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Austin Battenberg was born and raised as a Californian. After living for several years in Virginia, Austin now lives in El Dorado, California with his wife and son. A strong believer in individual rights and the non-aggression principle.

Mike Gravel Interviewed About The Citizen Hearing On Disclosure

Former Senator and Libertarian Presidential candidate Mike Gravel makes headlines as he joined The Citizen Hearing On Disclosure, held between April 29 to May 3 at the National Press Club.

“Something is monitoring the planet, and they are monitoring it very cautiously, because we are a very warlike planet,” said Mike Gravel, a former Democratic senator from Alaska who ran in both the Democratic and Libertarian presidential primaries in 2008.

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LP Strategy to run double the candidates in 2014

Members of the Libertarian Party have a lot to be happy about. While their 2012 nominee Gary Johnson didn’t win the election, he did get third place and received more votes then all other third party candidates combined. Johnson doubled the votes from 2008 and many Libertarian candidates across the country have been doing better in their respective races as compared to previous election cycles.… Read more ...

Final Debate with Jill Stein and Gary Johnson – November 5th

Gary Johnson and Jill Stein face off one final time November 5th in a debate sponsored by Free & Equal. The second of two debates was aired by RT, and hosted by Christina Tobin and Thom Hartmann.

Coverage of the first debate by Free & Equal can be found here: more ...

Politico: Libertarians could spoil Senate races

Libertarian Senate candidates across the country are doing well enough to warrant a three page article by politico. The claim is that they are spoiling otherwise safe Republican seats and giving them to Democrats. The article goes over many of the different Libertarian candidates for office.

in Montana, Democratic Sen.

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Virgil Goode claims he can win the Presidency

On September 30th, local Albemarle County, Virginia CBS19 interviewed Virgil Goode and his chances of winning the Presidency.

“If grassroots America wakes up and says, ‘Look, we want someone that’s for the U.S. citizen first and for grassroots America, then they’re going to vote for Virgil Goode,” he said in an exclusive interview with the Newsplex.

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Vote Easy web tool includes six Presidential candidates

If you are an undecided voter, or an independent that wants more choices besides President Barack Obama or Republican Mitt Romney, a tool is available for you.

What does Rocky Anderson, Virgil Goode, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein have in common with President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney? They are all running in the November elections to become the next United States president.

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Could Gary Johnson swing the election?

The Atlantic publishes an article on Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson, the third party candidates in the past, and how they can effect an election.

Having since left the GOP for the Libertarian Party—that loose, 40-year-old coalition of perpetually quarreling anti-statists and isolationists, Ayn Randians and Hayekians, goldbugs and black-helicopter­-fixated privacy fanatics—Johnson hopes to fashion a new voting bloc.

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Maryland US Senate poll shows Independent Rob Sobhani tied for 2nd

While US Senator Benjamin L. Cardin is polling safely at 50%, he still has to worry about two different candidates competing for his seat.

Republican Dan Bongino and independent Rob Sobhani are in a dead heat for second, the poll by Gonzales Research & Marketing Strategies found. Cardin was the choice of 50 percent of voters, followed by Bongino with 22 percent and Sobhani with 21 percent.

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Johnson polling at 10% in Ohio

A Gravis Marketing/Capitol Correspondent Ohio poll released September 25 shows that Gary Johnson has increased his polling numbers in the state.

If the Presidential election was held today and the candidates were Democrat Barack Obama, Republican Mitt Romney, and Libertarian Gary Johnson, for whom would you vote?

  • Barack Obama 44.5% {46.47%}
  • Mitt Romney 37.8% {42.39%}
  • Gary Johnson 10.6% {4.5%}
  • Other/Unsure 7.1%

Survey of  594 likely voters was conducted September 21-22, 2012.  

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Johnson polling at 6% nationwide

A new Reason-Rupe poll released September 21 shows Libertarian Gary Johnson pulling 6% of the vote out of 1006 adults with a margin of error of 3.8%.

Johnson is still polling far behind the major party candidates, with President Barack Obama taking 49 percent and Republican challenger Mitt Romney taking 40 percent in a three-way race, according to Reason-Rupe.

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South Carolina has a Legislative Race with Only an Independent and a Libertarian on the Ballot

Reported at Ballot Access News, the South Carolina legislature will have either an Independent or a Libertarian in office.

The South Carolina ballot will contain only two candidates for State House, 26th district. They are Raye Felder, who is on the ballot as an independent, and Jeremy C. Walters, Libertarian.

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Can Romney win over libertarians?

The Blaze reports that Mitt Romney is having a difficult time getting supporters of former presidential candidate Ron Paul and libertarians in general on his side.

Those who identify with libertarian ideas represent a sizable part of the voter base in America. In a 2006 Zogby International poll, 59 percent of respondents said “yes” to whether they would describe themselves as “fiscally conservative and socially liberal.”

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