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Green Rochester to Begin the Release of Economic Plan

June 17, 2013

(Rochester, NY) — The members of the Green Party’s slate for local office in 2013, called Green Rochester, begins the release of their economic plan Tuesday, June 18th at 10 am at 267 Monroe Ave, in front of Monroe Square – also known as the old Sears Building. The economic plan, called A Green New Deal for Rochester, features key points focusing on local resources to affect all Rochestarians in spite of continued deference to out-of-town developers.

Phase one features, Mayoral Candidate Alex White, backed by City Council candidates Dorothy Paige and Drew Langdon, along with City School Board Candidate, Lori Thomas and Monroe County Sheriff candidate, Emily Good. White will be demonstrating how our local leaders can not only balance the upcoming Rochester budget, but do it in a way that is fair to everyone without cutting services.

“Every year Rochester has severe budget problems,” says Alex White, “this is year is no different. The Mayor talked about there being a structural deficit which the city can not overcome on its own. Despite the local acceptance of this, the State Comptrollers report paints a picture which is far less bleak than the city seems to show.” []

White and the other Green Rochester candidates will demonstrate a different picture. Green Rochester contends that the structural deficit is one of our own creating. By under assessing many large properties in Rochester we have created a system where we can not cover our expenses. This can be seen best in the per acre land values of properties and Alex White and Green Rochester will demonstrate this for members of the media on Tuesday.

For more information, contact:

Alex White: (585) 281-5953

David Atias: (585) 315-7687



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