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Constitution Party Convention Wrap-Up: Vice Presidential Candidate and Officer Elections

The Vice Presidential candidate of the Constitution Party is, as expected, outgoing national chairman Jim Clymer. Clymer is a lawyer based out of Pennsylvania who has twice run as Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania and once ran for U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania. He has also run for some local elections in his county. Clymer’s nomination seems to have been unopposed and he was confirmed by a voice vote at the convention.

Officer elections were held next at the Constitution Party National Convention. At issue were Secretary, Treasurer, National Vice Chairman, and National Chairman.

We have conflicting reports as to who became Treasurer, but other than that, the officer elections are as follows:

Chairman: Frank Fluckiger of Utah
Vice Chairman: Randy Stufflebeam of Illinois
Secretary: Cindy Redburn of Missouri
Treasurer: Either Robert Owens of Ohio or Jim Headings of Tennessee. We’ll clarify this as soon as possible.

Frank Fluckiger and Randy Stufflebeam faced each other in the race for Chairman, after losing Stufflebeam ran for Vice Chairman–we don’t know if he faced a challenger for that position.

If anyone knows the outcomes of Regional Chairmen races–please post them in comments.

Additionally, at least two attending delegates were also former members of their respective state’s legislatures. Cynthia Davis of Missouri is a former Republican member of that state’s House of Representatives and Richard Hines of South Carolina is a former Republican member of that state’s House of Representatives.

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  1. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | April 23, 2012

    I’m sure they’ll stay. Ricardo because Southern Regional Chairman. Les Riley is co-chairman (or perhaps the other way ’round?).

  2. Cody Quirk Cody Quirk April 23, 2012

    I heard that Ricardo ran because Stufflebeam voted to reword the CP’s Preamble in order to make it more inclusive sounding, and so because Ricardo and the zealot faction were pissed at Randy’s vote, they decided to derail his attempt to become national chair.

    Now that the CP has a National Chairman that’s a devoted member of a certain religious denomination that has been constantly bashed and smeared by Ricardo & company- whether they will stay in the CP remains to be seen.

  3. Joe Murphy Joe Murphy April 22, 2012

    @ D. Lou, The rules were set by committee. Also each delegate is given a vote within their state delegation, the the votes are tallied and presented as the states votes. It is up to each state to determine how they want to count the votes. It was a competitive election for pres. and chairman which made the convention much more interesting. I dont see why that should be viewed as weird.

  4. D. Lou Shenol D. Lou Shenol April 22, 2012

    @paulie – LOL – The Party Bosses make up the rules to suit their own wishes is what I can gather !!! They now have a national chairman who couldn’t pull over 50% of those present and a POTUS nominee who got 203 votes with only 125 Delegates in attendance. Some weird stuff or what !?! I’m going back to the LP at least they give each delegate a vote (and very important only one vote per election, no ballot stuffing allowed !!!).

  5. paulie paulie April 22, 2012

    Wouldn’t there be additional ballots then, or does it not work that way in the officer elections?

  6. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | April 22, 2012

    I wondered the same thing…Don’t know.

  7. RedPhillips RedPhillips April 21, 2012

    Why did Ricardo Davis run and take away votes from Stufflebeam? Stufflebeam’s votes + Davis’ votes beats Flickiger.

  8. Trent Hill Trent Hill Post author | April 21, 2012

    You’re more of a butt-kicking, name-taking, constitution-protecting, law-citing, fella huh?

  9. Robert Robert April 21, 2012

    Jim is the treasurer. I declined as that is WAY out of my wheelhouse.

  10. Jeff Becker Jeff Becker April 21, 2012

    Source: email from the West Virginia state delegation

    Frank Fluckiger elected Chairman 39 votes
    Randy Stufflebeam 29 votes
    Ricardo Davis 13

    Randy Stufflebeam elected Vice Chairman 36 votes
    Charles Kraut 20
    Ricardo Davis 22

    Cindy Redburn elected Secretary 41
    Janine Hanson 32

    Jim Headings elected Treasurer

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