Tom Hoefling: The 1986 Amnesty Disaster Multiplied: Illegal Immigration & the Factors of Three and Ten

Republished by  Joshua Fauver on the Independent American & Constitutional Review (IA&CR) on June 19th.

Tom Hoefling is the founder and chairman of America’s Party and was their presidential candidate in 2012 and was put on the ballot by the American Independent Party as well. He received over 40,634 votes, or 0.03%, coming in eight place out of 27 presidential candidates on the ballot in at least one state, coming in right behind Justice Party nominee Rocky Anderson. The following was posted on his blog on 5/20/2013.

America is about to be overrun by 100,000,000 new illegal aliens, unless We the People put a stop to it

Here’s the tried and true formula for amnesty: If they tell you a number, you’ve got to triple it. And, if granted amnesty, ultimately, ten times as many will come.

In 1986, Congress told President Reagan that they wanted to amnesty one million foreign nationals who had entered our country illegally. After garnering his signature with false promises of future reforms that included the securing of the border, promises that of course afterwards went completely unfulfilled, more than three million illegals actually took advantage of Washington’s generosity.

Enter the factors of three and ten.

How many additional illegals have been drawn here since by our largesse? For more than a decade now, the political elites have admitted to at least eleven million. Putting aside for a moment the mystery of how this number has remained static, considering the fact that we know thousands per day on average have continued to flood across our porous southern border, we’ll use this number as our baseline. If they tell you eleven million, you can be fairly certain that there are actually at least thirty-three million illegals now in our country. Those who have traveled extensively, especially in our urban centers, almost uniformly agree with the much higher number.

So, be sure, if the current drive to legalize by the Gang of Eight in the Senate succeeds, the borders will not be secured, and the next wave will completely over-run the country, with one hundred million or more coming here in the next few decades, secure in the knowledge that they will be coddled by the politicians, that our laws will not be enforced, and that most likely, they and their children will ultimately receive the reward of their law-breaking: American citizenship.

We must stop this dead in its tracks NOW. The message must be sent NOW to all of our Congressmen and Senators that any support for this invasion will be a career killer. To use a Texas colloquialism: we’ve got to ‘show ’em the rope and point at the branch.’

We’ve stopped them before. We can stop them again. And we must.

But it’s up to you.

(The original piece can be found here ).

2 thoughts on “Tom Hoefling: The 1986 Amnesty Disaster Multiplied: Illegal Immigration & the Factors of Three and Ten

  1. Deran

    Utter racist rubbish.

    100,000,000 people over the next decade? The polulation of Mexico is around 100,000,000, there are maybe 15 million in Guatemala. Where will these 100,000,000 come from?

    And in fact, in the latest info I can find, 2010, the number of illegal immigrants coming north dropped by 8% or so.

    If hysterical anglos would just learn a little Spanish they would be a lot less frightened.

    Besides, the true irony is that if people like this fellow weren’t so short-sighted they would understand that in general Latinos tend to be fairly socially conservative, like the AIP et al.

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    I HATE hearing human beings called “illegals” or “illegal aliens”. The latter might be technically correct, but it certainly dehumanizes the people it categorizes. This is a tremendously complicated issue, but to write the whole group off as people destroying our economy is just not accurate.

    I’ve spent my entire life in the Los Angeles area. The people I know who “live off the system” are ALL third- or -fourth generation Americans.

    The biggest issue is entitlement programs, I think. If we can stop making them so easy for people to tap into, including our own citizens, only immigrants willing to work will come here. Most studies I’ve read lately show that there is a slowdown of people from Mexico coming up, at least to Southern California.

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