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Pennsylvania Green Party Marches to Harrisburg with DecarceratePA

Green Party Marches to Harrisburg with DecarceratePA

June 11, 2013

Jay Sweeney, 570-587-3603, 
Glenn Davis, 215-740-6354,

Members of the Green Party participated in and supported the ten-day march from Philadelphia to Harrisburg organized by DecarceratePA. At the close of the 113-mile march on June 3, Decarcerate PA and its allies rallied at the Capitol in Harrisburg to demand a People’s Budget, Not a Prison Budget. Glenn Davis, a member of the Green Party of Pennsylvania (GPPA, Steering Committee, was the first speaker. Wearing his Green Party t-shirt, Davis made the following remarks:

“I know in Harrisburg they are closing 11 public schools and pre-kindergarten has been cut to half days. This affects every family’s income because they will now have to pay for day care or leave work early. In addition, Philadelphia is closing more than 24 public schools and 13 more next year. This is an insult to every working person. Today, we should be educating our next generation, but instead the politicians are spending more than $400 million to expand Graterford Prison just outside Philadelphia.

“I think this is a War on the Poor, and the casualties are climbing. I am marching for those who protest the War on the Poor. The casualties are our families, our children and our broken school system. There are also prisoners of the War on the Poor. That is who they are building the new prison for. It is our children they are building the new prison for.

“I am marching for the thousands of men and women who attended Mayor Nutter’s Ex-Offenders Job Fair in May. This Job Fair showed that Governor Corbett did not know what he was talking about. Thousands of ex-offenders showed up, only to be turned away because Mayor Nutter was not prepared for the demand. It was most disrespectful when they came out and asked those waiting to put their resumes in a card-board box and go home. It was a Job Fair! You don’t put your resume in a box and go home! You are supposed to give your resume to a recruiter! It felt like make-believe, like they had no jobs for anyone.

“In the Capitol, behind me are Governor Corbett and the legislators. These politicians are in “a House of Lies,” taking the back-door approach. We put them in a position of leadership, but you cannot lead from behind. I am not only upset by the Republicans, but also by the Democrats in this two party system. The politicians from the two corporate parties are in bed together, and they are screwing the poor people. That’s who we are marching for, the poor and working people.”

The March for a People’s Budget, Not a Prison Budget was endorsed by 1 Love Movement, ACLU – PA, ACT UP, Books Through Bars, Broken On All Sides, Campaign for Nonviolent Schools, Center for Returning Citizens, Coalition of Labor Union Women, DreamActivist PA, EXIT-US Inc, Faculty and Staff Federation at Community College of Philadelphia, Fight for Philly, Granny Peace Brigade Philadelphia, Green Party of Pennsylvania, Green Party of Philadelphia, Hearts on a Wire, Human Rights Coalition, International Action Center, International Socialist Organization, Jobs with Justice, Juntos, Mishkan Shalom, NAACP Graterford Branch, New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia, Noble Pillars, Occupy Trenton, Parents United for Public Education, Philadelphians Allied for a Responsible Economy, Philadelphia Coalition Advocating for Public Schools, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, Philadelphia Student Union, Philly Survivor Support Collective, Point Breeze Organizing Committee, Reconstruction Inc., Students Organizing for Unity and Liberation, Support Center for Returning Citizens, Teacher Action Group, and Youth Art & Self-empowerment Project.

The Green Party of Pennsylvania stands for grassroots democracy, social justice, nonviolence, and ecological wisdom. For more information on the GPPA, please contact 888-721-4733

The photo below shows Glenn Davis (second from left), Green Party of Pennsylvania Steering Committee, on the DecarceratePA march for a People’s Budget, Not a Prison Budget.


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  1. Steve Scheetz Steve Scheetz June 17, 2013

    So we are clear. The state should steal from the working class to pay for failing schools so that “the poor” don’t have to provide child care?

    There are alternative ways to solve this problem. Like, for example, gathering the children of the neighborhood together, and have the parents handle the raising of the children. Maybe they could get together, alternate who is in charge of home schooling these kids so that they actually have some sort of shot when it comes time to take the college entrance exams and/or be able to go out and compete for a real job one day.

    It is all a matter of choice. One can put the control of his/her child’s welfare in the hands of the state, or he/she can find a way to take control of it, provide the best education possible, and send the children out into the world with a real grasp on how to learn, how to compete in the job market, and how to grow as a human being.

    The failure that is the public school system puts its graduates at a a severe disadvantage…


    Steve Scheetz

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