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The Delaware Libertarian: Why you need to subscribe to send the Libertarian Party of Delaware $10 a month

Published on The Deleware Libertarian blog on June 13, 2013: 


Why you need to subscribe to send the Libertarian Party of Delaware $10 a month 

The Libertarian Party of Delaware needs you to contribute a few bucks each month to help build a legitimate opposition party in the State of Delaware.

Even if you aren’t a Libertarian, here’s why you should consider going HERE to contribute>

We have large Democratic majorities in both Houses of the General Assembly, a Democratic Governor, and a Democratic Congressional delegation.

Let’s see what that has gotten the State of Delaware in the past five years:

The Democratic governor

–has never proposed a budget that included a raise for state workers.
–has continually hollowed out the public education system, and is currently presiding over massive teacher cuts statewide.
–has given away millions to Fisker Automotive that we’ll never see again.
–has proposed giving $29 million more to multi-billion-dollar corporations.
–has dramatically expanded the budget for Public Safety and Homeland Security while removing the money to pay for police officers in our schools.
–has pushed “feel good” gun control legislation based on ideology rather than data.
–has cut taxes for the wealthiest people in Delaware while waiting until the last 2 1/2 weeks in the legislative session to propose (and then back away from with embarrassing rapidity) $80 million in new, regressive taxes.

If you think that’s enough, consider helping the Libertarian Party of Delaware.

The Democratic congressional delegation

–has consistently voted to support a Presidential program of unconstitutional attacks on American civil liberties
–has voted to cut Food Stamps for the poorest among us
–has voted in virtually every case in tandem with corporate interests rather than the interests of American citizens at large
–has refused to help end the War on Drugs
–has refused to challenge our illegal and destructive drone wars in Pakistan, Yemen, and across Africa
–has refused to challenge the President over his many violations of the War Powers Act
–has refused to challenge the enormity of a so-called Defense budget that does almost half the military spending on the planet
–has refused to deal in any fashion with the higher education loan bubble

The Democratically controlled Delaware General Assembly

–has rolled over for the vast majority of the Markell agenda, even when there was an Attorney General’s Office opinion that Markell’s appointees writing education legislation may have broken the law
–has conducted a redistricting so partisan that even a Chicago politician should be embarrassed by it
–has failed to come to grips with its own transparency issues

And the opposition–the so-called “opposition party”?

The Delaware GOP has fractured into so many pieces that Humpty Dumpty looks cool, calm, and collected standing beside it.

GOP registrations are down; GOP election performance is … non-existent.

In 2012 Governor Mitt Romney was the leading GOP vote-getter in this state, and he only managed 40% of the vote.  The “new normal” for GOP candidates in Delaware is that they are doing good to achieve the low 30s percentage-wise.

Far from being fiscally conservative, Republicans in the General Assembly pretty much come in with their hands out for new spending about as often as the Democrats.

Far from being socially tolerant, Republicans in the General Assembly have demonized LGBT Delaware citizens as potential child predators or perverts trying to prey on unsuspecting victims in public toilets, while ignoring the fact that GOP leader after GOP leader has been implicated in sex scandals (some of which involve minors; others only involve whips and chains).

There needs to be a credible alternative to both the Democrats and the Republicans.

Why Libertarians?  And why should even dissident Democrats and Republicans think about donating to our cause?

The Libertarian Party of Delaware

–was the first political party in the state to formally endorse and campaign for marriage equality.
–is the only party that will challenge the corporate giveaways of tens of millions of taxpayer dollars that Democrats propose and Republicans never really try to stop.
–is the only party that will fiercely support individual rights, whether it is the right to own firearms, to have your child birthed by a midwife, to educate your kids at home, to drink and sell raw milk, to love whoever you please …
–is the only party that will actually argue for a General Assembly that cuts what needs to be cut in order to fund what should be funded without demanding tens of millions in new, regressive taxes.
–is the only party outside the Dems and GOPers that has already proven itself capable of fielding more than two dozen candidates in a general election.
–is the only party that will put forward congressional and senatorial candidates willing to end the drug wars and the drone wars; restore American civil liberties; scale back the Defense Department; and get the government out of your email account.

We’ve got a growing cadre of candidates prepared to enter the fray in 2014, and if we can raise a modest amount of money we will put forth candidates in almost every legislative race in the State.  (We were already the second party in 2012 in at least eight races where nobody in one of the “major” parties had the cojones to take on a well-heeled incumbent.)

The beautiful part is that we can affect the way our government runs even before we start winning races, because Libertarian candidates don’t have to “toe the line” like members of the two “major” parties have to.

Few Democrats can make a substantive challenge to the hideous policies brought forth by the Markell administration–hell, they elected him twice.  And they damn sure won’t talk about public education in any honest fashion because they’re being so heavily funded by special interest groups that they’ve no real incentive to look beyond the Rodel talking points …

Few Republicans have the credibility to talk about moral issues when their own party leadership is rife with scandal, and their spending habits sure don’t look fiscally conservative to the average citizen struggling through the continuing economic contraction.

Do you know how little money it would take to create a Libertarian Party of Delaware that was not only socially tolerant and fiscally conservative, but would also be able to bring some serious electoral pressure to bear on the hypocrisies of our current elected officials?

If 100 people subscribe $10/month, we’ll give you candidates to challenge the status quo in at least 75% of Delaware legislative districts (which would be better than the GOP did in 2012).

If 100 people subscribe $25/month, we’ll not only raise the issues that matter to Delawareans turned off by “Delaware Way” politics, but we will mount serious challenges in selected districts with all the bells and whistles.  We’ll go door to door, we’ll get out literature that tells the truth about the budget process, public education, corporate hand-outs, and using the Delaware National Guard to help fight the drug war.

If you are a Libertarian, or a libertarian-minded Republican, or even a progressive-minded Democrat, please consider the advantages of having a real opposition party in our State, one that could help return real political debate to Dover, and fight for the transparency in government we’ve never had.

Sure, you don’t agree with us about everything, but consider this:  one-party rule is rapidly turning into a disaster for Delaware, and only one party is really positioned to do anything about it.

Help us make a real change by giving us some of yours.

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