Gary Johnson: New Internet Video and interview

Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson released a new Youtube commercial. The video is below.


Gary Johnson was also interviewed by Bill Frank, the audio can be heard at Brainstormin’: 2012 Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Explains Why He’s A Better Choice Than Obama Or Romney.

Gary Johnson is a former two-term Governor of New Mexico.


12 thoughts on “Gary Johnson: New Internet Video and interview

  1. Reed Ebarb

    The Johnson Campaign looks to be hard at work. Well done. Can anyone make the argument that Barr was doing this well 4 years ago?

  2. Joe Buchman

    @ 1 — Did Barr do anything like this?

    — Great conference call tonight with Gary and over 25 “down ticket” candidates who have endorsed Gary. We’re all focused on getting Gary in the debates this fall — helps Gary & would greatly help the down ticket candidates too. First step — increasing name recognition.

    Any candidates who would like a packet of campaign materials from the GaryJohnson2012 campaign to use/distribute at local campaign events, just send your landmail and/or shipping address to:

    If you’ve endorsed Gary, we’ll get those out to you asap.

  3. Robert Capozzi

    I still can’t quite give this an A+, still an A. I’d say the GJ campaign IS getting very close to its center.

    I notice that the cutaways to GJ are now synced with his speaking. Improvement. I would have liked to see a few more takes, for once or twice GJ’s facial expression was unpresidential, IMO. He sometimes closes his eyes in ways that make him appear weak.

    The script is extremely well done, as is the read. There’s a firmness there that works, yet it doesn’t come off as arrogance.

    The subliminal message this time is amusing, but ultimately I say “Huh?” The metaphor fails for me, since Bradgelina are benign, and Obamney are not.

    I only watched once, but is Governor worked in? Perhaps that’s too defensive…

    Rock on, dudes. Take it to ’em.

  4. JamesT

    That video was pretty good. He’s getting this great “insurgent” vibe to his campaign. He is also definitely campaigning pretty libertarian unlike BB. I’m impressed other than the most bitter Paul fans I think those that bother voting in Nov will come over to GJ. I hope he keeps up the activity.

  5. Ted Brown

    Good video. Except, how in the heck did Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln change America for the better?

  6. Robert Capozzi

    tb, consider that a symbolic statement with some poetic license. Of course, when Lincoln was elected, there was slavery. After his term, there wasn’t. I’d say that was as great an accomplishment as any.

    I overlook TR like I overlook the LA Purchase. No need to get into the weeds in such an exercise.

    The Rushmore Point is a very powerful device for Team GJ to open up minds. I endorse the approach, even if we might quibble with the details.

  7. zapper

    It’s a good spot. It needs a tagline at the end to be broadcast ready. It also needs a contact 800#.

    The fuzzy video and slightly out of sync voice add to the underground, revolutionary feel.

    However, it needs to be broadcast to target markets to start reaching some of those 330 million of us.

  8. Eric Blitz

    @Robert #10 “I overlook TR like I overlook the LA Purchase. No need to get into the weeds in such an exercise.”

    Haha, that is a great line.

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