Former Assemblyman Runs In California’s 8th Congressional District

Anthony Adams is a former state lawmaker and member of the Republican Party of California. He is now a part of the largest field of candidates in any of the Congressional District races in California, and is the only Independent in the mix.

Scorching rhetoric has been the norm in the free-for-all race for California’s 8th Congressional District. Thirteen candidates — the largest gaggle of any congressional race in the state — are scratching for votes in a solidly Republican area that stretches from Yucaipa and Needles northward past Death Valley and Mammoth Lakes.

Ten of the contenders are Republicans, and at least three of them claim to be the tea party candidate. Two are Democrats. The sole independent is Adams, a former state Assemblyman from Hesperia who survived a recall effort after he voted with Democrats in the Legislature to raise taxes and break a budget stalemate in 2009. With that kind of mix, even leaders in the California Republican Party could not reach a consensus on whom to endorse, so they didn’t endorse anyone.

No polling has been done in this race. The top two vote-getters will move on to the November general election, regardless of what party affiliation they claim, if any.

4 thoughts on “Former Assemblyman Runs In California’s 8th Congressional District

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    Anthony Adams was our Assemblyman here in Monrovia and was quite unpopular. The only thing he ever seemed to accomplish that was noteworthy was to vote for a tax increase during our annual budget talks (that was the reason for the recall effort). In fact, I ran against him in 2006 and actually had a Republican leader contact me to speak to his group, because none of them could stand to vote for him.

    Our current Assemblyman, Tim Donnelly, was arrested last year trying to take a gun on an airplane. He certainly hasn’t been an improvement. I don’t know anything about the current crop of candidates.

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    Popular or not, he has name recognition. He only needs 2nd place.

  3. Ted Brown

    At a candidates’s forum in that 2006 race, Anthony Adams made the idiotic statement that there weren’t many Californians in prison for drug offenses. Ha!

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