Tom Hoefling’s Facebook Statement on Securing the CA AIP Nomination

The American Independent Party of California, in convention, unanimously nominated me today for the office of President of the United States. I’ll be releasing a statement later this evening.

20 thoughts on “Tom Hoefling’s Facebook Statement on Securing the CA AIP Nomination

  1. Rob

    With all due respect to Mr. Phillips, a solid paleocon who is always fair with his posts, there were 8 people at the convention. If there were hundreds of people who voted unanimously to nominate a candidate, that would be interesting–and perhaps relevant to the electoral process, something that Mr. Hoefling and the Alan Keyes party simply are not.

  2. Nick Kruse

    Hoefling is currently on the ballot in states totaling 93 electoral votes. No one will pay attention to a campaign that doesn’t stand a mathematical chance of winning. California ballot line should have went to Goode.

  3. Trent Hill

    It was designed to be a slap in the face to Goode (and any other campaign). Really sad what they’re doing to the CA-AIP.

  4. RJ

    If there are that many people who registered in the AIP thinking it’s the Constitution party then they not have those people change registrations. Or are all those 480,000 people thinking they are Independents.

  5. Joe Murphy

    The CA-AIP is a joke, why in the world would you nominate Tom Hoefling? Virgil went out and made himself available, he is already on the ballot in 18 or 19 states already, has actually won elections at the state and federal level and what has Tom Hoefling done? ……………………………………. what a shame, a chance for some fence mending and they chose to insult a real candidate, they should have let their intentions be known ahead of time. If it was unanimous, then they already had their mind made up.

  6. Root's Teeth Are Awesome

    From the outside looking in, the CA-AIP appears to me to be a cult.

    The party seems to be controlled by a few families — and they’re happy to keep the party tiny, so long as they maintain control over their tiny fiefdom.

    Actually, lots of third parties are cults, to some extent or other. Yes, even some state and local LPs (and the LNC) have sometimes devolved into cultishness.

  7. NewFederalist

    The CP must now realize that as far as working with the CA AIP it is over. They have got to plan for the future and it won’t be cheap.

  8. Ad Hoc

    Additional details at Ballot Access News:

    On August 11, the American Independent Party (AIP) nominated Tom Hoefling for President at its state convention in Sacramento, California. The convention was in the meeting room of Perkos Restaurant, 925 Third Street.

    Only seven delegates were present when the vote was taken: Markham Robinson, Mary Robinson, Mark Seidenberg, Rev. Wiley Drake, Dennis Aguirre, John Robertson, and Phelps Hobart. A majority of votes cast were proxies of people who were not in attendance. Most of these proxies were controlled by Markham Robinson. There were 7 in-person votes and 13 proxy votes. The original vote was 19 for Hoefling and one for Goode, but then the Goode voter switched his vote to Hoefling so that the vote was unanimous.

    Several hours earlier, three delegates, all backing Ed Noonan for President, had left the convention in protest. Noonan, who was one of those three delegates, told the gathering that he should be the presidential nominee because he had won the presidential primary and he had contributed many years of service to the AIP. Noonan accurately perceived what the vote was going to be, even though that vote was still several hours in the future at the time he left, so he and his backers saw no reason to remain for the vote.

  9. citizen1

    Waiting for Trent’s comments on what a buffoon Hoefling is. I remember how buddy-buddy they are.

  10. Observant Reader

    Haha they are already fighting? Would Noonan consider supporting Goode? And what does Don Grundman have to say about all this?

  11. Timothy Yung

    @14, This is super ironic because Ed Noonan was the person who take control of the AIP in the first place in 2008. He denied Don Grundmann, who was the winner of 2008 primary, control of the delegates which he controlled by proxy. Also I e-mailed Tom Hoefling a few months ago asking if he would consider endorsing Virgil Goode. I also e-mailed Markham Robinson and Mark Seidenberg telling them I was interested in attending the convention and to give me more details about the time and location. I never got a response from any of them.

  12. Trent Hill

    Timothy–I’m not surprised. Sorry you couldn’t participate, man.

    Citizen1–Tom is a douche-canoe. That’s all there is too it. One of the most vile men I’ve ever met, and I’ve interviewed people in Angola State Penitentiary.

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  14. Don Grundmann

    Tom Hoefling – How about a debate about your criminality in the attack on the Constitution Party? The ” vote ” for Hoelfing was obviously ” unanimous ” since the collection of sociopaths voting for him are all liars just like he is.

    The primary purpose of the ” vote ” was not to elect walking-feces-Tom as their nominee but to deny TO-HIS-FACE the nomination to Virgil. This was God’s imitator, Mark Robinson, getting his internal orgasm by attacking the Constitution Party via directly denying the nomination to Virgil. It was the entire reason that they had invited him months ago to attend as they knew from the beginning that they would deny him the nomination when he arrived no matter how much sense it would make to choose him.

    This was Criminal Syndicate leader Robinson expressing his hatred of the CP and doing it as the agent for the SPLC/ADL/Republican alliance that he is.

    Don J Grundmann, D.C. Chairman of both the AIP and the Constitution Party

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