The Delaware Libertarian: Right to Work, Pentagon Afraid of Leaked Bradley Manning Videos And Supporting Midwives

The following three articles were published on The Delaware Libertarian blog in the past few days:

“Right to work” doesn’t mean what you think when the government is involved

Published June 15, 2013

Buried deep in the proposed immigration reform bill is language designed not just to create national identity cards, but also to require everyone in America to have the government’s permission to work.

From CNN:

Buried in the comprehensive immigration reform legislation before the Senate are obscure provisions that impose on Americans expansive national identification systems, tied to electronic verification schemes. Under the guise of “reform,” these trample fundamental rights and freedoms.

Requirements in Senate Bill 744 for mandatory worker IDs and electronic verification remove the right of citizens to take employment and “give” it back as a privilege only when proper proof is presented and the government agrees. Such systems are inimical to a free society and are costly to the economy and treasury.

Any citizen wanting to take a job would face the regulation that his or her digitized high-resolution passport or driver’s license photo be collected and stored centrally in a Department of Homeland Security Citizenship and Immigration Services database.

The pictures in the national database would then need to be matched against the job applicant’s government-issued “enhanced” ID card, using a Homeland Security-mandated facial-recognition “photo tool.” Only when those systems worked perfectly could the new hire take the job.

One of the principles of legislating should always be, “Does this new law do more harm than good?”

OK, I’m fully ready to deal with the issue of several million illegal immigrants in order to avoid this.

Time to ask:  where does Delaware’s congressional delegation stand on this?

Unfortunately, even before I phrase the question, you and I both already know the answer.


Pentagon afraid the Bradley Manning leaked videos will teach Al Qaeda how to kill Reuters journalists like we do

Published June 14, 2013

That would be the common-sense way to read this story:

A VIDEO of a US Apache helicopter attack leaked by soldier Bradley Manning revealed sensitive information that could help enemies plan deadlier assaults, according to a Pentagon official’s statement read at his court-martial.—snip—The 2007 helicopter attack in Baghdad killed a Reuters news photographer and his driver.
The leaked cockpit video showed digital display information about the helicopter’s airspeed and angles of engagement, according to Chief Warrant Officer 5 Jon LaRue’s statement.
“Enemies can anticipate US operations and plan more effective attacks as a result,” said LaRue, an Apache helicopter expert.

Yep, enemies will be able to determine exactly how we mistake the cameras of journalists for rocket launchers and blow them up, so that they will be able to do the same.

Bradley Manning should be shot, and then hung, and then poisoned, for sharing our top-secret methodologies for killing journalists.


Libertarians: support Delaware midwives!

Published June 13, 2013

Today’s dead tree edition had a brief pictorial on the protest of Delaware midwives regarding legislative attempts to effectively kill the practice of home birth in our state.

Unfortunately, you cannot find the article on the Delaware Online site to link to, so I guess you’ll just have to trust me that it is there.

Delaware is attempting to stamp out the practice of home birth (even in low-risk pregnancy) by creating a licensing requirement that absolutely no practitioner can meet.  In fact, only one DE midwife has been licensed by the state in the past decade, and she received hers only because she was grand-fathered (grand-mothered?) into the system, and is only allowed to practice among Mennonite families in central and southern Delaware.

There are “underground” midwives in Delaware, but now the State is actually starting to knock on the doors of new parents and demand to know who helped them have their babies so that these folks can be prosecuted.

A good place to start if you are sincerely interested in learning about this issue is Birth Anarchy’s series on Oppressive Midwifery laws in Delaware.

For Libertarians it is important to remember that it is not important that you or I want to have our children at home, or drink unpasteurized milk, or homeschool, or own AR-15s with large-capacity magazines.  In point of fact I don’t do any of those things.

But those are not my choices to make for other people, and if I don’t stand up vocally for their rights to make their own personal choices, then who is going to be around for me when they come for bloggers?

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