NEWS FLASH: Darrell Castle to Seek Constitution Party Nomination

This just in from our source: Darrell Castle of Tennessee will seek the Constitution Party nomination. Don Grundmann of California will as well.

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Update II: I seem to have misunderstood my source. Sorry. Howard Phillips apparently did not give the nominating speech for Castle. Howard Phillips actually spoke on behalf of Goode. Castle spoke on his own behalf and appologized to both Virgil Goode and Robby Wells becaue he had told both of them he would not run. Castle said he decided to run because he had been approached by several delegates asking him to.

38 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH: Darrell Castle to Seek Constitution Party Nomination

  1. RedPhillips Post author

    Wow! I wonder if this is Castle acting on his own. Was he approached by party leadership? Was he approached by “purist” unconfortable with Goode but also uncomfortable with Wells as an alternative? This could be a game changer. May at the least push it to a second ballot.

  2. Richard Winger

    Who announced it? The sentence might be expected to read, “Darrell Castle just told the convention attendees that he is running for the presidential nomination”, but maybe that wouldn’t be accurate…can you flesh it out? Also does your post mean that Don Grundmann is attending the convention? That’s big news if it’s true.

  3. RedPhillips Post author

    Richard, sorry for the confusion. My source just announced it. I’ll revise.

    I assume DG is there, and I assume he is there representing the CP of CA. I’ll see what I can find out.

  4. Jeremy C. Young

    That can’t be the Robert Portman who is a Senator from Ohio, right? Must be someone else with the same name.

  5. NewFederalist

    This is certainly a mixed blessing. Castle is my first choice but why now? He should have done this months ago. I just hope the LP convention is as exciting and dysfunctional as this one! Let’s blow any and all opportunities to kick the two major parties in the ass! Let’s hope Ron Paul can garner the Americans Elect nomination. It is our only hope.

  6. FAN of Dr. STAN

    Yes that deserves a WOW ! This is getting interesting. iirc Seems Howard Phillips nominated Baldwin or at least opposed Keyes from the podium in ’08. Howard Phillips must have decided to oppose the less than pure Goode. Don’t know if he still has the pull to pull this off however!

    Red with the convention in Nashville I thought for certain you would be in attendance.

  7. Jeff Becker

    Considering that Darrell Castle did not participate in any of the six weekly presidential debates, nor did he attend the live debate in Lansing, but instead he was perfectly capable of authoring almost daily podcasts for the Tennessee party, this nomination does not look on the level – especially when one considers all the hard early campaigning work that others have already been been working hard at since last year! Other candidates have websites, signs, T-shirts, have been performing fundraising, and have been traveling around to over half the states since last year speaking to crowds.

  8. Trent Hill

    Silly timing. This late, he can’t really win, I don’t think.

    Goode has the votes of OH, LA, and NV for sure. The only other states I know for sure are GA–for Wells. And now I suspect TN for Castle.

    But, it’ll go past the first ballot now.

    This is jsut a really silly decision, I think.

  9. Trent Hill

    From Gary Odom:

    “Virgil Goode nominated by Howard Phillips with seconds from Chris O Hare of New York and Robert Owens of Ohio followed by a guns blazing 20 minute speech…possibly the speech of a lifetime…which ended with standing ovation.”

    I’d guess that means Goode has New York’s votes sealed up too. California’s will likely go to Grundmann in the first round and then who knows.

  10. Trent Hill

    Jeff Becker–who is WV backing? Goode?

    I’m glad to hear im not the only one who thinks this is silly–he could’ve easily participated in the debates and such, but didn’t want to expose himself to scrutiny.

  11. Andy

    I saw Darryl Castle participate in a debate in Nashville, TN in the fall of 2008, I also spoke to him for a few minutes after the debate. He seemed like a good candidate to me.

  12. Jeff Becker

    Trent, we have been discussing this for the past several weeks on our evening freeconference calls which were open to all of our in-state supporters via email announcement. Prior to the Castle announcement, we had narrowed the field to three candidates. Of those three, we had both reservations and positives about two and were unsure about the third. We have faith in a competent delegation representing us consisting of our past chairman and current vice-chairman.

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  14. bruuno

    So Howard Phillips is supposedly behind the Castle move and yet he also nominated Goode? Does that make any sense?

  15. Trent Hill

    Bruuno–nominating both does not necessarily mean he supports both. Castle is a long-time friend and party member, it could’ve been done simply as a favor.

    With that said–he should’ve told Castle, “sorry, no. I’m backing Goode and have been for months now.”

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  17. bruuno

    #16- Thanks for the response. Actually the article says it is suspected Phillips is behind Castle’s move, then someone posted the news that he placed Goode’s name in nomination. So I don’t think (I don’t know for sure) that he actually nominated Castle as well (would that even be allowed by the rules, never heard of the same person placing two separate people for the same office). I suspect you are right Mr. Hill, otherwise Howard Phillips is really up to something devious.

  18. RedPhillips Post author

    bruuno, I believe that every person whose name is placed in nomination must have the leaders of two delegations to place their name before the convention, or something like that. That doesn’t mean they support the person. It is just a way, I suppose, to help prevent mischief makers or whatever from being nominated. It MAY be that Phillips signed Castle’s petition as a favor. I’m trying to clarify that. Otherwise, I’m sorry, but I think I am the source of the confusion. I read the e-mail that I got as saying that Phillips gave a nominating speech for Castle. He did not. He spoke on behalf of Goode.

  19. paulie

    Let’s hope Ron Paul can garner the Americans Elect nomination. It is our only hope.

    Not the highest likelihood prospect to pin your hopes on.

  20. Trent Hill

    Red–I assume you’re backing Castle now.

    This is pretty much the worst news possible for Wells–who at least the “major opposition” before his entry into the race. I suspect Goode will still win, but it could be close. Wells will place 3rd at the highest.

  21. RedPhillips Post author

    Yes, I would support Castle were I there.

    From what I have heard there was not an immediate mass exodus away from Wells, but assuming Wells and Castle deny Goode a majority, then there will be some serious horse trading.

  22. Trent Hill

    I know it was Georgia folks who brought Wells in, so they can still vote for him on the first ballot and then switch to Castle if need be–it won’t help Goode in any way since he needs a majority.

    If I know Gary Odom, and I do, then he’s absolutely steamed right now.

  23. FAN of Dr. STAN

    Do they always nominate on Friday and vote Saturday? Rather different than any convention of which I am aware. Are Ms Roth and Ducey present ? Also how does the elimination process work (last and less than 5% out or what?)

  24. Trent Hill

    I believe Roth and Ducey are both present, yes.

    I believe the last place contender is dropped for the second ballot–regardless of percentage, but i could be wrong.

  25. Alaska Constitution Party

    This is a very positive development and demonstrates a viable political process within the Constitution Party.

  26. Matthew

    I stopped by the Nashville Sheraton Music City Hotel Thursday (happened to be in the neighborhood) and met Castle, Goode, Ducey and Wells as well as some delegates. They seem to be an affable and welcoming group.

  27. Paul

    who cares who you met. There needs to be a point when they have no more entries for President. Those two losers have done no campaigning like the others have. Have no ground organization. Went thru no crap trying to get the nomination. I suppose I write an article on Sunday of how crazy the CP really is. If they put Castle or Grunmand the bottom feeders on the CP this year.

  28. NewFederalist

    Geez Paul… lighten up! It appears you are running for office as a Republican so why do you care who the CP nominates?

  29. RileyDad

    Darrell was approached by several state delegations — who were dissatisfied with the other candidates.
    He agreed to run if nominated. The rules do state that any candidate has to have the signatures of the heads of at least two state delegations.
    I asked Howard before the nominating speeches and he said he was behind Virgil, but Darrel was his friend — and he wished Darrel had decided to run earlier.
    There will be a roll call vote taken. When the votes are counted, if no candidate receives a majority, the candidate who receives the lowest vote total is dropped.

    Then another vote taken. If no one receives a majority this time, the lowest vote “getter” is dropped again and another vote taken.

    The process is repeated until one candidate receives a majority.

    Hope this clears things up

  30. Trent Hill

    Les Riley, thanks for clarifying the process.

    Tim–thanks, I just got official numbers from someone. If you get more numbers on other races, please post ’em.

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