Presidential Candidates Seeking Peace & Freedom Party Nomination Answer Questionnaires

The Peace and Freedom Party of California has a presidential primary coming up in which four candidates are competing. Those candidates recently filled out and turned in questionnaires  to the Los Angeles County Central Committee of the Peace and Freedom Party.

Stephen Durham of New York, the Presidential candidate of the Freedom Socialist Party, offers his questions here.

Stewart Alexander of California is a longtime member of the Peace and Freedom Party who is running for their presidential nomination and is the Presidential candidate of the Socialist Party USA. His answers can be found here.

Peta Lindsay of California is the Presidential candidate of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, but is also seeking the nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party. Her answers are here.

Rocky Anderson of Utah is the former Mayor of Salt Lake City and both the founder and Presidential candidate of the Justice Party. His questionnaire is here.

8 thoughts on “Presidential Candidates Seeking Peace & Freedom Party Nomination Answer Questionnaires

  1. Jeremy C. Young

    Reading the questionnaires, it strikes me that Johnson isn’t a good fit for the party (not a true socialist) and Lindsay isn’t very polished. If I were a PFPer, I’d be impressed with both Durham and Alexander. I’d be making a choice between the best possible fit for the party (Durham) and a guy who’s actually on some state ballots (Alexander).

    I know that in the actual contest, Lindsay is very well-connected within the PFP, so she’s a force who can’t be ignored. I just don’t think she distinguished herself very well on that questionnaire.

  2. Deran

    I think you mean Anderson isn’t a very good fit with the P&FP? I sort of agree, although the P&FP gave Ralph Nader the last time, and he is not a socialist, but Anderson doesn’t have to name that Nader does.

    If I were in the P&FP I would be Anyone But the stalinist Party for Socialism and Liberation. Alexander has some ballot lines, but the SPUSA is in disarray and Alexander is not overly liked in the party. And Alexanders ballot lines are Vermont, Ohio and that’s it that I know of.

    So I guess I would support Durham, even though the Freedom Socialist Party has some Trotskyist baggage and does have vanguardist tendencies. But in my experience the FSP is generally not that offensive

  3. Third Party

    The “Freedom Socialist Party” is a small sect of extreme culture-warring wing-nuts who say hateful things about heterosexuality and heterosexuals. Let’s not forget that 97.5% of the working class is straight. Hopefully the PFP will not make the mistake of nominating the “FSP” candidate.

  4. Trent Hill Post author

    I suspect Anderson or Lindsay gets it, oddly enough.

    Lindsay is a party insider who is widely respected by delegates. Anderson is a former mayor of a fairly “major” city who could fetch votes and bring in new votes and excitement to the PFP.

    The PFP is just incredibly interesting to me because of all that clearly separate factions involved. No other third party has that.

  5. Third Party ? Second-Rate opinion above

    Third Party’s views of the Freedom Socialist Party are reactionary and ill-informed. There is no hostility in the party towards heterosexuality. Perhaps Third Party was “offended” to hear that heterosexuality, maleness and whiteness confer privileges (like white privilege). But that’s a far cry from “hateful.” That is a challenge to recognize privilege (and perhaps use it to give voice to those who are more often denied one).

    One of the refreshing aspects of FSP is that it recognizes the multiple layers of oppression that afflict poor and working people (like racism, sexism, homophobia and ableism) and their interconnections with class, without condescending others. Recognizing the leadership potential of the most oppressed (who have the most to gain and least to lose) is not the same as pushing others away. To the contrary, it is about bringing people together on a multi-issue, principled basis. Elevating the leadership of those who are typically denied it is not a threat to white heterosexual men. In fact, many people in the party are white heterosexual feminist men. (So is this commenter). It is not an exclusive “sect.” We should defend our international brothers and sisters from all forms of oppression, exploitation and bigotry. There are leadership opportunities for people of every color, sexuality, ethnicity, and gender in the party. Everyone is welcome. Find out for yourself.

  6. Lake, forwarding / presenting California PFP stance

    Friends, and Relatives,

    Please consider joining with me and many others (see attachment) in endorsing the Freedom Socialist Party’s campaign of Stephen Durham for President and Christina Lopez for Vice President.

    Mr. Durham is one of the three candidates listed for President of the United States on the Peace and Freedom Party of California’s Presidential Preference Primary Ballot for June 5, 2012.

    I hope that you will vote for him.

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