Virgil Goode Wins Constitution Party Nomination on First Ballot, Picks VP Choice

Virgil Goode has won the Presidential nomination of the Constitution Party on the first ballot, winning a majority of 203 votes. He made it clear, prior to the vote, that his choice for Vice Presidential candidate is outgoing Chairman Jim Clymer of Pennsylvania. Clymer is, by far, the favorite now to win the Vice Presidential nomination of the Constitution Party–it’s not known to us here at IPR whether he faces an opponent.

Scoring 203 of 403 possible votes, Goode won on the first ballot with 50.37%. 2 less votes would’ve pushed the issue to a second ballot.

UPDATE: Final vote was Goode – 203, Castle 120, Ducey 15, Roth 6, Wells 58.

16 thoughts on “Virgil Goode Wins Constitution Party Nomination on First Ballot, Picks VP Choice

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    One voter abstained–which is why the vote total comes in one vote short.

  2. citizen1

    There will be a up and down vote on Clymer as VP if Goode wishes. If not or if he loses the up and down bid, the delegates will vote in the manner that they did for pres.

  3. Jeff Becker

    No votes for Don Grundmann? Well, I guess we know which voter was the abstention.

  4. Jed Siple

    Goode really was the logical choice. If Castle had got in the race earlier, he would have been a more viable contender.

  5. citizen1

    Don Grundmann as the head of his state delegation cast his states votes in a winner take all manner for Goode. Even Grudmann’s nomination speech was not a vote for me speech so I do not know how serious he was.

  6. NewFederalist

    I think Clymer is a good choice for veep. It sends the right message to people who are concerned about Goode’s congressional voting record. Clymer seems to me to be a no nonsense Constitutionalist (and constitutionalist) who has been a consistent critic of both major parties as they wage war on the world as well as war on American civil liberties. I have my doubts about Goode but Clymer helps a lot to balance the ticket IMHO.

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  8. Trent Hill Post author

    Me too. Had he not, this would’ve gone to a second ballot–possibly a third or fourth, even.

  9. Trent Hill Post author

    Clymer balances the ticket for the party people, and also gives a financial boost. It might also boost vote totals in PA slightly.

  10. NewFederalist

    Clymer has polled some impressive vote totals in PA both for Lieutenant Governor and most recently for U.S. Senator. He did a great job getting votes against Arlen Spector.

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