Vermont Progressive Party Disappointed With Governor Peter Shumlin

From Vermont Public Radio:

Fri 6/14/13 Noon & 7PM The Vermont Progressive Party is disappointed with Governor Shumlin. They don’t appreciate his stance against reforming the state’s income tax system, and they didn’t love his budget this year.  Progressive Party Chair Martha Abbott and House Caucus leader Chris Pearson join Bob Kinzel to discuss whether they will continue to support Governor Shumlin and where the Progressive Party goes from here.

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Also on the show, we’ll talk to VPR’s John Dillon about the growing controversy over Governor Shumlin’s land deal.

To listen to the full interview with the ranking Vermont Progressive Party members, please go to the following link:

One thought on “Vermont Progressive Party Disappointed With Governor Peter Shumlin

  1. Deran

    I hope the VPP has learned it’s lesson, and won’t be so quick to acquiesce to pressure from the Democrats.

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