6 thoughts on “Gary Johnson on Geraldo Rivera 10/20/2012

  1. nan

    Any idea what a democracy is? We have 6 candidates who can mathematically get 270 electoral votes. This spoiler angle is over-played and anti-democratic. Gary Johnson is just as qualified and Obama and Romney. Let the best candidate win. Whoever loses, isn’t losing because someone took votes away from him. Geraldo, next time you have a 3rd party candidate, rather than acting like a puppet for private interest groups, why don’t you actually be a journalist and show an interest in the candidate”s platform?

  2. Robert Capozzi

    Anyone who doesn’t recognize that GJ’s job is hard is not paying attention.

    This was fine, though I could quibble about aspects of this performance….

  3. Robert Capozzi

    As for being a “spoiler,” I’d suggest turning that one around.

    The Rs and Ds are spoiling America. I’m giving people a REAL choice to express themselves.

  4. Be Rational

    That was actually a great job by Gary Johnson, on the clip above.

    Johnson made his points, presented a balanced message, didn’t get flustered. Geraldo set up the standard arguments, and within the short time frame given, Johnson knocked them down.

    Great job Gary!

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