Former Congressman and Current Candidate Steve Stockman Endorsed by Tom Tancredo

Steve Stockman is a former one-term member of Congress and current candidate for U.S. Congress in Texas. The district he is running in is newly created but shares some overlapping areas with his old congressional district. Stockman has, from time to time, been associated with the Constitution Party. He spoke at a recent National Committee meeting of that party in order to help train candidates and was rumored as a Presidential, Vice Presidential, and campaign manager selection in 2008.

Stockman has been endorsed in his race to return to Congress by a former Congressman, Tom Tancredo, who has connections to the Constitution Party himself. Tom Tancredo spoke at several Constitution Party National Committee meetings, ran for Governor of Colorado in 2010 as the Constitution Party candidate–placing second with 36.7%. Tancredo also endorsed and actively campaigned for Jim Gilchrist during his 2005 special election campaign for Congress as the nominee of the American Independent Party of California.

WEBSTER – Border control advocate and former Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo has enthusiastically endorsed Congressman Steve Stockman’s bid to return to Capitol Hill.

“On the important issues of immigration, lowering taxes, returning to constitutional spending levels, maintaining a strong national defense, restoring the right to keep and bear arms and ending abortion, Congressman Stockman is the only proven conservative in the race,” said Tancredo.

“On May 29th, conservative Republicans are voting to return Congressman Steve Stockman to Congress. I urge you to join them,” said Tancredo.

Stockman and Tancredo share similar views on the importance of effective border-control.

“The GOP establishment feels that a push for effective border-control might hurt us with the fast-growing Hispanic vote,” says Steve. “But who gets hurt the most when out-of-control illegal immigration from all over the world keeps American hourly wages artificially low? Our hard-working Spanish-speaking families, that’s who. They’re ambitious and want to improve their situation economically. Why should they always have to compete with illegal newcomers who will continually undercut their hard-earned wages?”

Stockman is running for election to Congress in the May 29th Republican primary for the brand-new 36th Congressional District. Congressman Stockman previously much of the new district, including fast-growing Chambers County and the NASA area.

In addition to Tancredo, Stockman’s growing list of such endorsers includes gun owners, right-to-life groups and other conservative organizations.

The 36th District covers all of Polk, Tyler, Jasper Newton, Liberty, Hardin, Orange and Chambers Counties, along with southeast Harris County including Baytown, the Port of Houston and the Johnson Space Center.

4 thoughts on “Former Congressman and Current Candidate Steve Stockman Endorsed by Tom Tancredo

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    The post should reveal that Stockman is running as a Republican.

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    How does one endorsement prove it?

    Stockman had an incredibly conservative voting record. I expect him to be endorsed by Paul eventually.

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