State Convention, Ballot Status Updates and Upcoming Events from the Libertarian Party of Maryland

From the Libertarian Party of Maryland website:

Hope you didn’t miss the April 6 Convention! Thank-you to outgoing Board member Arvin Vohra, and welcome to incoming member Tim Sutton. Here are Photosaudio recordings, and minutes.

As of May 31, 2013 we have 11,909 registered Libertarians in the state. The MdLP became the first “third” party in Maryland to exceed 10,000 registrations as of April 30, 2012.

We lost the ballot access lawsuit that was argued in the Court of Appeals in early March (other articles: Len LazarickBaltimore Sun). Bob Johnston turned in 5,636 raw petition signatures on Monday, August 6 (the state’s deadline). The BoE validated 3,879 of those, bringing our total to 11,113 valid signatures — We are back on the ballot through December 2014!

June 21, 2011: The judge agrees with us and files a summary judgement in our favor inLibertarian Party of Maryland and Maryland Green Party v. Maryland State Board of Elections. Listen as Bob Johnston is interviewed about this on WBAL radio. Mark Grannis defends the BoE’s appeal before the Md. Court of Appeals on March 3, 2012 here.

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Upcoming Libertarian Party of Maryland events:

Today is June 20, 2013 (Thursday)

June 25 (Tuesday): 7:30 pm. MdLP Executive Board meeting in Laurel. Contact Bob Johnston to attend.

June 26 (Wednesday): 9:00 am. Deadline for submissions for the July issue of the Free? State Libertarian. Send in your articles, comments, letters-to-the-editor, photos, etc.

June 29 (Saturday): 10:00 am. LP Adopt-A-highway clean up. We meet at the Ruxton School about 1/2 mile south of the beltway on the right side going south. The Libertarian Club of Baltimore (really the Libertarian Party but they wouldn’t let us put that on the sign) has adopted about 3/4 of a mile of N. Charles Street. We’ve made a commitment to go out and clean up “our” highway four times a year. In return, we get “free” advertising – our name on the two signs at each end of our stretch of road. This section of Charles St is just south of the beltway, I-695, on the north side of town. It is a well traveled piece of road with two colleges and three hospitals drawing people. If you have an hour or two to help out, please let Bill Buzzell know.

July 4 (Thursday): 79th Dundalk Heritage 4th of July Parade. Line up 7:15 am in the Logan Village Shopping Center on Dundalk Ave. The Libertarians will be meeting at the South end of the parking lot just past the last store. DO NOT park in the area from the middle of the lot to the street. That area is needed to line up the Parade. Park in the area near the stores. Our parade position is TBD. Looking for someone who is willing to drive their open pickup truck. The MdLP has been in this parade for about the last 10 years. Need a vehicle to carry water, flags, signs, etc. for the marchers and a place to ride for those who cannot walk the whole way.
Fine print: 1. All units of the parade must keep contact with the unit in front of them. The parade must be in continuous movement with NO GAPS created by stopping along the parade route for extended performances. 2. Participants must adhere to the established lineup order and no change is permitted without consent of the Parade Committee Chairman. 3. Nothing can be given out along the Parade Route from curb to curb. (The route is defined as the Baltimore County permitted streets of the parade). This includes leaflets, business cards or the like, and especially no tossing out of candy. 4. All participants are expected to clean up their own debris from the lots and staging areas. (Streets along the route present a massive clean-up operation). Please do not leave litter. The safety of you and the viewers are our paramount concern. 5. NOTICE TO ALL MOTORIZED VEHICLES (CARS, TRUCKS, ATVs, MOTORCYCLES, 4 WHEELERS, etc.) Absolutely NO TRICKS or SHOWS of any kind are to be performed along the Parade Route. The dangers of an accident involving spectators and/or participants are too great to take such a risk. Please be cautious along the Parade route. There will be no warnings. Any violations may result in you or your organization being removed & excluded from future parade participation. 6. Each participant must be at the designated lineup area by 7:15 a.m. and must adhere to the established line-up order.
Directions: From the south – come over the Key bridge and use the first exit immediately after crossing the bridge. Left at the “T” and follow around to Dundalk Ave exit. Right on Dundalk Ave. Go all the way to the end of the parking lot before you try to turn in. The later you show up, the harder it’s going to be to fight the traffic. This parade draws a CROWD! From the north – I-695 to Eastern Ave (toward the city) to Dundalk Ave (left turn) to Logan Village Shopping Center. Please let me know if you are planning to be there. On the day of the parade I’ll have my cell phone with me. Contact: Bill Buzzell.

July 27 (Saturday): Rain or shine. MdLP picnic (2:00 pm) and Central Committee meeting (4:00 pm). Location: 4626 River Rd., Bethesda, MD 20816. Cost: $8.00 mailed to P.O. Box 176 (or click credit cards at left) by July 22; $10.00 after or on site. Food: will be provided (hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, macaroni salad, beer, soda, juice, water). Directions: From the North take I-95 South, then 495 West towards Silver Spring/Bethesda. Take Exit 33 for MD-185 S, Connecticut Avenue, going south toward Chevy Chase. After about 3 miles, there is a traffic circle. Take the 3rd exit, Western Avenue. Then turn right at River Road. The house is on the left. From the South from 495, take exit 39 for River Rd towards Washington DC. Go about 4 miles. The house is on the right. Parking: is essentially infinite on Western Avenue. You can also park on any of the side streets. Some of the neighbors have parking spaces that look like public parking spaces, but don’t park in them, since there is 24-hour towing. All the parking is parallel street parking, and as long as you’re parallel parked, you will be fine.
Contact: Arvin Vohra.

September 7 (Saturday): 9:00 am. Reisterstown Parade. We will not have a booth at the festival this year (too expensive!). We form up for the parade at 8 am Saturday at Franklin Elementary School, 33 Cockeys Mill Road, and march down Reisterstown Road ending at Reisterstown Shopping Center (just south of the festival area). Park at Reisterstown Shopping Center and meet up with our truck at 8:00 to get a lift to the start of the parade. Our line-up spot is U74. Still looking for more people to commit to walking with us. Contact: Bill Buzzell.

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