John Jay Myers: Obama Exploits Immigrants

This editorial was posted in full with permission from John Jay Myers. His website can be found here.

We all Hoped for a Change after Bush waged undeclared wars abroad, expanded socialized medicine with Medicare Part D, detained and tortured people without a trial, and gave us the Patriot Act. But after Obama continued the wars, increased drone bombing campaigns, enacted yet another national health care scheme, signed legislation giving government the power to detain and assassinate American citizens, and reauthorized Bush’s Patriot Act, I no longer have any realistic expectation that our Constitutional lawyer turned Commander in Chief will even try to act within the legal limits of his power.

So it’s really no surprise that Obama circumvented the Congress with his executive order on immigrants. The president has no legislative power under the Constitution, so Obama’s use of an executive order to institute a significant change in immigration policy is yet another slap in face of anyone who believes in limited government or the separation of powers. Now there is no question that America’s immigration policy is hostile to freedom and destructive to our economy, but Obama’s recent action on immigration shows exactly what kind of corrupt cesspool our government has become. Because it’s not just a violation of the Constitution that makes this kind of move so horrible.

Exploitation of minorities, immigrants, and the poor has been an unforgivable constant in the United States from its inception. And Barack Obama is part of it. He is using immigrants as pawns on the chessboard of America’s economy, promising them “change” only if he is reelected. He is keeping them subservient and dependent upon him for their freedom, which is an inherent contradiction. This move has nothing to do with principle or making the kind of immigration changes this country needs. It is all about using a legal system that is unjust in the first place as leverage against a disenfranchised minority, pandering to them in exchange for Hispanic votes in November. The administration never cared about helping immigrants until election season.

Meanwhile the Republicans use them as scapegoats for the drain our welfare system and the war on drugs is having on our country, when in fact the welfare system and the war on drugs are the problems, not immigrants. Immigrants are actually contributing to our economy in a positive way, something neither Democrats nor Republicans have ever done. The political establishment has only exploited this constituency for its own gain, and to sustain the illusion of real choices by dividing people on the wedge issue. The real solution is eliminating the roadblocks to legal immigration and solving the problems created by our welfare and warfare states.

Many immigrants come to this country to seek freedom from an oppressive dictator or a corrupt political system, we do not want them to arrive here and find both. Though you may like what our government does with unjust power one day, be careful what you wish for, you may find yourself on the wrong side of this power in the future.

John Jay Myers is currently running for Senate in the State of Texas. Anyone wishing to contact John Jay Myers, learn more about the campaign, or donate, can visit for more information.

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  1. DSZ

    That’s actually very impressive writing. Few people can convey so much so concisely without being abrasive.

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