone a bit more “radical” (for lack of a better word). However, I am not terribly turned-off by him, and I believe that he will do a decent job as our presidential candidate. Unless something changes, I will be able to get behind GJ and not feel guilty about it.

  37. Robert Capozzi

    Jjm, different strokes for different folks. Speeches are theater…for me and I suspect most. Itemizing issues can more efficiently be done on websites.

    I thought you are a RP fan. He frames his issues with rhetoric, too.

  38. Brian Holtz

    @37 So now Johnson needs to include in his non-interventionist pitch an explanation of how Assad isn’t as bad as people think?

    Doesn’t that implicitly concede that if Assad were as bad as people think, then intervention might be justified?

    Wouldn’t you rather that Johnson made a radical pitch for non-intervention, by assuming the worst about Assad and still asserting that intervention is still not justified?

  39. John Jay Myers

    @47, my point is that until the American people understand just how sour the apple is, it’s hard to know just how much needs to be cut. When the American people start to understand how much we are manipulating around the world, and apparently our people are the only people in the world that don’t “see it”. And most people around the world notice that our foreign policy is directly related to corporatism and cronyism. And not much to do with our freedom, or the freedom of other countries.

    He might point out that Syria was a Democratic Republic in 1949, and thanks to our “help” we changed that. We have a history of unspreading democracy around the world. I think by stating that to the American people, they will respect it, most people understand it, and fortunately (or unfortunately) the facts are on our side.

    However, I do understand your point, but I think if you approach it with truthful statements that explain that our interventions cause the greater problems we face (terrorism) and that most of them (if not all) are not in our interest you will come off as more truthful person who is more informed. If you can’t give examples of why our interventions are wrong, you just sound like a mother saying “because I said so”. There is a reason we believe in a non-interventionist foreign policy, and it’s not just “because”.

    It was Ron Paul’s statements like this that caused me to get involved in the greater libertarian movement, because somehow hearing someone tell the truth…………inspires people.

  40. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    Perhaps I can’t pull up Darryl’s link because I’m on my work computer.

  41. Paulie

    RJ Harris running for Americans Elect nomination? Or, is RJ or his webmaster just confused as to what AE is and what it does?

    RJ Harris has been drafted on Americans Elect. Americans Elect is an excellent avenue to promote third party candidates and to help boost name recognition. If you haven’t heard of it before, please check it out. We need all the support for RJ that we can get. To show your support, simply sign up for an account and then visit this link to support RJ Harris as your candidate.

    Americans Elect is a major operation. It receives more website hits than all of the third party websites combined and it’s featured prominently on the MSM. They are not a party, just a tool for candidates to utilize to gather support and make real change.

  42. Paulie


    Dunno. May have been a temporary glitch, too.

    If you have different browsers on your computer you can try opening it up in different ones.

  43. Jill Pyeatt Post author

    I posted that to my FB page a couple days ago, and RJ said he’s still running for the LP and is just trying to spread the word, or something like that. It might behoove him to say that a little more louldy, because I think many people are confused as to whether he’s in the race or not.

  44. Thomas L. Knapp


    “a radical pitch for non-intervention, by assuming the worst about Assad and still asserting that intervention is still not justified?”

    Fuckin’ A Skippy (reprinted at and in the Baltic Review, the St. Joseph, Missouri Telegraph, and the Carroll County Maryland Standard so far).

  45. Robert Capozzi

    39 jjm: Getting up and giving a bloated speech about “American going the wrong direction” for the love of god… who doesn’t do that? I could write the same speech for 4 candidates lib, rep, dem, green, and use the art of politi-speak to make it sound great. I want to know where the guy stands on a wide range of issues, and that is going to give you an idea on how he will govern.

    me: From a technical speechmaking perspective, Still and Wrights gave better, more engaged messages. Wrights has a theme…Stop All Wars. Still told stories and engaged the audience. GJ didn’t get “good” until he started talking about how he’s vetoed more bills than all the other guvs combined.

    You may think that GJ will be governing. I don’t. This exercise is a rhetorical/theatrical one. He needs to make a compelling case for why people should vote for him and why liberty is the preferred option. They need to see how the Rs and Ds have failed them, and why they should waste their vote on a doomed candidate (without saying that).

  46. paulie

    Harris is definitely still running for LP. Whether he is also running for AE is a matter of interpretation.

  47. John Jay Myers

    @59, I think I addressed some of the same concerns you have about GJ that I did, in my comments at #49

    However, I think GJ did a good job of laying out some basic libertarian issues quickly so people understand “Wait this isn’t left or right… it is something else”

    Given that he only had a few minutes I think it was fine. I am a Lee Wrights fan, he did a great job, and only faltered a little between 5 and 6:30 in his speech.

  48. Sebastian Knowlton

    I’m a fan of Bill Still and own his documentaries. I wish he’d get more traction. I watched the videos and liked most of what he had to say, but the constant attacks on Johnson are very unproductive. He needs to keep up his platform of financial and personal independence.

    Lee Wrights’ speech is good. He seems to talk well about being anti-war without being preachy and overly hippie-ish about such things.

    Keller I hadn’t even heard of prior to the convention. It might help your cause if you wear a suit to a political convention btw. Ogle seems like a nice enough guy. Waymire is said to be a well-liked lady by a lot of people, and I must say I’m pretty happy she didn’t give one of her speeches about how God and Jesus were going to make her president or how God told her several years ago that Obama was going to be president (I’m sure you can find these comments if you search, provided you haven’t seen them already).

    Then there’s Gary. He’s a nice guy though it seems he has a few non-Libertarian views that bother some people. Well, he’ll probably be the nominee anyhow.

    That’s my take.

  49. Robert Capozzi

    49 jjm: If you can’t give examples of why our interventions are wrong, you just sound like a mother saying “because I said so”. There is a reason we believe in a non-interventionist foreign policy, and it’s not just “because”.

    me: Right. This is why a laundry-list recitation is not compelling politics.

    I’m not so much “concerned” about GJ. Perhaps at that venue, a list of his positions with a smattering of soundbited narratives might have been appropriate.

    The poetry of politics is the ability to paint a picture with few words. If descriptions of Syria’s history can be a compelling soundbite to get voters interesting in voting L and desiring more liberty, I’m for it. My gut reaction is that that theme doesn’t lend itself to the mission at hand, however….

  50. Dan Reale

    Sebastian@63 –

    I agree with you for the most part. However, Still’s criticism was way too accurate for my own comfort, especially because prosecuting mortgage and financial fraud is so necessary to unwinding the economy mess and the issue that would put Libertarians in office when applied. I think it needed to be said even though it does detract from the presentation.

    I give Johnson credit for getting out of the GOP, and I’d take him over Ron Paul because he figured out that the GOP is worthless and intent on burning itself down to irrelevance. If he was nominated, I would vote for him. But I can’t support him for the nomination unless he gets the financial fraud issue squared away. That’s a no brainer.

    Lee Wrights definitely gained on his presentation and the case for his nomination, big time. He would do well as the nominee.

    I give Johnson, Still and Wrights credit for something important here, something we have placed too little emphasis on – significantly growing interest in the party.

    Overall, the biggest (and most imminent) problem facing us is the fraud in the financial system. It hasn’t just led to inflation in an attempt to cover it up – it will wreck the economy before a dollar collapse does.

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