Moderate Party Being Organized in Kansas

Man Working For “Moderate Party of Kansas” 

Associated Press – Fri 10:35 AM 06/14/2013

A Manhattan man says he wants moderates of both the Democratic and Republican parties to form a new political party in Kansas.

Aaron Estabrook says his proposed political party would give moderates a voice to respond to extremism he sees in the current political parties. Kansas also currently recognizes the Libertarian party.

Early this year, Estabrook filed political action committee finance papers for the Moderate Party of Kansas.

Estabrook once voted for Republicans and worked for Tim Huelskamp when he was a state senator. But he switched to the Democratic party in 2006, citing the Iraqi war as one reason.

The Moderate Party must collect nearly 17,000 signatures on petitions by June 1, 2014, in order to be recognized as an official party.

Associated Press information from: The Hutchinson News

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4 thoughts on “Moderate Party Being Organized in Kansas

  1. A.J.

    I challenge Estabrook to identify a single instance of “extremism” from the Democratic establishment. I mean figures such as Dianne Feinstein, Max Baucus, Chuck Schumer, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Dick Durbin, Carl Levin, and their ilk.

  2. Sean Scallon

    Acutally, Kansas would be a perfect place to see if the Modern Whig Party would be viable in the form they envision themselves as.

  3. Jose

    The Moderate Party was a good idea, but the leaders were incompetent and they did not get enough signatures. As for A.J., the problem with the Democrat Party is that they are totally one-sided. Dick Durbin, etc. do not have any conservative views. Moderates have both conservative, liberal, and moderate views. As for Sean Scallon, the Modern Whig Party would never win an election because of the name. There are no options on the name. The name needs to be the “Moderate Party”.

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